Match the wordor phrasewith its meaning.1.

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Unit 1 Greetings from Germany! ··· 5

Unit 2 Message in a Bottle ··· 11

Unit 3 Pocahontas ··· 17 Unit 4 Dogs of the World ··· 23 Unit 5 The Dead Sea Scrolls ··· 29

Unit 6 Fun on the Mountain! ··· 35

Unit 7 Understanding the Heart ··· 41

Unit 8 The Championship ··· 47

Unit 9 What’s a Riddle? ··· 53 Unit 10 White Mountain Ski Shop ··· 59

Unit 11 The Power of Wind ··· 65 Unit 12 A Letter from Mexico! ··· 71

Unit 13 A Penny Saved ··· 77 Unit 14 Weather Watch! ··· 83 Unit 15 Your Powerful Lungs ··· 89

Unit 16 Weird Weather! ··· 95 Unit 17 My Favorite Things! ··· 101

Unit 18 Preparing for a Hurricane ··· 107

Unit 19 The Amazing Cockroach ··· 113

Unit 20 An Interview with a Brave Boy ··· 119



Greetings from Germany!


1 1

Match the word or phrase with its meaning.

1. ____ John’s address is 43 Main Street.

2. ____ Where’s the shopping list?

3. ____ Sarah spends a lot of time online.

4. ____ We struggled to finish our homework on time.

5. ____ I’m tired. Let’s relax.

6. ____ Snowboarding is a challenging sport, but I really enjoy it.

1. What is she doing?

2. Who do you think she is writing to?

3. Have you ever had a pen pal?

b. where he lives;

house number c. not easy to do d. take a break e. worked hard f. on the Internet a.


Greetings from


Dear Maria

Hello! My name is Greta Bauer and I live near Bonn Germany My English teacher gave me your name and address She found it on a pen pal

list online My birthday is July 

th I have an older sister Sara and a younger brother Karl My father works for a computer business in Bonn

and my mother is a research scientist

My family is crazy about pets! We have four cats and three dogs

One dog is a huge Saint Bernard like the one in the


He is strong and stubborn so it’s challenging to take him for a walk I struggle to keep up with him! Do you have any pets?

We are all very active too I like to inline skate my sister loves soccer my brother enjoys baseball and my parents play tennis and golf

In the winter we all go skiing What’s the weather like in Mexico? Do you even get winter? I think the weather there must be very different from the weather here

You must think that my family doesn’t like to relax but sometimes w

wee take it easy too Last week we all just stayed at home What does your family do together? Do you live near a beach where you are in

Mexico? I would love to see the ocean someday Please reply soon and tell me all about yourself and your family!


Greta Bauer





Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. I don’t want to go out. Let’s just ______ at home.

a. enjoy b. live c. like d. relax

2. “What are you doing ______?” “I’m sending an email.”

a. online b. at a beach c. active d. together 3. He’s so ______ about things. It makes me angry!

a. strong b. stubborn c. huge d. older 4. Al loves to do ______ math problems.

a. challenging b. research c. crazy d. active

(239 words)


Choose the best answer.

1. What is this story about?

a. Writing to a new friend b. Finding a teacher c. Replying to a letter d. Planning a trip

2. What does this letter show about Greta?

a. She likes to visit her English teacher.

b. Her birthday is at the end of the year.

c. She often goes to the beach.

d. She likes sports and animals.

3. What does “we” refer to in line 17 of the reading?

a. Greta and Maria b. Maria and her family c. Greta and her family d. Greta and her dog

4. What is NOT true about Greta?

a. She likes cold weather sports.

b. She likes staying at home.

c. She lives far from Maria.

d. She is the youngest in her family.


Look at the reading again. Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. Greta struggles to take him for a walk. a. Greta’s brother b. Greta’s dog

2. Do you get winter? a. Maria b. Mexico

3. What’s the weather like there? a. Germany b. Mexico

4. She gave me your address. a. Maria’s teacher b. Greta’s teacher


Fill in the blank with the correct word or phrase.

Greta lives in Germany, near Bonn. She got her pen pal’s 1___________ from her teacher. Greta is

2___________ animals. However, taking care of her family’s many pets is 3___________. Her family loves being 4___________, although sometimes they

5___________, too.

 keep up with

My dad has long legs, so it’s hard to keep up with him.

 take it easy

Holly, take it easy on the difficult parts of the hike.

 take (someone) for a (walk / drive / meal) Dad is going to take me for a drive!

Fill in the blank with the correct word or phrase. Change the form of the words if necessary.

1. Mom and Dad work hard all week, so they ____________________ on weekends.

2. Let’s ____________________ Suzy ____________________ nice meal.

3. John is lazy. Sometimes it is difficult for him to ____________________ his teammates.

address crazy about

active relax











What are you and your family like?

Write some notes.

Where do you live?


Listen to the dialog and take notes. Use your notes to fill in the blanks.

Carol’s Family

Story Summary

Carol lives in ______ ______. Her mom is a ______ and her father is a ______. She has two ______

sisters, Kristen and Kathy. Carol’s family really loves ______ and ______. They do these things together at least ______ a ______. Carol also has a hobby.

She likes to ______ ______.

Where does Carol live?


Who is in her family?


What things does her family do?


What does Carol like to do?


Listen again and check your notes.

Using your notes, write your story in complete sentences.

Who is in your family?


What things does your family do?


What things do you like to do?



Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. Can you ______ with her? She’s very fast!

a. struggle b. keep up c. crazy about d. relax 2. “What’s your ______?” “It’s 1935 Broadway Street.”

a. list b. package c. online d. address

3. Marcia’s brother works for a computer ______.

a. game b. climate c. business d. literature

4. The desert ______ is hot and dry.

a. research b. package c. climate d. business

Look at the dialog. Fill in the blank with the correct choice.

Now practice with a partner. Make your own answers.

A So, where do you and your family live, Peter?

B We live in Riverside. That’s in the northern part of the city.

A 1________________________________

B Well, my father works for a computer business and 2_____________

___________________. I also have a younger brother named Bill.

A I didn’t know that.3________________________________

B I really like to watch movies. In fact, my whole family


A That’s nice!

a. So, what do you like to do?

b. What’s your family like?

c. likes to watch movies together d. my mother is a nurse




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