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Lisa TAM Read to children and read with children!


Academic year: 2022

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Read to children and read with children!

Lisa TAM


Here are some reference books for you to start!

Lukens, Rebecca J. A critical handbook of children’s literature. Boston : Pearson. 2007.

Russell, David L. Literature for children: a short introduction. Boston: Pearson. 2009.

The Oxford encyclopedia of children’s literature. New York: Oxford University Press. 2006.


Funny & Humorous stories (boys’ choices)

Stories about princesses and fairies (often requested by girls)

Stories with animals as main characters, especially dogs

Realistic stories about school and family life, friendship, sibling rivalry, bully

Stories with positive messages but not preaching


Most of them have 32 pages

The illustrations play a very important role in the books

Most of the picture books are made for very young children but not all of them are so easy. Some

sophisticated picture books have profound messages and require a high level of understanding.

Caldecott award


His books are just perfect for beginning readers: the sentences are simple and repetitive, the stories are

humorous and childish, the illustrations are funny and appealing to children

Popular series: Elephant and Piggie, Pigeon

Genre: humorous animal stories

Mo Willems Official Homepage


His books are widely used by the lower primary English teachers around the world

Popular titles: The very hungry caterpillar, The grouchy ladybug, Papa, please get the moon for me, A house for hermit crab, Pancakes, pancakes, The tiny seed

Genre: animal stories

The Official Eric Carle Web Site


He was appointed the sixth Children’s Laureate in

2009. To many readers, his illustrations are even more powerful than the words in his books for delivering the stories.

Popular titles include My mom, My dad, My brother, How do you feel, Me and you, Changes

Genre: realistic stories and fantasy


The Gruffalo, The Gruffalo’s child, A squash and a squeeze, Charlie Cook’s favorite book, The magic brush

Julia Donaldson wrote children’s songs for TV

programs before and that’s why most of her popular stories are rhymed

Her most popular books were illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Genre: folk tales, stories in rhyme

Julia Donaldson Official Website


Popular titles include The Polar Express, Jumanji, Just a dream, Two bad ants, The garden of Adbul Gasazi

These titles are the examples of the sophisticated picture books

Genre – fantasy

Chris van Allsburg Website


She retells fairy tales and legends from different

culture, such as The empty pot, Liang and the magic brush, The Greatest treasure from Chinese culture. She also writes biographies about famous people such as Alexander the Great, Buddha, Marco Polo

Genre: Legends and biography

Demi homepage


Black Lagoon series: stories about children’s fear relate to school settings with humor

Titles include The teacher from the Black Lagoon, The principal from the Black Lagoon, The librarian from the Black Lagoon

Genre – humorous fiction


The author of the popular Captain Underpants series

His Dumb bunnies series is a good example for what kids like to read - they may not have a high level of literary achievement but they made kids feel that reading is fun!

Genre – humorous fiction/animal stories

Dav Pilkey Website


The Fancy Nancy series is the example of “girlish picture books”

The Fancy Nancy stories teach young readers a lot of

“fancy words”, such as “posh” means “fancy”,

“conceal is a fancy word for hide”.

Kids expand their vocabularies when they just read for fun

Genre – humorous stories


Titles include Lilly’s big day, Lilly’s purple plastic purse, Owen,Wemberly worried,

Chester’s way

Stories about school life and daily life with mice as main characters

Genre – animal stories but even the stories

have animals as main characters the contents

are actually realistic


Curious George series

Titles include Curious George rides a bike, Curious George takes a job, Curious George feeds the animals

The main character is a very curious and active monkey who makes mistakes because of his

curiosities. But he always learn something from the experiences

Genre – animal story


Titles include Two of everything, Prince Cinders,

Princess Smartypants, Long live Princess Smartypants, Smartypants rules, Bad habits

The stories have unconventional viewpoints which make readers see things differently

Genre - humorous stories


They are also called bridging books, which serve as a bridge for young readers to move from reading books mainly with pictures to the books with more words.

There are several chapters in a story. Readers don’t have to finish the whole book at once. They can stop at a certain chapter of the story and continue to read it again when they have time

Young readers can be very proud of themselves if they start to read chapter books


Titles include Hi, Fly Guy, Super Fly Guy, Shoo Fly Guy, Fly Guy meets Fly Girl

The series is very appealing to boy readers even the struggling readers.

It makes young readers feel that they can read the books with chapters and build up their confidence

Genre-humor fiction/animal stories


Rotten Ralph series for younger readers (The author won the Newbery Honor for his Joey Pigza series

but these titles are for G5 or above)

Titles include Not so rotten Ralph, Rotten Ralph feels rotten, Rotten Ralph’s rotten romance

Kids see themselves when they read about

mischievous things Rotten Ralph (a red cat) had done

Genre - Humorous animal stories



Nate the Great series

The main character is a boy detective who pays attention to all the details to solve the mysterious cases or find the missing items.

The stories were written in very short and simple sentences. The author also used very easy words so young readers can read on their own.

Genre – mystery


Horrid Henry series

Short stories about a very naughty boy who also has the problem of sibling rivalry

Kids can make connection with the mischievous behavior of Horrid Henry and his relation with his younger brother Perfect Peter.

Genre – humorous and realistic fiction


The main character is a girl who uses her sharp memory to solve a lot of mysterious case

Young Cam Jansen series is for younger readers and Cam Jansen series is for chapter book readers

Genre: Mystery

Cam Jansen Website


My weird school series – titles include Mrs. Roopy is loopy, Coach Hyatt is a riot, Ms. Krup cracks me up, Mr. Granite is from another planet

The adult characters in the books are “weird” in students’ eyes but what they did were fun and educational!

The books are popular among both boys and girls

Humorous school stories


Rainbow magic series is about two girls meet different kinds of fairies such as rainbow fairies, jewel fairies, flower fairies and help them to outwit their enemy and restore their magic power

The titles are very attractive to the girl readers who start to read chapter books

Genre: fantasy

Rainbow Magic Official Site


A to Z Mysteries

26 titles in the series – The absent author, The bald bandit, The canary caper, The deadly dungeon…The kidnapped king…The panda puzzle…The zombie zone

Ron Roy also has published other two series- Calendar mysteries and Capital mysteries

Genre - mystery


Louis Sachar’s The holes won the Newbery Medal in 1999

Marvin Repost series – Titles include Kipnapped at birth?, Why pick on me? Is he a girl? Alone in his

teacher’s house, Class president, A flying birthday cake

Wayside school series – Wayside school is falling

down, Sideway stories from Wayside school, Wayside school gets a little stranger

Genre-humorous fiction


Marc Brown creates the unique image for Arthur and his friends: they have human’s body and animal’s head, with funny and childish facial expressions.

Popular titles include Arthur’s teacher trouble, Arthur’s popularity test. Stories about Arthur are both available in picture books and chapter books series

Genre: realistic stories, animal stories


Biographies for children

The title starts with “Who was…” such as Who was Marco Polo?

Include a lot of titles about famous people such as Queen Elizabeth, William Shakespeare, Anne Frank, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison…more than 20 titles


You wouldn’ want to be…series

Include more than 30 titles such as You wouldn’t want to sail on the Titanic, You wouldn’t want to be an aristocrat in the French Revolution

The humorous writing and funny illustrations show children why “you wouldn’t want to” live in that

period of time and readers can learn something about history without being bored.


Shel Silverstein – The giving tree, Falling up, A light in the attic, Where the sidewalk ends, The missing piece

Jack Prelutsky – A pizza the size of the sun, The new kid on the block,


Book talks – genres, series, authors

Work closely with English teachers- poetry writing contest, curriculum topics such as plants

Book fairs & author visits

Love of Reading Week – Drop Everything And Read (DEAR), buddy reading, Reading Passport, character day and book swap






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We can introduce the song by playing the audio recording, getting the children to read the song before playing the recording, or simply by starting to sing it with the children.

We can introduce the song by playing the audio recording, getting the children to read the song before playing the recording, or simply by starting to sing it with the

Finally, children are also ready to learn about special letter combinations that have silent letters like ‘lamb’, ‘know’ and ‘phone’, as well as words that have double

Regularly reading to children, listening to them read, asking questions and discussing experiences, are all important activities that will compliment the learning objects of

The passages in these reading books are written to help you read faster.. Most learners of English read slowly, but with a little practice, they can read as fast as many

The passages in these reading books are written to help you read faster.. Most learners of English read slowly, but with a little practice, they can read as fast as many

The passages in these reading books are written to help you read faster.. Most learners of English read slowly, but with a little practice, they can read as fast as many

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After students have had ample practice with developing characters, describing a setting and writing realistic dialogue, they will need to go back to the Short Story Writing Task

Teachers are highly encouraged to read the above, which covers the fundamentals of film study (i.e. the fictional, dramatic and cinematic aspects) and explains

I love reading these story books with their exciting stories and funny pictures.. The Berenstain Bears are

To help students appreciate stories related to the theme and consolidate their knowledge and language skills in writing stories, the English Club has organised a workshop on story

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