Health literacy and the determinants of obesity: a population-based survey of sixth grade school children in Taiwan

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Additional File 1

Health Report (Personal hygiene)

Every student received their health report today. I did not understand the results on my report until I consulted the school nurse. Then, I understood that I should start to improve my healthy status.

Then, my parents took me to the ophthalmic hospital, and the ophthalmologist diagnosed that I had pseudo myopia. My eyesight won’t recover unless I undergo a period of treatment.

Speaking of oral health, I not only have a very good habit of brushing my teeth but use I use the Bass brushing technique, so I can keep my teeth healthy.

Q1: Which description about health examination do you think is the most correct?

○ A.Everyone should have an oral examination twice a year even one has no tooth decay. ○ B.People should control their body weight once their BMI has risen to 19.5, which

means obesity.

○ C.If someone’s uncorrected vision is 0.5 on their left eye, one should go to the eyeglasses store immediately to get a pair of glasses for their near-sightedness. ○ D.The one, whose uncorrected vision in one eye is normal, and then one doesn’t have

to correct the other eye for near-sightedness.

Q2: Which behavior would you use to protect your eyesight?

○ A.I will relax my eyes when I watch something every 30 minutes.

○ B.I will borrow my friends’ glasses to ease my eyes when I can’t see clearly. ○ C.I will buy eye-drops to protect my eyes.

○ D.I will narrow my eyes as much as possible to lessen the danger of injury to my eyes.

Q3: Which one is the most important time for brushing to prevent tooth decay?

○ A.Brush teeth after eating.

○ B.Brush teeth once after waking up. ○ C.Brush teeth before eating. ○ D.Brush teeth before going to bed.

Q4: What would you like to do to take care of your teeth?

○ A.Brush teeth the correct way after eating.

○ B.Eat lesser to prevent food particles getting stuck between my teeth. ○ C.Chew sugarless gum after eating.





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