Proceedings of the ASIS Annual Meeting, Volume 19, 1982      155

THE NEW CHINESE CATALOGING RULES AS THE     FOUNDATION OF THE CHINESE MARC          c. C. Lan and M. D. Wu    Cataloging Rules Working Group Library Automation Planning Committee         LAC, Taipei, R.O.C. AbIt;9舅唱t.   In rccord Nith the dri.N toU,u咀Chin.輔 lihru-y.uto-  tiontbo C.tloSiW; Rule8 Uorking CJoup of the Likry Auto-tion Plrnnin8; Cojuittee, IAC, 眦 p土 , h. ed on工 8功 (G)for-t‘ 咀 从 cR2, 愧 g。 n prop盯 iDs l肪 V cod。 f缸 thc b土 饥 土 osHp址 c d鹰Bc霍土't土邮of 1土k.ry■‘怕rl醴摹■1.ce J,me 1980. n摹erye●‘● I土)o切●t土 on of biblio,寡tph土c cOn饮01 by哪 ■ of tl。 C, 山 川 哺 队 RC. Th丈 摹 noU code not oDly re慎 土 DB tl0● 摹 的 nce  of tnd土 Uonn Chloe. o blM土 oF'ph土 c曲摹篮i't土 oDe e●佛ci蛆 1y寥U土teble  for Chl輔 摹 e FIph耸c誓切 r土 n摹 ,but心 口 o c油D工土e墨n仓h lD切且t土僩巳1 codc。1i,bo亡J,fo「誓t(土.e.,工sBD)‘xd de摹∞吐ptl叫(土.e.,从齦2).  of摹pc土虹il,切功Bt仓0 U博We寥 t土● t'搀p』rt on ChlJ,oBe z署n h,ok摹h:tlet 1t pUy. ‘ 1细 ki口 s r01e btUeen tl瞻帆 1ent● Dd t, D -o寥t ln the t;9阳嚏幻嚏nt誓诅cOntr01 0f th土B ty,,c Of 1lh蕾摹ry I‘怕r1,入.     工mr9,0DUCT工oN Chi艙 h觸 hed a 10ne Ms七 o, y of傭 telosix骡 血 tinC 旗ck f宣o皿t1憾n置st oent,Cy w1瞻n Llu HB1凸9韉a:d hls 80n Uu HB土n co阻pl工 时t,D nzst bib乙 土 os!巴曲 y of ch1觴 ( 土 . e. 曩 {敛 Heh乙 u墨 nd t略 chl L1曲) .   But t>冶 co皿 D土 1er Of th壕 ● 舅 liest extant ChU, e馳 blbl土 Og巳 Phy讹 s Dn Ku( 班 围 ) , 矗 f0110。 er of协 e U塒 .   Sh。e协的 , tbe t罐 杜 t土 on, 啊岛 p8Bed叫蔓 劝 蟹 dy0鵲 ty、 o dyDesty, 摹 咀 the n1堪 bo, s of b'Hioc- ra霄址e8 co礪,lled by s七a仓e b直B七o「土axB,蚰a Fi诧t。 bib乙 iosrephe霍s量o,m乇ed切t1D I, y1姐 .   Ho舱 ver, such wo,9ks oH卞en e●p108i舶d摹cc,囚 疇cy Of verlnca- t土on aod“ 切 Ip七 od to jlB仓i雪y the c1鷂8土nca大直on nth Zos馋ct仓o t岫con切ns Of books.T1拇y yecoH。d the DC仝n乇ed works of t,D. Dx9∞杜Ds dyl觸ty so七 9l巳 七 Bchohrs of仓 9, e 80cco耐 土 ng s00e阻 tio臚 coliLd的 a罩 譬 h th。 oⅥ [h t9罐 I to ul咀 ers乜 md the Ur土 tins8 0r pub11dlioc of tlB Do了 王od evon仓 houd, 协e口 骡 rsical V.1:me8 were no longer ede“:d.  Sincc the f,01md土 Ds Of廿壕Repub江土c,p,J,吐ic 1土b口9口ies 80, 埯1I懊 d eVer,~ I, 6旺 膏摹 s U塘 zes山. t Of椭st啪 infll冶nce8,   工n o对er to fao直:l1仓ate con七r01哪uBe of DCinted摹巳 t皇 rhds, 11h罐ry theor土eB a:,d礪罐c- tioal code of ca姐 Jq蠱 ng r: des舵 ze蜀 O功 uhted. Kuo-chuh L土u,B D已 代 of tho c凸talQciDC R,XL多 s for Books直 觏Chlnesc豫s土B8md h 1929,  的 箕Vins as tl赠 o:姐eⅡnes a礪1ater 1、9und量t土on of tlB offlci虹NCI, C己 诅 10shg RU工 es垫 r Books土 n oline丝 , pepxQd可 Nauo。al centrs1珏贏萄弓.31;-i刃夏:--夏;hie latter code h鷂 ken ndGly oloF仓 ed in every ty弘 Of llkary in Ch土na.     As the txentieth.antury advances, the aston- ishing de\relopnent of science and technology take }ritthei the groWinemutber of publication瘤 in aLn ovenrhebLiry! 8peed.  Libraries find it&liost irpossible for&ny Bingle lxrty切 afford l)1磚 incre鷂 ing eKpence on comrentional 囀 nwLl operations.  Cooperative墨 nd au仓 ooated catalogi驾 are necessary.  Consequently, cataloging rules should be reevaluated and refonolated tO catch up Hith the tire.  A ne}r set of cataloging rules Nhichlill be convenient for cojnputer treat- =ent&nd be applicable both in dorestic libraries in Republic ofChina.aId in lih「 覆 ries ahroad, is the pressing de=and of today.     Por the pro=otion of lihreLry automation, National Centnl Lib9r8rlr has }rorked cl08ely }rith the Library Association of China.  In 1980,a Lihrary Autoration PlmniW; Connittee  ̄as organized 切 }rork on the National Llb己 ry Automation Project: Chinese Cataloging Rules Working Group is one of the threedivisions of the coHittee  (n'e other七 Uo a置 e: cldn。 se MARc aD已 ch土 0e的subject He已d土ncs). F壹 o.Juns 1980 throuCh瓤 ay 1982,t1猖 GxouP lBs.o f白 r wOd昭 d Out the chapter6 0n Ce舱 矗 d Rldes, D00ks, scria工 s, Canogmdlic阻 悔 n摹 1s, C山 e6e R已, 冶Dc0]b a配d Ru'yblngs(in p口op巴,薑t土on),Music, Souxd RecoIdhss,  Mot土 On Picturos and VidoOyecord- hss, G撼 phic鷂 ateria工 B, n: 舶 e-m肿 nSion巳 1 Ani- f匕 c七 s a9嘘 R蛆 11a,mcrofo罐 B, axd蛔a工y露iB.n:ese aze tOpic6土 ncluded土 n t1踞 魁 拍 t碑 rt. F镊 9吨 t甘 O co正pn晶s:  Ho已 吐nss for Pe, SoD日,Ce09c,已phlc Head- 土口6;s},H凹dlnss fo,Co置po托te Bdies,血土fon T王tle8, Refe拍 n∞ B, etc. , 协 cetl猖 r n协 a slosBary eDd a D土 拍 ctory for Pdb1土 shc「 口 ( 工 n p口 epenuon) .     GU工Ⅸ豇工NES P猖旧TlIKC HZCU CoDE     n, 9 00up的 t● 即 the f0110uinS euld01量 nes whlle co口 puios the Dew毗 eB2  (1)Tbey sho'xLd k ap,工 五 鹽He切 aU tyP的 of p曲乙王c已 七lonB,土nc1砸土x骡 位 int ad oo日 -Dnnt囀 t, arialB, and鼷 D bo Used in b0拟 cet6: 10ss, caZ媪ca诅 1ns8, Or■ a屠 h土 0e!cad已ble cahloss, (2)卑 蝉 Pt the的 rlts。 f从 cn2 as the ln嘴 of the r魁 les,(3)consUlt lmIHADC axd趾 n the r'0es a, ], li∞ 1XLe t0 1土 h急 ry a, I乜 o囀 t土 on.     F9:9/n劂鸚0F佃NEW CoDE     Cono●mx●S● nehal r'oes.     (1)Q, s瓯 土 zatlon of the de8cr土ptlon,   In con- plhnce w土 协 t1圜 皿 C, rogm, 乞 he虹 aftins Of协 e 艙 w ru遑 es is 1螂 ely b瞄 ed on工 印 D(c).   工 t nn k 口 。 , yidod甘 i协 觔 置 e coIPlete dcB口 lpnons th龃 the :90r■er NCL oode. 46TH ANNUAL MEETING      COLUMBUS. OHIO - OCTOBER 17-21. 1082



156        Proceedings of the ASIS Annual Meeting, 'Volume 19, 1982

  (2) Punctu摹 tion*  The 12 prescribed punctuation     。     - ■ &rks adoptad in th ̄ neN codo an specific&lly de- .rised切 copo xith co=puter opention8,  Ono radiC& l change in punotu墨 tion 1丑 七 l_ne}r code土 摹 tlut the ■ srk of oIission(. , , )卫 啪 弓 ribad by AACR2 f妊 .Olittin8 all but the fint of each group of nion t, 躔 n three prsons or bodiea, tutd for lonS and un- ne● es摹 梯 y title8" (1.1F5),riu h x。 皿 。 ced by七 10 ch1蘭 的 chnc切 r” 等 ”   ( ot虹 . )   -     (3)勋 n墨 t: Eech b乙 u土 ogz巴 曲 土 c ncod wu1 con切 五 n七 wo prt8, na量 ely the h'8土 c enry(bod, y)axd t, 搏 he瓢 王 hg.   Acco!d土ng tO工 SBD,  七 he fbz, 疇r,, Iain eo七 置 yH土 摹 00 10ns. r己 pprop「 土 a乇 o切 bib邑 土 O口 aph直O 曲 sc「 土 ptlon七 o扭 y,   七 岫 mw app伯 鹰 h土 s冉 every ent9ry 18 a摹 a土 n e毗 玎 , ” 塑 e now ch土 ne的 C己 诚 oC1霸 C RdeO 甘 mdd not eH讨 罐 怎 izo the t工 七 1e 9蕾 oper a暑th9丑 墨 工 n entry,but, : u)or the BaZ墙 of efflc土 ent磕 B● Of the 晦 ch土 no rea鹼 He c巴 仓 alos士 0S, tk。 h摹 土 c en虹 y w量 工 l Z. 姐 垃 tl瞻 cu8to尊 玎 pCactlco Of p1己 ci鹰 C七 bo t1仓 le p: oper at廿 磚 poBition u昌 , 寥且 1y de8“ 阻 七 od fbr 1; l舅 au仓 hor h餛 杜 os( tlo nZot l靦 ention) .   Ha4gB woold℃ o aCeo!d土 nc工 y add。 d whon ac∞ 鯛 阳 ln仓 s for pe∑ sO韉 or coZpom怕 bOd爻 esKe a曲 01u帕 1y noce8觴 r9     (4)  Inacc, 双 冒 , c: ies: n慢 ty)o霉 膏 ph!c errorB,the ne冀 co曲 f0110w  tho从 C腔 礪 act土 ∞ by t!已 n8喇 blDC 七 he且 as they apPSu On tbo tltle p已 so, a9ld tl旧 n, g土 7土 ng the comct word8 in th。 note aa冶 a( 从 cR2 wUl  hBen七 ho cOrrocti叫 土 阴 ediat01y after tho emt己 ) . nl土 矗 & 七 ezat土 on con幻 憎 岛 t8 w土 th the NcL codo a暑 tho fOn晦 r code giYes the  correct土 on in deB- cri口 t土 on q'x, d the emt已 in the note.     (5)  ntle: Tho new codo wou聖 d t: 已 朋 棘 ibO七 ho t土 tle ae土 七 appa「 口 on t1旧 ntle pag摹  re西 巳 r虹 esB of the lang囑 dg穹 s i七 Use8, 七 hat土 8,   the f0戴 盼 r lite拍 l 怕 疇 n8fo「 皿 at土 on hto Chinese chu冶 cters● 11 nO lon6er be usad.   ,    (6)  De8cription of tha bibliographic Arolunea ( 巷 ol咖 ) :   For∞ ot凹 1e弓 , t10 descri口 tion of bib一 1土 oFapnc V01礪 eB lB暑 ben c00ven仓 土 Ox醴 1y treatod a8 a pa: , t; of 1; 1椿 title毗 leroaB the口 rosent从 CR2 rega, 咀 s tlD blH土 oII, 薑 phic v01l: 舶 a暑 ot1赡 f t土tle Ud, o]隋 atlon. n壕 new coae re诅 土 nB the 1; 9秕 t土 o「塌 1 chioese fomt by entednC t岫 nu鹏 置 o工 日 h ch爻 nese ch曰 Cacte: s, b. t D0七 lo A媳 blc nu蕾 e「 日     , 古 今 阎 害 儻 成 — 蔫 巷   n。 t古 今 圈 害 辞 嚣 : , : ; %∞ 卷 0旧 j鵬 tineation土 8 thet,   tlo nu舶 「 土 c虹 desigxB仓 土 on of biMi069, aphic V01m崎 B of Chlm的 曹 or婚 is ln st]吐 ct confon土 ty Yith七 he ChlDose ch&罐 eterB, D: 0d 土 n the t“ le Fop。 r.   By  foUoU土 x噶 tho geoer虹 prloci口 1e of虹 aoscdp仓 ion, it Uo, dd bo abBl戚 , 1f we 8u1玛tltute土t by Ve暑 tern昌 幻1e rl,椭 赋隋 1●.  Be8ld摹薯 七 l: e sa丑 e wozk皿 y ha ̄寥巴 ]緲 89冶 d ln va霍 1鱼 nt ex七ent of v01umes f寥 oI one  仓 土 Oe切 ano七 her due to土 ts re- coVery urder41ffozent extent-90舶 ti脯 B 1esB axd 80的 t土 的B Iore甘觔 th。or土 c土 增d,e.g. 干頃 堂書 目  三 十二 巷, 千上 真堂害 目  五 十— 卷     (7) Sta切 椭 nt of Rsponsibility:   NCL 'cock strictly follo\ra tho disciplim formded blr th ̄ old 摹 觴 七 oz暑 in tl猖 七 awry author should adapt hia offi- cial real',aI● a城 should be rrorifiod again8t a.u- thentio so切 , 00● b ̄fon erkdrinS hi ̄ or her蹦 』 酌 鷂 ent27 - rain a9证 added entrie8 as xell.  Th  nex code aLbmdon8 thi! practicea0遣 follomi AACR2 bj adqptin8 *tthN nue ly xhich he or sha iB lmo瞥 o. Thi8 ruy hthe penon'i raal naue. pseudonyi, title of nobilitl, nicknaio,土 dtil8 (not in Chineae), 。 ,。 ‘“。 ,appel。、‘。。。‘吴碧之羹For anonyiou。’。rks, ICL code state.鷂 1    人  "(Anonpoul),th nerr code droppad O毗 this practice but }rould add tho eu3cortained dyn愚 tynuo pnceding tb stat - rtent” 彼 名 ” , o. 昏 ( 宋 ) √ 失 名 操     in the note. If not ascartair啦 。 , th0 8tateient” 不 着 才 爱 人   。 is alio tO hehren in the note area.     (8) Edition areat  CMpter 4 0f t1蹲 ne ̄ code fonmlates盒 set of rule8 for the description of editions Nhich墉皿 lly appeared in Chineso nut booja,.  The date of aLrrinS - carving )ras the iost prerralont proce88 in rrood-block printinS - or edit- ing Ueausuall:f &n integnl part of tha staterunt of ectition, hence, 憎 could not separataithe.carviry; date }rith the en8rarrer or coulentator. o.g. 宋 吏 tz, 百 亢 卞 丈 巷 / {定 J脱 脱 写 投 , - -l    六 年 I兩 . 磊巡 悉芽荚 I嘉豆g問南 監俜 補奉 裂尹 吋 ;a  pub土 口 hlHs缸 切 ,   (b)p, 斕 , 土 B1臆 r axd ZoV土 ser: (c reviB10n d丑 。Le ana pla∞.     (9)Publ土 Oa七 土 on, dlst。 rlbut土 on, 。 tc. a「 觴 .     n博 new code ret6: 土 nB the fo「 摹 er 6[oscr土口 t土 on f缸 ” no plaQ, ” ( 拿 . 1) a。 ’ 出 版 地 J、 祥 。 a盃 . 。 no p, 斕 . isber。 (。 . 。 . )a。 ” 出 版 者 不 辞 。 土 n chln。 ee chzectezo,     ld a乃 曲 曲 n t9, e B仓 ato的 nt of” 肪 血 t。 。 c出 片 反   ; 1{鐲 a。 d eiv。 。 n app豹 d甄 t。 血 t。 . Fbr con8讧 L诅 tlon of f∞ 冶 “丹 uBer9, vestern c’ 赌 g∞ 吱 an ( o霄 穗 tJler 0, dBtiao) chr00010sy曹 o, ild钧 巴 dded to 七 10 C址 ne明 ch'90D010gy 1正 sql: azo b, 褸 ckets, e. g. 民 60[I??门     (10) Seri ̄a Araa: ISSII nuiber8 for Chinese seriaO. publicatiorui  ̄rould he1,ren }rhen anrilable.     (U)s七 and。 , 丑 ml'ber ax通 te娜 of a, 嚏 ila/ t'ility a: 0a:   8土 oce tlo RoC h鷂 置 ece毗 1y boen a工 1∞ a切 d tl瞻 工 鄙 N nu。 bo「 鷂 ” 9j7” , tlD脯 w code YUl s: LYe this    土 hter: Bt土 ona工 deB土gxB七王 on whemVe置 t1赡plJb- 118he「 礪 口 vidoa 000.     (1)  Chiaf source of infonration (2.0.2)r NCL code regards the first paf;o of the text    the chief source of info「 蕾ation and the cap七ion titla therein as title proper erren thou8h there is a ti惧o pNp.  Tha neH code adop七 s th! titlo pa{p tqpther


’    ;,,—-i…-    5; 鋈纽池鳞函幽函滅磕溢蕊繃遽黼溢菠函函遥籤函巍溢鷂醯滋舀逡樹巍醚盘遴谧溢溢氟幽鲻幽滋絀釅蠟磁鹹滅涵遗趟函巍、dj攏   I        Proceedings of the ASIS Annual Meeting, Volume 19, 1982     157     rrith the copyright F喀eas the chief摹ortrce of in-     'fonation, rlsinoe    Chinese printad books trsquent-     ly provide'rith●ora co膏plete bibliognphic data     than甘田titla page.     (2)  Physical description矗拍a,  The neH code     abrmdons the fonar HCL description for books that     摹Z0 unpaged or vith他rious pagiry;s鷂1 v.(un-     pas。d不橡囱敏),or l v.(Wttio,9 pslne,面奴龐雜)     and rrould state协e exact extant in paess or volu=eB     (physi饵l)or,mJ甲proxi蟹tion 80 as to preBent to        the H堝茁r a iore a.doquate descriptioj.n of ite:.  As to        the rdoption of "面' (paga) o;婁 " or頁  ,        (leaf), the nw code prefers面  bec巴use this tem

is in rigid confonity vith interMtional stEcndards

钳}at”a shaet printed on both 8itks is called a

,pCe,u,Nheraas "a 8heet printed on only one Bide is

called a'leaf¨,.

    After“ O yeara of Ireparation rrork, the Cata- loging Working Group concludes that these nev rules  ̄rould satisfELctorily =aet the neeck of both print     . T and non-print蔓 薑 terials; even Chinese nre books

find-it applicable in comrerting into rrrachine read-

    able catalogin8.  All types of libraries unaniiously     a8reed to adopt the舶wcode upon its coipletion.     Ihe llational Centnxl Library has suoce88fully keyad     in all the publications issued in 19缸andw Ul     8hortly put these records in r^agnetic tapes both f缸     doiestic iuws a.nd internatiorurl excha^nges.         ̄6TH ANNUAL MEETING       COLUMBUS. O+:JIO - OCTOBER 17-21, 1082 驚鬻鸞骡躁黟甲鷺;零鸳’罗’一梦誓礪;彈絮罗鸞娶辱罗甲帑鬱罗黑翠舅襟熙羈矿研嚣.孽照鏍熙罗譬驛譬鸞鸞哆鞦?驃i嚣’飄骤躑鄹聰em。嘲,:”辦:”哪卯叼哪孽孵黑琊酈警一 f、  …    I、  -    ”:雾靈





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