General medicine physicians' perceptions to nutrition and dietitians.

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General Medicine Physicians' Perceptions to Nutrition

and Dietitians

胡雪萍(Shene-Pin Hu);陳杏芬(Shin-Fen Chen);吳美瑤(Mei-Yiao Wu)

Hu SP;Chen SF and Wu MY


內科醫師營養新知的主要來源,仍以醫學期刊為主占 64%,其次是一般報章雜誌占 36%。家庭 醫師曾在學校教育中修習過營養相關課程者僅占 14%(n=46),其中 59%(n=27)認為對以後臨床工 作有助。約有 40%醫師(n=132)表示曾接受在職營養教育的課程,且其中 80%認為課程極有價值。 家庭醫師中 89%表示對營養學科有興趣。本研究中 50%醫師認為營養師應加強營養諮詢技巧, 臨床營養研究的能力。


Sources of nutrition information for 331 physicians consist of 64% from medical journals and 36% from magazines or newspapers. Forty-six physicians reported that nutrition was integrated with biochemistry course and twenty-seven physicians expressed benefits from this nutrition education. About forty percent of physicians n=132) noted that they obtained nutrition education programs at hospitals and 80% of physicians (n=106) said it was valuable. Eighty-nine percent of the physicians were interested in nutrition sciences. Fifty percent of the physicians indicated that dietitians need to reinforce nutrition counseling skills and clinical research design.




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