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Academic year: 2021

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方志華 fangjw@seed.net.tw 臺北市立教育大學學習與媒材設計學系 (含課程與教學碩士班) 副教授兼系主任 摘要 本研究之目的為了解台灣高等教育研究生教育論文,在諾丁斯關懷倫理學 研究方面的發展趨勢。研究者於國家圖書館博碩士論文系統,共篩選出 2000-2012 年 13 年間 108 篇相關研究生博碩士論文進行分析。發現行動研究最多,其 對關懷的運用詮釋可分為五個面向:人際能力、品德實踐、倫理權衡、生命體 驗、與專業倫理。在個案研究的對象上,特別呈現出教育人員的社會角色與性 別之關懷圖像。相關論文的學校分佈,以師培相關學校為主。本文並探究相關 博士論文的研究趨勢、與獲奬碩士論文的在地特色。結論提出本研究的意義詮 釋,包括教育實踐、教育史研究、教育研究的方法論意涵。由於是初探性質, 最後也提出本文的研究限制與未來研究發展。 關鍵字:教育史、關懷倫理學、臺灣博碩士論文、高等教育、行動研究、道德 教育

The research tendency on NelNoddings’ethics of care in the educational theses and dissertations of higher education inTaiwan


The purpose of the article is to explore the research tendency on NelNoddings’ethics of care in the educational theses and dissertations in Taiwan during 2000-2012. There were 108 papers analyzed and most of them used action research as their methods. For these action research papers, the meanings of care were interpreted into five dimensions. As in the papers using case study, the caring images of the social and gender roles of teachers were captured in the paper.This article shows some critical phenomenon of spreading educational thought from foreign culture into Taiwanin higher education by analyzing educational theses and dissertations.

Key words: History of education, the ethics of care, theses and dissertations in Taiwan, higher education, action research, moral education



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