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be in/have the habit of + Ving則意為「有做…的習慣」,類似的片語有make a habit of + Ving、make it a habit + to V等。


Academic year: 2023

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Unit 3  1 get into the habit of 養成…的習慣

說 明 be in/have the habit of + Ving則意為「有做…的習慣」,類似的片語有 make a habit of + Ving、make it a habit + to V 等。

例 句 1. Let the children get into the habit ofkeeping early hours.


2. Tom is in / has the habit ofdoing exercise every day.

(Tom 有每天運動的習慣。)

3. Helen makes a habit oflistening to the radio when cooking.

Helen makes it a habitto listen to the radio when cooking.

(Helen 做飯時有聽收音機的習慣。)

練 習

1. 如果你養成不注意新資訊的習慣,你就會有記憶方面的問題。

If you ___________ ___________ the ___________ ___________ not paying attention to new information, you may suffer memory problems.

2. 我習慣今日事今日畢。

I am ___________ the habit ___________ not putting off what I can do today until tomorrow.

3. 我們勸 Ben 不要有向朋友借錢的習慣。

We advised Ben not to ___________ a habit of borrowing money from his friends.

→ We advised Ben not to ___________ ___________ a habit to borrow money from his friends.

2 on the other hand 另一方面

說 明 on the other hand是副詞片語,常置於句首,用以引導與前句相互矛盾的觀點或意見。

注意 on (the) one hand 不可單獨使用,而須與 on the other hand 並用,但 on the other hand卻不一定得和 on (the) one hand 並用。

例 句 1. On (the) one hand, skiing is a fun activity. But on the other hand, it is not easy.

(一方面來說,滑雪是很好玩的活動;但另一方面來說,滑雪並不容易。) 2. Making mistakes is never good. On the other hand, it pays if we can learn from it.



練 習

1. 另一方面,好的記憶力可能是好習慣的結果。

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________, a good memory can result from good habits.

2. 網路大規模地改善人類的生活,但反過來說,卻也導致不少社會問題。

The Internet has improved human life on a large scale; ___________ ___________

___________ ___________, it leads to many social problems as well.

3 A result from B A起因於B

說 明 相當於 B result in/lead to A,即 B 導致 A。

例 句 1. My success results from working hard.

Working hard results in/leads to my success. (我的成功是由於努力。) 2. Kathy's failure to catch the train resulted from oversleeping.

Oversleeping resulted in/led to Kathy's failure to catch the train.


練 習

____1. A good memory can result ___________ good habits.

(A)at (B)from (C)to (D)into

____2. The terrible typhoon ___________ many thousands of deaths.

(A)led from (B)resulted from (C)resulted in (D)was the result of ____3. My father's illness ___________ overwork.

(A)led to (B)led from (C)resulted in (D)resulted from

4 that is (to say) 換言之

說 明 that is為副詞片語,用來補充前面提到的事物,相當於 in other words。

例 句

1. Every day I have to cook three meals, that is, breakfast, lunch, and dinner for my family. (每天我必須為家人煮三餐,也就是早餐,午餐和晚餐。)

2. They just got married a week ago, that is, March 14.

(他們一個禮拜前才結婚,也就是三月十四號。) 3. Our boss is broke. That is, we are out of work.



練 習

1. 記性好是起因於好習慣。換言之,為了改善你的記性,你必須革除壞習慣而養 成好習慣。

A good memory can result from good habits. ___________ ___________, to improve your memory, you must break your bad habits and develop good ones.

2. Tony 不停地打呵欠;換言之,他睏了。

Tony keeps yawning; ___________ ___________, he is sleepy.

3. Stella 是個素食主義者;換句話說,她不吃肉。

Stella is a vegetarian; ___________ ___________ ___________, she doesn't eat meat.

5 Gerunds (Ving)

說 明 動名詞(gerund)可當句子的主詞、主詞補語、及物動詞或介系詞的受詞,它當主詞


例 句 1. Collecting stampsis my hobby. (集郵是我的嗜好。) ( 當主詞用,注意動詞用單數形 )

2. My dream is travelinga

( 當主詞補語用



rld. (我的夢想是環遊世界。)

3. They enjoy playing tennis when they are free. (有空時,他們喜歡打網球。) ( 當及物動詞的受詞用 )

4. Don't be afraid of

( 當介系詞的受詞用



. (別害怕開口說英語。)


練 習

1. 運用頭腦是保持頭腦敏銳的最佳方法。

___________ your mind ___________ the best way to keep it sharp.

2. 太依賴父母會使小孩難於獨立。

___________ heavily ___________ parents will make it difficult for children to stand on their own feet.

3. 我記得在某處見過這個女士。

I remember ___________ this lady somewhere before.

6 S + spend + 時間/金錢 + on + N/V ing 花費…在…

例 句 1. Tina spent two hours on the letter.

Tina spent two hours writing the letter. (Tina花兩小時寫了這封信。) 2. Tim spends all his money on the sport car.

Tim spends all his money buying the sport car.


練 習

____1. Watching television is an activity that most of us spend too much time ___________.

(A)for (B)on (C)in (D)to1

____2. Judy is too busy to spend any time exercise every day.

(A)doing (B)in (C)to do (D)for doing

補 充 某人浪費時間或金錢亦可用此句型: S + waste + 時間 / 金錢 + on + N/

V ing 。

例 句 Don't waste your time on video games.

Don't waste your time playing video games.

( 別浪費你的時間在電動遊戲上。 ) 7 The more/er..., the more/er.... 愈…,愈…



說 明 此句型表示某事物與另一事物在數量或程度上以相同的比例增減,其基本 句型為「The + 形容詞比較級 (+ 名詞 ) /副詞比較級 + S + V, the + 形容詞比較 級 (+ 名詞 ) /副詞比較級 + S + V」。

例 句 1. The higher you go, the colder you feels. (你愈往上走,你就愈覺得冷。) 2. The more snacks Stacy eats, the more weight she gains.

(Stacy 吃愈多零食,體重就增加愈多。)

練 習

1. 你花在這些節目的時間愈多,你的心智運用就愈少。

___________ ___________ time you spend ___________ these programs, ___________ ___________ mental exercise you get.

2. 我們讀的書愈多,得到的知識就愈多。

___________ ___________ books we read, ___________ ___________

knowledge we have.

3. 我們愈健康就活得愈久。

___________ ___________ we are, ___________ ___________ we live.

8 what + S + V

說 明 what 引導的名詞子句,可當及物動詞或介系詞的受詞(見例句 1),或者作主

要子句的主詞(見例句 2)。當 what 引導的名詞子句做主詞時,其動詞一律 用單數型。

例 句 1. John often lies; as a result, I don't believe what he said.

(John 常常說謊,因此我不相信他所說的。)

2. What David has impressed meis his courage to face the challenge.

(David 讓我印象深刻的是他面對挑戰的勇氣。)

練 習

1. 教別人你所知道的事。

Teach others ___________ you know.

2. Stella 喜歡的東西都很昂貴。

___________ Stella likes ___________ very expensive.

9 when it comes to + N/Ving 提到,談起


說 明 相似的片語有 speaking of。

例 句 1. When it comes to/Speaking of sports, I like to play tennis most.


2. When it comes to/Speaking of traveling, you have to make plans in advance.


練 習

1. 講到記憶你所學過的事情或技巧,幾乎沒有其他方法比教授更好。

___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ remembering things or skills you have learned, few things work as well as teaching.

2. 提到節日,小孩子特別偏愛耶誕節。

___________ ___________ festivals, children favor Christmas above all.

10 such as... 例如…,諸如…

說 明 N + such as...可改為 such + N + as...,意為「像…一樣的東西」。such as 相 當於 like。

例 句 1. Sandra can speak foreign languages such as/like French and German.

Sandra can speak such foreign languages as French and German.


2. Fruits such as/like oranges and apples are in season.

Such fruits as oranges and apples are in season.


練 習

____1. Playing word games, ___________ Scrabble and crossword puzzles, is another way of improving your vocabulary.

(A)as (B)which like (C)such like (D)such as

____2. Amy likes reading the poems by such poets ___________ Robert Frost and Ogden Nash.

(A)as (B)like (C)of (D)with

11 whether...or (not)... 不論是…或…

說 明 whether常與 or 連用,引導表示讓步的副詞子句:whether A or not 表示「不 管是否為 A」,whether A or B 表示「不管是 A 還是 B」。


例 句 1. Whether you like the rules or not, you have to obey them.


2. Whether it rains or shines, the game won't be cancelled.


練 習

____1. ___________ you are reading, studying, or listening to a speech, write down the information you may want to look up later.

(A)If (B)Whether (C)Since (D)As if

____2. Hank wants to become an actor ___________ his father likes it or not.

(A)because (B)even if (C)if (D)whether

12 needless to say 不用說

說 明 needless to say是常置於句首的副詞片語,可改為 It goes without saying that....的句型。

例 句 1. Needless to say, we must obey the law.

It goes without saying that we must obey the law.


2. Needless to say, students should focus on their schoolwork.

It goes without saying that students should focus on their schoolwork.


練 習

1. 不用說,這也是很棒的心智鍛鍊。

___________ ___________ ___________, it is an excellent mental workout as well.

2. 不用說,你吃愈多就會愈胖。

___________ ___________ ___________, the more you eat, the fatter you'll become.

3. 不用說,金錢是買不到幸福的。

It ___________ ___________ ___________ that money cannot buy happiness.


U3 實力評量 I. 選 擇

____1. After Johnny moved to London, he got ___________ the habit of keeping early hours.

(A)in (B)to (C)into (D)with

____2. The workers are ___________ the habit of listening to the radio when they are working.

(A)in (B)into (C)with (D)at

____3.You have to ___________ a habit of reviewing the lessons you have learned every day.

(A)take (B)do (C)go (D)make

____4. Let's make ___________ a habit to take a walk in the park after supper.

(A)what (B)it (C)this (D)that

____5. Susan seems to spend a lot of money ___________ her clothes, but ___________, she never buys anything for her children.

(A)on; on one hand (B)buying; on the other hand (C)in; that is (D)to buy; in other words

____6. My mom has a bad memory, but ___________, we may call it a good thing because she tends to forget all the unhappy things.

(A)in other words (B)needless to say (C)it is thankful (D)on the other hand

____7. Philip is considered a coward; ___________, everyone thinks that he is a chicken.

(A)on the one hand (B)on the other hand (C)that is (D)on the contrary

____8. Reading books ___________ people get the information they need, ___________ they are young or old.

(A)help; if (B)helps; whether (C)help; whether (D)helps; if


____9. ___________ basketball with his friends made Bobby feel happy.

(A)Plays (B)Played (C)Playing (D)Play

____10. I always enjoy ___________ in the park at night.

(A)in jogging (B)jogging (C)jog (D)to jog

____11. Julie spent about two hours ___________ dinner for her family.

(A)cooked (B)cooking (C)in (D)on cooking

____12. Spending money ___________ useless things ___________ never good.

(A)on; are (B)in; is (C)with; are (D)on; is

____13. Students are asked to waste no time ___________ computer games.

(A)on (B)on playing (C)to play (D)in

____14. The more ___________ Kevin writes, the fewer mistakes he'll make.

(A)care (B)careful (C)carefully (D)with care

____15. The ___________ money Ted earns, the ___________ he becomes.

(A)more; richer (B)less; richer

(C)more; more richly (D)less; more successfully

____16. When it comes ___________ English, Jane can do it as if she were an American.

(A)to speak (B)to speaking

(C)to express herself in(D)in expressing herself in

____17. Most traffic accidents resulted ___________ careless driving.

(A)to (B)as (C)in (D)from

____18. The typhoon resulted ___________ serious losses to farmers here.

(A)on (B)to (C)from (D)in

____19. Working hard often ___________ success.

(A)result in (B)lead from (C)leads to (D)results from

____20. Ken got up very late this morning. ___________, he failed to attend the meeting on time.

(A)From then on (B)On one hand (C)For example (D)Needless to say ____21. The girl doesn't like to eat fruits ___________ tomatoes and peaches.

(A)such like (B)such as (C)as (D)which is like


____22. The trip to that mountain is not easy, ___________ on foot ___________ by car.

(A)whether; and (B)if; and (C)whether; or (D)if; or

____23. ___________, the friendlier you are, the more friends you will have.

(A)When it comes to make friends (B)To speak of making friends (C)On one hand (D)Needless to say

____24. It is hard for Jessie to believe ___________ she heard.

(A)who (B)from which (C)what (D)that

____25. ___________ goes without ___________ that God helps those who help themselves.

(A)It; saying (B)It; speaking (C)This; saying (D)What; talking


U3 實力評量 II. 翻譯填空

1.我們不知道 Ennis 何時養成吸煙的習慣。

We don't know when Ennis ___________ ___________ the habit of smoking.


I have made ___________ ___________ a walking to work.

→ I have made ___________ a habit ___________ ___________ to work.


This highranking police officer has more power; ___________ ___________

___________ ___________, he has more responsibility.


This job pays well, but ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________, it is very dangerous.


The change of oil price ___________ ___________ the war.

→ The war resulted ___________ the change of oil price.


Too much pressure can ___________ ___________ some mental illnesses.


Sometimes, too much money will ___________ ___________ much trouble, too.

8.Haggis 是個活字典,也就是說,他是個飽學之士。

Haggis is a walking dictionary; ___________ ___________, he is a learned man.


George was born with a silver spoon in his mouth; ___________ ___________

___________, he was born into a rich family.


___________ ___________ others for help all the time ___________ nothing to be proud of.


11.玩電腦遊戲是 Mario 花最多時間的活動。

___________ computer games ___________ the activity that Mario spends most of his time ___________.


Seeing is ___________.


Is it necessary to ___________ so much time and money ___________ that plan?


The ___________ you study, the ___________ it is for you to pass the final exam.


___________ ___________ you stay at the hotel, ___________ ___________

money you'll spend ___________ food and rent.


___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ going to the doctor, I cannot help feeling worried.

17.談到零食,Buck 最喜歡巧克力與冰淇淋之類的甜食了。

___________ ___________ snacks, Buck likes ___________ sweets ___________

chocolate and ice cream most.

18.Joanna 正在節食。不用說,她是絕不吃一口垃圾食品的。

Joanna is going on a diet. ___________ ___________ ___________, she will in no way have a bite of the junk food.


We should avoid ___________ ___________ we find on the Internet easily, it is true ___________ ___________.

20.不用說,知名影星備受媒體關注。但另一方面,他們卻無法完全享有像是隱 私與自由之類的基本人權。

___________ ___________ without saying that famous movie stars attract much media attention. ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________, they can't fully enjoy some basic human rights ___________ ___________ privacy and




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