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一、綜合測驗(13 小題,每題 0 分,共 0 分)

1. Lanyu, or Orchid Island, is a unique place to visit. The small island is located ninety km southeast of Taiwan and is __(1)__ the Tao. These people of the “alibangbang,” or flying fish, are the only ocean-dependent indigenous __(2)__ in Taiwan. Their annual flying fish season __(3)__ many customs and carries great importance. In February, boat captains go to the beach with ceremonial costumes __(4)__ to pray and make sacrifices to the flying fish spirits. From March to June, local fishermen can only capture fish in __(5)__ waters. If the fishermen __(6)__ this rule, some types of fish would not have time to recover their numbers. Fishermen stop catching flying fish at the end of June and even stop eating dried fish after the Mid -Autumn Festival. This can prevent bad luck and ensure abundance for seasons __(7)__.

Tourists can enjoy the trip while __(8)__ respectful of the local culture. People should ask permission to touch or take pictures of Tao fishing boats. Similarly, don’t enter private gardens uninvited to view or sample drying fish. Don’t ask about future fishing trips __(9)__ it may anger the gods, and avoid __(10)__ seasonal patterns by going into traditional fishing waters. Learning to preserve and cherish local culture is truly important!

( )(1) (A) home to (B) known as (C) equipped with (D) suffering from

( )(2) (A) species (B) appeal (C) tribe (D) sample

( )(3) (A) clears out (B) comes with (C) makes way (D) rises above ( )(4) (A) in (B) above (C) off (D) on

( )(5) (A) multiple (B) harmonious (C) shallow (D) plentiful ( )(6) (A) doesn’t follow (B) aren’t following (C) didn’t follow (D)

won’t follow

( )(7) (A) by chance (B) to come (C) at risk (D) in need ( )(8) (A) remaining (B) they remained (C) remained (D) they


( )(9) (A) as (B) if (C) though (D) because of

( )(10) (A) interrupt (B) interrupting (C) to interrupt (D) interrupted

2. I am a proud member of Orchid Island’s Tao tribe. __(1)__ other tribes in Taiwan, we are an ocean-dependent people. For a few months every year, we __(2)__ the flying fish or “alibangbang” in great numbers. We consider this Mother Nature’s way of providing for us and taking us __(3)__. Out of respect and gratitude, we only fish from March to June and in shallow waters. If we __(4)__ this rule, many species would not be able to recover their numbers, and

the area’s natural balance would be disturbed. After July, only dried alibangbang can be eaten and must be finished before the Mid-Autumn Festival. We do this because it __(5)__ bad luck. Next time you visit, try not to take photos of our boats or enter our gardens uninvited to see drying fish. Also, please don’t snorkel in our waters during the flying fish season! Now that you know a little more about my people, I hope to sea you soon!

( )(1) (A) As well as (B) Like (C) Unlike (D) Along with ( )(2) (A) multiply (B) harvest (C) spoil (D) span

( )(3) (A) in her hand (B) in her place (C) by her side (D) under her wing

( )(4) (A) had followed (B) follow (C) didn’t follow (D) hadn’t followed

( )(5) (A) is believed to prevent (B) believes to prevent (C) believes to be prevented (D) is believed to be prevented

3. Orchid Island is a 45-square-kilometer rocky island off the coast of Taitung County. The island is known __(1)__ Lanyu in Mandarin*. The Tao, Taiwan’s most isolated indigenous __(2)__, live there and call the island Ponso no Tao. One unique feature of the Tao is that they live in underground homes.

Underground homes on Orchid Island are __(3)__ any other home you ’ve seen. The Tao developed this style of architecture to avoid damage that typhoons, striking several times per year, usually __(4)__. With their traditional building techniques, if they __(5)__ their homes totally above ground, they could be blown away. The homes are actually only half underground, with only the roof __(6)__ slightly above ground. The home is set in a pit, and between the walls of the home and the sides of the pit is a space __(7)__ water accumulates* during typhoons and then drains away. The house contains a kitchen, a living space, and bedrooms, while a toilet, a wooden sitting platform, and a fish cleaning station can be found outside.

If you visit Orchid Island, you can even sleep in an underground guesthouse. You may have to follow some __(8)__, though. For example, you should avoid __(9)__ photographs of people in neighboring houses. Respect the rules of your host, and you won’t feel like a fish out of __(10)__. Enjoy your underground sleep!

註:Mandarin 普通話 accumulate 累積 ( )(1) (A) to (B) for (C) as (D) by

( )(2) (A) tribe (B) score (C) mission (D) formula ( )(3) (A) within (B) unlike (C) regarding (D) opposite

( )(4) (A) come with (B) rise above (C) tear apart (D) clear out ( )(5) (A) build (B) will build (C) have built (D) built

( )(6) (A) exposes (B) exposed (C) to expose (D) exposing ( )(7) (A) when (B) what (C) where (D) which


( )(8) (A) species (B) residents (C) guardians (D) guidelines ( )(9) (A) taking (B) take (C) to take (D) taken

( )(10) (A) mind (B) boat (C) water (D) date

4. What do you know about the Tao tribe? An important part of life for these Orchid Island __(1)__ actually lies in building boats. __(2)__ they mainly rely on the ocean for their survival, making these boats is of the highest importance. To do so, they usually make use of wooden boards shaped with an ax and joined together with string. Since they are not actually made from one piece of wood, they __(3)__ a type of canoe. Upon each boat ’s completion, carvings are cut and traditional colors like red, white, and black are used to paint them. Next, they decorate the boat with chicken feathers __(4)__ the bow* and stern*. The body of the boat, on the other hand, usually has three main patterns: human figures, eyes of the boat, and waves. For the Tao peop le, building a boat is like __(5)__: the better the boat you build, the more respect you ’ll receive from the

community. Therefore, it is considered almost a holy mission. Next time you visit Orchid Island, be sure to take note of these beautiful pieces of art! 註:bow 船頭 stern 船尾

( )(1) (A) adventures (B) inhabitants (C) guidelines (D) guarantees ( )(2) (A) While (B) As (C) Although (D) Even if

( )(3) (A) do not consider being (B) are not considering to be (C) do not consider to be (D) are not considered to be

( )(4) (A) lining (B) to line (C) lined (D) line

( )(5) (A) spreading one’s wings (B) wagging one’s tails (C) nodding one’s heads (D) shaking one’s hands

5. “Good afternoon, folks! How would you like to go on a(n) __(1)__ to Orchid Island? The place is home __(2)__ the Tao people, Taiwan’s only ocean-dependent tribe. The best time to visit is now during the flying fish season, a period which __(3)__ many traditions and taboos! Although the season lasts from February to September, locals can, for example, only catch fish in March, April, May, and June. They can also only do so in shallow waters. If they fished in the deep sea, it __(4)__ the nature balance in the area. Another important custom is that only dried fish can be eaten after June and must all be finished before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Special ceremonies are held to mark the beginning and end of the season and to give thanks to the gods. Oh, and please note that, while __(5)__ the island, we should obey the rules. First, no

photographs of their boats or drying fish are allowed. Second, don’t go into their gardens to view the drying fish without permission! Respect these guidelines and the trip should be smooth sailing!”

( )(1) (A) harmony (B) harvest (C) adventure (D) sample ( )(2) (A) to (B) by (C) without (D) with

( )(3) (A) stands by (B) goes for (C) comes with (D) gets along with

( )(4) (A) would have disturbed (B) will disturb (C) would disturb (D) will have disturbed

( )(5) (A) you visiting (B) visiting (C) visit (D) visited 6. Are you interested in visiting the Tao tribe on Orchid Island during the

flying fish season? __(1)__ a period of eight months, the season begins in February and lasts until September. The flying fish, known __(2)__

“alibangbang,” are considered Mother Nature’s gift. In February and June, the Tao people hold ceremonies __(3)__ participants __(3)__ fancy costumes to mark the beginning and end of the season and to thank the gods. Althou gh they can fish anytime from March till the end of June, they must only catch fish in __(4)__ waters. Additionally, beginning in July, only dried fish can be eaten and must be finished before the Mid-Autumn Festival. To avoid being a “__(5)__,” be sure to follow a few rules. Don’t touch or take photos of their boats, or snorkel or dive in their waters during the season. Pay a visit during the next season, and you’ll be in for a wonderful experience!

( )(1) (A) Cover (B) To cover (C) Covered (D) Covering ( )(2) (A) for (B) as (C) by (D) with

( )(3) (A) by; wearing (B) with; wearing (C) with; wore (D) by; wore

( )(4) (A) adventurous (B) plentiful (C) elaborate (D) shallow ( )(5) (A) fish out of water (B) frog in the throat (C) cat on a hot tin

roof (D) pig in a poke

7. Lanyu is located 90 km southeast of Taiwan. It is __(1)__ the Tao, who are the people of the flying fish, one of Mother Nature ’s greatest gifts. __(2)__ up around eight months of the year, flying fish season is at the heart of Tao culture, and it involves many customs. During a religious ceremony, Tao boat captains pray to the gods for good fortune. Between March and June, local fishermen are not allowed to net any deep-sea fish. If the fishermen __(3)__ this rule, the fish would not have time to recover their numbers. As a result, __(4)__ with nature would be lost. All creatures are __(5)__ nature ’s wing. Therefore, these customs reflect the importance of respecting nature.

( )(1) (A) home to (B) based on (C) blessed with (D) known as ( )(2) (A) Take (B) Taken (C) Taking (D) To take

( )(3) (A) don’t follow (B) won’t follow (C) haven’t followed (D) didn’t follow

( )(4) (A) prosperity (B) species (C) guarantees (D) harmony ( )(5) (A) at (B) under (C) with (D) above



一、綜合測驗(13 小題,每題 0 分,共 0 分)

1. (1)A (2)C (3)B (4)D (5)C (6)C (7)B (8)A (9)A (10)B 2. (1)C (2)B (3)D (4)C (5)A

3. (1)C (2)A (3)B (4)A (5)D (6)B (7)C (8)D (9)A (10)C 4. (1)B (2)B (3)D (4)A (5)A

5. (1)C (2)A (3)C (4)C (5)B 6. (1)D (2)B (3)B (4)D (5)A 7. (1)A (2)C (3)D (4)D (5)B


龍騰學測字彙王 UNIT 46

1. Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the pioneers in the field of fast-food business. That is why they have fast food restaurants all over the world.

2. Janet praised her husband for the tremendous support he had given her. He even sold his car to support her new business

3. The teacher forbids his students to use cell phones in class because he sees cell phones were great distraction

4. The young children showed little enthusiasm for the game. They thought the games on their cell phones were more interesting.

5. Some people think it is disgusting to eat worms, but for others, they may be a delicious snack.

6. You should stop buying ____ water in convenience stores s ince the plastic bottles do great harm to the environment.

(A) mineral (В) voyage (C) souvenir (D) typist

7. It's better not to take a trip to the city because a ____ near it erupted last year and caused over 1.000 deaths.

(A) herd (B) volcano (C) knuckle (D) pickpocket

8. She bought some eye cream at the department store because she found that she started to get ____ around her eyes.

(A) spears (B) vowels (C) wrinkles (D) conjunctions

9. There are a lot of in crowded tourist areas, so be sure to l ook after your belongings carefully.

(A) pickpockets (B) grooms (C) pianists (D) blessings

10. Please send my ____ to your husband and children. I hope your family will have a great new year!

(A) homelands (B) forts (D) greetings (C) typists

(A) conquer (B) allowance (C) dispute (D) microscope (E) troublesome (F) itched


11. Before we saw the cells under a(n) ____, the biology teacher gave us a lecture on how to use it

12. The girl got into a(n) ____ with a taxi driver over the taxi fare. They were so angry and loud that they caught the attention of the passersby.

13. Jacky is such a(n) ____ kid. His mother had to go to his school many times because of the problems he had caused

14. My legs ____ because of the mosquito bites I go. It's difficul t not to scratch them. 15. Jackson's father gave him a monthly ____ of ten thousand dollars. No wonder he could buy so many expensive clothes

(A) conservative (B) conscience (C) grind (D) enlarged (E) voyage (F) alcohol DAFBC

16. Police had the photos ____ in order to identify the thief. There were so many people in them.

17. June's parents were very ____ and wouldn't allow her to date until she was 18 years old

18. Lisa's mom is very satisfied with her boyfriend because he doesn't drink ____ or smoke

19. The burglar turned himself in at the police station at last because his guilty ____ had kept him awake

20.I ____ my teeth when I sleep due to the huge pressure I have at school. 龍騰學測字彙王 UNIT 47


1. Many colleagues are envious of Ruby's success, so it's not easy for her to make friends at the company.

2. My trip to Japan last spring was great. The cherry blossoms looked splendid!

3. Although Wei is an amateur photographer, he has won numerous awards worldwide. 4. The cunning businessman tried to misled the woman into believing that it is a

fantastic product while it is actually not.

5. The students are protesting for equality among the sexes. 二、選擇題

6. The critics gave the movie bad reviews because the ____ was boring and predictable.

(A) cord (B) fossil (C) hook (D) plot

7. You can tell that Don is rich because he lives in Taipei's most wealthy ____ (A) district (B) landslide (C) pirate (D) tomb

8. Taipei 101 is probably the most famous ____ in Taipei. Most tourists visit it. (A) dormitory (B) cork no (C) landmark (D) copper

9. The couple's marriage had never been happy, and, in the end, they got a ____. (A) virtue (B) freeway (C) divorce (D) mischief


(A) stemming (B) blushing (C) lagging (D) blinking 三、配合題

(A) bloom (B) aluminum (C) plural (D) stingy (E) converse (F) vinegar DCFBA

11. Don't be so ____! It's time for you to buy me a drink. I have been always very generous with you.

12. The ____ form of the word "mouse" is "mice."

13. You can put some ____ in your salad to make it tastier.

14. Don't throw the ____ cans into the garbage can. You should put them in the recycling box.

15. I want to come back to this garden next June because all the flowers here will ____at that time.

(A) virgins (B) correspond (C) convenience (D) spicy (E) tiresome (F) urban FEDBC

16. The problem of air pollution is especially serious in ____ areas. You should put on a mask before going out.

17. Shopping for holidays can be ____. There are so many things to buy and sometimes they can be quite heavy.

18. I don't eat food that is too ____ because I will have to keep rushing to the bathroom.

19. There must be a mistake because the dates in these two documents do not ____. 20. Most of us like the ____ of using credit cards to buy things, but it is also easy for us to accidentally spend too much money.