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School's experiences on the Development of e-


Chu Ka Tim

Hong Kong True Light College



9:30-10:00: Experience sharing by

Ms. Kassel Cheung (English Panel Head) 10:00-11:00: Experience sharing by

Mr. Chu Ka Tim (IT Coordinator) 11:00-11:15: Break

11:15-12:15: Workshop on Schoology 12:15-12:30: Q&A


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Elearning Milestone in True Light


• elearning pilot scheme (Four True Light Schools): WIFI construction, iPad procurement, elearning school visit and teacher training, English starts the elearning lesson

2012 • iPad & Apple TV procurement

2013 • Teacher training (All teachers), elearning extended to other subjects

2014 • elearning support scheme: WIFI construction (Whole School)

Future • Promote flipped classroom, Use elearning to cater learner diversity


Elearning Activities

Elearning Lessons

Teachers Over 20

Lessons Over 200

Subjects Nearly 10


新科技有助改善教育?專家:學校不了 解科技的優勢

根據調查,教師採用新 技術讓自己的工作更容 易以及補充傳統教學內 容,而不是讓學生運用 新科技自我學習。


elearning VS traditional learning

Gimmick Just for fun

elearning is a trend only

Paradigm shift

Teacher centred to Student centred Acquire 21st century skills


Bottom up management VS Top down management

School culture

Teacher readiness


Bottom up management VS Top down management

subject → subjects form → forms

learning activities → lessons → topics → curriculum


Bottom up management VS Top down management




Tablet: IOS VS Android VS Windows


Tablet: IOS VS Android VS Windows

Ultimate Goal:

Open to all platforms/devices


Number of Tablets:

20 VS 30 VS More

1 student : 1 tablet 2 students : 1 tablet 4 students : 1 tablet Group work:

Build up students’ collaboration / communication skills More discipline


Training: General VS Subject based

School visit workshop sharing seminar

subject panel meeting facebook group

lesson observation


whole school WIFI VS Partial WIFI


whole school WIFI VS Partial WIFI





WIFI Vendors:

Well-known VS Unknown

Services AP Brand

WIFI Management Console Reliability

Quality Cost


WIFI: Security VS User friendliness

Integration with existing network Separated broadband

Independent SSIDs in different rooms

The authentication of teachers, students and guests


BYOD VS School tablets


Reduce IT admin work

Flexible to carry out different elearning activities Provide comprehensive elearning environment


Have to deal with discipline team, PTA, teachers


Apple TV VS AirServer


iPad charging cart VS taobao


Offline Apps VS Web Platform


Offline Apps VS Web Platform


cross platform

students’ works are saved on the cloud easy to share students’ works


web platform VS LMS

Learning management system

Assessment for learning

archive and analyze students’ works traditional teaching cannot achieve


Google for Education


Simple Apps VS Advanced Apps

English Storytelling:

Toontastic→ Bookabi → Keynote


Simple Apps VS Advanced Apps

Instant Feedback tool:

Nearpod → Edmodo → Google Spreadsheet


e-textbook vs textbook

Textbook, paper and pen cannot be eliminated.

e-textbook can act as a supplement in learning and teaching

The implementation of e-textbook depends on e-textbook market, publishers and teachers’



elearning is a tool VS elearning is everything

elearning is one of the tools to create learning experiences


IT Skills VS IT Literacy

Ability to dig deeper, finding whatever information they want

Connecting to others and collaborating in everything using search engines

e-mailing, chatting, texting, microblogging


Flipped classroom VS Normal classroom


Flipped classroom:

self-made video VS youtube video

prefer youtube video

platform→ content→ language


Academic result VS Generic Skills

elearning → better academic result?

Flipped classroom:

boost the academic result of more capable students

Fairly speaking

Exam/Test (Assessment) ← → elearning?


Audience VS Speaker

Audience: Listen

Speaker: Discuss, share, reflect










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