Esophageal milk curd in an adult: a rare cause of sustained pneumonia

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Taiwan Crit. Care Med.2012;13:198-202 Wei-Fan Hsu et al.

Esophageal milk curd in an adult: a rare cause of

sustained pneumonia

Wei-Fan Hsu1, Chen-Shuan Chung1, Yeong-Long Hsu1, Hou-Tai Chang1,2


Nasogastric tubes are commonly used in several medical scenarios. Confirmation

of the position of the nasogastric tube is essential. Herein, we report the case of

an 81-year-old male who suffered from persistent pneumonia despite administration

of antibiotics for four weeks. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy revealed that the entire

esophagus was obstructed by milk curd, which was subsequently removed by warm

water instillation. Tracing back his chest X-ray, it showed the nasogastric tube was malpositioned

in the lower thoracic esophagus. The patient became ventilator dependent, and he was discharged after a full course of antibiotics and correct

replacement of the

nasogastric tube. This report is the first to find milk curd in the esophagus in an adult,

and highlights the infrequent but serious complication of misplaced nasogastric tubes.

Special attention should be paid to the proper positioning of an indwelling catheter on

chest radiography.

Key Words: Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, Esophagus; Milk curd, Nasogastric tube,




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