CE/SE 方法在時變量子力學計算的研發

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CE/SE 方法在時變量子力學計算的研發 Development of the CE/SE method in time-dependent quantum mechanical calculations

計畫類別:[v]個別型計畫 □整合型計畫 計畫編號:NSC 97 -2112 -M -009 -002-MY3 執行期間:2008 年 8 月 1 日至 2011 年 12 月 31 日 執行機構及系所:國立交通大學物理研究所 計畫主持人:江進福 共同主持人: 計畫參與人員:研究生: 李允民. 黃振庭, 鄭玉書, 鄭世達,蕭復升, 吳仁傑, 黃閩昆 博士後: 李漢傑 成果報告類型(依經費核定清單規定繳交):□精簡報告 [v]完整報告 本計畫除繳交成果報告外,另須繳交以下出國心得報告: [v]赴國外出差或研習心得報告 □赴大陸地區出差或研習心得報告 □出席國際學術會議心得報告 □國際合作研究計畫國外研究報告



請就研究內容與原計畫相符程度、達成預期目標情況、研究成果之學術或應用價 值(簡要敘述成果所代表之意義、價值、影響或進一步發展之可能性)、是否適 合在學術期刊發表或申請專利、主要發現或其他有關價值等,作一綜合評估。 1. 請就研究內容與原計畫相符程度、達成預期目標情況作一綜合評估 □ 達成目標 □ [v]未達成目標(請說明,以 100 字為限) □ 實驗失敗 □ 因故實驗中斷 □ 其他原因

說明:The original CESE scheme of Dr. Sin-Chung Chang is first order scheme. We found that the first order scheme is not feasible for the fundamental Schrodinger eq. of quantum mechanics. Dr. Chang published his 4th order scheme in 2010. We are applying this new scheme in basic quantum system and still under developing.

2. 研究成果在學術期刊發表或申請專利等情形: 論文:[v]已發表 □未發表之文稿 □撰寫中 □無 專利:□已獲得 □申請中 □無

技轉:□已技轉 □洽談中 □無 其他:(以 100 字為限)

Zhen-Ting Huang, Huan-Chun Hsu, Chau-Lyan Chang, Chin-Tien Wu, and T.F. Jiang, " Momentum-time flux conservation method for


3. 請依學術成就、技術創新、社會影響等方面,評估研究成果之學術或應用價 值(簡要敘述成果所代表之意義、價值、影響或進一步發展之可能性)(以 500 字為限)

CESE method has been widely used in fluid dynamics study. The new high-order CESE scheme in quantum mechanics would be an important new direction. This is the frontier study of new method for quantum mechanics. Though the project is ended, we will keep working in it partially.



日期: 年 月 日


The host professor, Dr. Xiao-Min Tong of Tsukuba Univ is a well-known expert

in the strong field physics. I intend to learn the parallel technique in

computation of quantum dynamics the attosecond pulse on atom.


On return to my office, under the assistance of my former student, Dr. Yun-Min

Lee, we have parallelized our codes and have been performing efficient

computation since then.The visit is very helpful in our research works.

三、建議 none. 計畫編號 NSC 97 -2112 -M -009 -002-MY3 計畫名稱 CE/SE 方法在時變量子力學計算的研發 出國人員 姓名 江進福 服務機構 及職稱 國立交通大學物理研究所 教授 出國時間 2011 年 10 月 31 日至 2011 年 11 月 4 日



日期: 年 月 日


The host professor, Dr. Anthony F. Starace is one of the active researchers

in current atomic physics. I plan to discuss with Prof. Starace on the

interested topics. A talk was given to the atomic molecular and optical phys

group on December 3, entitled as :Theory of above-threshold-ionization and

high-order harmonic generation assisted by attosecond pulse: APT above- and



We proposed to investigate the high-order harmonic generation with coherent

sum of initial states. And make a insightful study on the timing problem of 計畫編號 NSC 97 -2112 -M -009 -002-MY3 計畫名稱 CE/SE 方法在時變量子力學計算的研發 出國人員 姓名 江進福 服務機構 及職稱 國立交通大學物理研究所 教授 出國時間 2011 年 11 月 29 日至 2011 年 12 月 11 日


四、其他 (other related publications during the project period)

0. H.C. Lee and T.F. Jiang, "Controlling principle of ionization and

high-order harmonic generation using attosecond pulse trains", (submitted).

1. H.C. Lee,S.D. Jheng, and T.F. Jiang, "Theory of infrared-dressed atomic

photoionization by extreme ultraviolet attosecond pulse trains",(J. Opt. Soc.

Amer. B29,286-293 (March 2012).

2. Y.M. Lee, T.F. Jiang, Z-Y Su, J.-S. Wu, "Three-dimensional simulation

of the femto-second pulsed laser interacting with a nitrogen molecule", Comp.

Phys. Commun. 182, 140-142 (2011).

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relativistic electrons in ion plasma channels with magnetic field", Phys.

of Plasmas, 17, 113109 (2010).

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of probing attosecond electron wave packets via two-path interference",

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5. H. C. Lee and T. F. Jiang,"Band structures of a slowly rotating dipolar

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theory of molecules", Phys. Rev A81, 033423 (2010); A89, 049903(E) (2010).

7. Song-Feng Zhao, Cheng Jin, Anh-Thu Le, T. F. Jiang, and C. D. Lin,

"Analysis of Angular Dependence of Strong Field Tunneling Ionization for




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