Head of the Department of Chemistry Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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b. Press Release

12iF Wcrld Shipping Centre, 7 Canton Road,

Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.

Facsimile NO. 3-7367123

Vice-Chancellor and Preside Professor Chio-Wet Woo DS.

ment of Chemistry . . .

minted for the Hong Kong Unrversrtv of Scwce and Tech-

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today announces the appointment of Prof Nai-Teng YU ( & /3 * ) as designated Head of the Department of Chemistry.

Commenting on his decision to come to HKUST after spending 19 years teaching and doing research at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Prof Yu said: “I have spent half of my life in the United States; it is only natural for me to have a desire to return and contribute to Chinese culture. Organizing a first-rate Chemistry Department in Hong Kong is a very exciting and challenging idea. The founding members of HKUST are of the highest calibre and have excellent visions for the University. The establishment of a world-class research university in Hong Kong is a history-making event critically important for the future of HK’s economic growth and prosperity. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to come to Hong Kong.”

Prof Yu’s research interests include biological applications of Raman spectroscopy, cataract/vision diseases, hemoprotein structures and function, as well as the charge-transfer complex formation between DNA and carcinogens. He has published around 90 scientific papers and is currently supported by research grants totalling over US$2 million. His work has won him world-wide acclaim. His research on clinical instrumentation in detecting cataract at early stages has recently received extensive media coverage.

Prof Yu earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from National Taiwan University, a MS in Physical Chemistry from New Mexico Highlands University, and a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined the School of Chemistry at the Georgia Institute of Technology as an Assistant Professor in 1970, after spending a year as a Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT and at Harvard. He has been in Georgia Tech ever since, and was promoted to Professorship in 1980. He has also sewed as Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Emory University Medical School since 1985.