Media Review, No. 34/2000

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Media Review (No.34/2000)

Prepared by the Office of University Development and Public Affairs Media Content Analysis of newspaper clippings


49 clippings mentioning UST were received, of which 38 were substantive. Expert Opinion (20)

Teaching & Learning (5) Student Activities (4) Research (3)

Services provided by UST (3) Profile (1)

Management (1) Others (1)

** Items involving OUDPA media liaison, press inquiries, media invitation or supply of information.

1. UST faculty members' signature campaign to urge the govt. not to prosecute five university students, including one from UST, in connection with the June 26 demonstration

RTHK Radio 1's morning public affairs program, Talkabout (1/9) interviewed Dr T K Ng (PHYS) on the event.

2. RTHK Radio 1's Global Watch (28/8) interviewed Dr Oscar Au (EEE) on the impact of compression technologies on the Internet.**

3. An interview with Prof Y S Chan, Dean of SBM, on the brain drain of scholars in HK

Sing Tao (25/8).

4. Dr Ma Ngok (SOSC) comments on the Gary Cheng case and its impact on the September LegCo election

Three papers (25-24/8) quoted Dr Ma.

5. Two more clippings (23, 25/8) on Dr Ma Ngok (SOSC)'s comments on HKU's Robert Chung case.

6. Prof Francis Lui (ECON)'s comments on economic issues Seven clippings (22-25/8) were received.

7. UST's involvement in the Shenzhen-HK Industrial, Educational and Research Institution

Ta Kung Pao (25/8).

8. An orientation camp for new accounting students

Sing Tao (25/8) carried a captioned story on this. 9. Dr Ishfaq Ahmad (COMP) slightly injured in a car accident Oriental Daily (24/8).

10. About 120 new students from UST were stranded at a camp site in Sai Kung during a thunderstorm

Apple Daily (24/8). 11. Computer security in HK


Oriental Daily (23/8) mentioned UST in a story on this topic.**

12. Personal financial problems of presidents of local university students' unions

Oriental Daily (23/8).

13. A personal profile of Prof Francis Lui (ECON) Sing Tao (23/8).

14. Dr Wing Yim Tam (PHYS) attended a court hearing on speeding as an expert witness for the prosecutor

Seven papers (22/8).

15. UST offers a computer course to secondary students through the internet

Sing Tao (21,22/8) carried two consecutive stories on this.

16. Prof Francis Lui (ECON)'s article on human resources and economic development

Ming Pao (22/8).

17. SBM's supplement on EDM program HK Economic Jnl. (22/8).

18. A special feature on SBM's EMBA program HK Economic Times (21/8).

19. Dr I-Ming Hsing(CENG) conducts a project to develop a new type of electrode that could cut the cost of fuel cells HK iMail (21/8).

20. Another clipping on HK's ace cyclist Wong Kam-po who

underwent a test on wind resistance at UST's CLP Wind/Wave Tunnel

Ming Pao (20/8) carried an extensive feature on this.** 21. SaSa International appoints Prof Y S Chan, Dean of SBM as non-executive director

Oriental Daily (17/8).

22. Job opportunities in IT for fresh graduates in HK

In a story on this topic, Sing Tao (17/8) mentioned UST. 23. A UST research project to develop a computer-aided spoken English learning system

Apple Daily (17/8).

24. UST offers an open course on Object-oriented Software Development in Unified Modeling Language

HK Economic Times (15/8).

For further details about the items mentioned, a set of news clippings will be available on Tuesday at the Reference Counter of the Library (where items may be photocopied if desired). This review is mainly based on newspaper clippings about UST. All information recorded here is as reported in the original articles. Names and terms are translated from the Chinese as best we can when official translations are not

immediately available. South China Morning Post (SCMP) and Hong Kong iMail (iMail) are English newspapers. Enquiries can be made to the





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