Media Review, No. 34/2003

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Media Review (No.34/2003)

Prepared by the Office of University Development and Public Affairs A total of 94 substantive news reports mentioning UST were collected. ** denotes items involving OUDPA in providing information or statements upon

enquiries, issuing media invitation, issuing press releases, or setting up


1. A study by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation found

that in the past 5 years, among all local tertiary institutions, UST has

the highest number of articles published in top journals in the field of

life and medical sciences

Ming Pao Daily News (29/12).

2. News and articles on the proposed funding cut for universities** 42 clippings (20-29/12); TVB news and Cable TV news (21/12); ATV

news (21/12 and 24/12); RTHK news, CR news and Metro news (24/12).

3. A feature article on UST's MTM program in logistics management HK Economic Times (27/12).

4. Dr Alexis LAU (AMCE) and Dr Kin-Man LEE (CIVL) commented on the gas field

blowout incident in Chongqing

Ming Pao Daily News (27/12) and Oriental Daily News (26/12). 5. UST has developed a technology to turn used tyres into building materials

Apple Daily (26/12).

6. President Paul CHU recommended "A Theory for Everything" for the Book

Festival held during Christmas holidays** 7 clippings (23-26/12).

7. More than 5,000 university students applied for postponement of tuition

fee payment in the first semester of 2003-04 year Sing Pao Daily News (26/12).

8. Dr Helmut SOHMEN, a Council member and founding Court member, and his wife,

Prof Anna Pao SOHMEN, donated HK$10 million to UST** 9 clippings (20/12-25/12).

9. UST faculty take part in the Hap Map project** 5 clippings (17/12-25/12).


10. Prof Otto LIN, Senior Advisor to the President, led a delegation to visit

Chiu Chow

Ta Kung Pao (25/12) and HK Commercial Daily (18/12). 11. Prof Francis LUI (ECON) commented on economic issues 3 clippings (18/12-24/12).

12. JUPAS figures show that the BBA program of UST has attracted the biggest

number of applications** 6 clippings (23/12).

13. The Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Quantitative Finance Program offered by the

HKUST Business School will provide students with the computing and

mathematical skills to solve financial problems** HK Economic Journal (23/12).

14. A feature on President Paul CHU's superconductivity research** Sing Tao Daily News (23/12).

15. Prof Leonard CHENG (ECON) commented on economic issues HK Daily News and Oriental Daily News (23/12).

16. The Financial Times discussed executive education and mentioned the HKUST

Business School

HK Economic Journal (23/12) and FT (22/12).

17. The UST team competed in the Philips Hong Kong Universities Football League

SCMP-Young Post (23/12).

18. Prof KC CHAN (DBM) was among a group of academics who met Chief Executive

Tung Chee Hwa on the latter's invitation to discuss the policy address

Apple Daily (23/12).

19. Nobel Laureate Prof Vernon SMITH spoke at a luncheon talk of the HKUST

Business School**

HK Economic Journal (22/12).

20. UST produced the 3rd generation robot-cop, the first locally-developed

model of the kind, for the Hong Kong Police Oriental Daily News (22/12).

21. President Emeritus Prof Chia Wei WOO was appointed non-executive chairman

of Synergis Management Services Ltd (# Please see Editor's Note below.)


22. An article on the future of the optoelectronics industry mentioned the

OLED research at UST E-Zone (19/12).

23. Wind engineering consultant Roy DENOON of Ove Arup worked with UST experts

at the CLP Power Wind/Wave Tunnel Facility on wind problems associated with

tall buildings SCMP (18/12).

23. Dr Raymond WONG (BICH) commented on food safety issues Next Magazine (18/12).

# Editor's Note:

Item 10 of the last Media Review published on 24 December 2003 reported on a newspaper

article (Oriental Daily News, 15 December) which mentioned that President Emeritus

Chia-Wei Woo would move to Shanghai. Prof Woo has written to us to clarify that he

would NOT be moving to Shanghai. Prof Woo said he would be spending quite a bit of

time in Shanghai to work on the Shanghai Yangpu University City project next year,

and would therefore be setting up a second home there. IMPORTANT NOTICE:

Because of restrictions on photocopying newspaper articles, OUDPA is unable to

provide clippings for photocopying. Most of the clippings are however available

in HKUST News Clippings Online


through the Library's subscription to the WiseNews service. Enquiries can be




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