Mon. English test(考試) Tue. Lisa’s talent show Wed. play soccer

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高雄市立小港國民中學 99 學年度第一學期第三次段考一年級英語科試題

命題教師:郭詩瑜老師 一年 班 座號: 姓名:


一、聽力測驗30% (每題 2 分)

【Part A】請聽 CD 的問題,選出符合圖片的答句。

1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( )

4. ( ) 5. ( )

【Part B】請聽 CD 的問題,選出最適當的回應。

( ) 6. (A) Yes, you can come to my home. (B) Yes, I can go on Sunday.

(C) No, I can’t go out on the weekend. (D) No, I can go on Saturday afternoon.

( ) 7. (A) It’s on Tuesday. (B) It’s Monday.

(C) It’s in the morning. (D) It’s not on the weekend.

( ) 8. (A) I can’t do it at all. (B) Is there any problem?

(C) How about tomorrow? (D) No problem.

( ) 9. (A) Yes, it’s 10:10. (B) No, it is.

(C) No, it’s 9:50. (D) No, it’s 10:10.

( ) 10. (A) It’s on Friday night. (B) It’s at 14:30 p.m.

(C) It’s half past six. (D) It’s in the afternoon.

【Part C】請聽 CD 的對話,依據問題選出正確的答案。

( ) 11. (A) She can play the piano. (B) She can’t play music.

(C) She can play the guitar and the flute. (D) She can sing.

( ) 12. (A) Every day. (B) On Monday afternoon.

(C) On Tuesday morning. (D) On Sunday afternoon.

( ) 13. (A) It’s Bill’s birthday. (B) She can’t play baseball.

(C) It’s her father’s birthday. (D) She has no time.

( ) 14. (A) It has long ears. (B) It has small eyes.

(C) It’s big. (D) Its legs are long.

( ) 15. (A) It’s 6:30. (B) It’s 6:50.

(C) It’s 6:00. (D) It’s 6:10.

二、 綜合選擇 40% (每題2分)

( ) 16. Christmas is on Saturday. Christmas Eve(聖誕夜) is on ________.


(A) Thursday (B) Tuesday (C) Sunday (D) Friday

( ) 17. The clothes store is having a sale(拍賣). You can buy a lot of clothes at a special ________.

(A) price (B) place (C) parent (D) prize ( ) 18. Allen: Is the basketball game ________ ?

Matt: Not at all. It’s very boring.

(A) nervous (B) busy (C) exciting (D) over ( ) 19. Mr. Wu: Are your ________ at home?

Sammy: No, they aren’t. My dad is still at work, and my mom is in the supermarket(超市).

(A) neighbors (B) parents (C) schoolmates (D) fans ( ) 20. I’m ________. Can you give me some water?

(A) thirsty (B) hungry (C) funny (D) heavy ( ) 21. Soccer is my favorite ________. I really love it.

(A) sports star (B) sports car (C) sports day (D) team sport ( ) 22. Andy can play ________, and he can paint, too.

(A) a basketball (B) the chess (C) soccer (D) sport ( ) 23. The baby is ________. You can’t ________ loud.

(A) sleep; be (B) sleeping; be (C) sleeping; X (D) sleeping; are ( ) 24. Starbucks Coffee is open ________ 11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

(A) at (B) on (C) in (D) from

( ) 25. You can go to the movies ________.

(A) on Sunday night(B) in the weekend (C) in Saturday afternoon (D) at Friday night ( ) 26. My dad isn’t rich or handsome, ________ he is a good father.

(A) X (B) and (C) or (D) but

( ) 27. Two-year-old children can walk, and they ________.

(A) can’t ride a bike (B) can speak, also (C) can also speak (D) also can speak

( ) 28. Tim, ________ some snacks. You can ________ coke, too.

(A) has; drink (B) has; drinking (C) have; drinking (D)have; drink ( ) 29. ________ the computer now, and you can get a free(免費的) MP3 player.

(A) Buying (B) Can buy (C) Buy (D) You buying ( ) 30. Mr. and Mr. Hill ________ two children.

(A) have (B) has (C) is having (D) are having

( ) 31. Mom: What is your father doing?

Peter: He ________ dinner.

(A) has (B) is having (C) is hasing (D) have ( ) 32. There ________ a lot of clothes in my house.

(A) are (B) is (C) have (D)has

( ) 33. Amy: Can’t you go to Emily’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon?

Betty: ________. I have a piano class that afternoon.

(A) Yes, I can’t (B) No, I can’t (C) Yes, I can. (D) No, I can.

( ) 34. Wendy: What time is the TV show on Wednesday night?

Chris: ________.

(A) It’s half past seven. (B) It’s at 6:30 a.m.

(C) It’s at seven o’clock. (D) It’s a quarter to eight.

( ) 35. Sally: ________ can you help me with my homework?

Kate: How about Thursday?

(A) What time (B) What day (C) How (D) What

三、 克漏字測驗 10% (每題2分)

Hi! Schoolmates!

We are preparing 36 a Christmas play. We are still 37 costumes for the play. Can you give 38 your old clothes? We can use them 39 the play. Our play is 40 19:00 this Saturday. Don’t miss it!

 play戲劇 costume服裝 miss錯過

( )36. (A) on (B) at (C) with (D) for


( )37. (A) looking at (B) looking for (C) look at (D) look for

( )38. (A) us (B) I (C) they (D) we

( )39. (A) for (B) in (C) to (D) on

( )40. (A) X (B) on (C) at (D) in

四、 閱讀測驗 20% (每題2分)

Read the three ads(廣告) and answer the questions.

 teaching experience 教學經驗 lost 迷路 quiet 安靜 delivery 遞送

( )41. Luck is busy from Monday to Friday. He has a motorcycle. Which job(工作) can he do?

(A) An English teacher. (B) Looking for a cat. (C) Pizza Delivery. (D) Riding a motorcycle.

( )42. Tina wants to keep a cat. What can she do?  want 想要 keep 飼養

(A) Call Ms. Lin. (B) Call Mr. Wu. (C) Call Meow Meow. (D) E-mail Suzie.

( )43. Nana can speak English but has no teaching experience. She is busy on the weekend. Which job can she do?

(A) An English teacher. (B) Looking for a cat. (C) Pizza Delivery. (D) None.(沒有)

There are three messages on Mike’s cell phone. Read the messages and answer the questions.

( )44. What day is Vick’s mother’s birthday?

(A) On Sunday (B) On Saturday (C) On Tuesday (D) On Wednesday ( )45. Why can’t Mike’s mom have dinner with him?

(A) She is going to the movies. (B) She is still in the office. (C) She has no time. (D) She can’t cook.

( )46. Who can watch the movie, Shrek 4, with Mike?

(A) John. (B) His mother. (C) Vick. (D) Nobody.(沒有人) This is Luca’s schedule(行程表).

Mon. English test(考試) Tue. Lisa’s talent show Wed. play soccer

Thu. roller-blade

Fri. school’s sports day Happy English School

We are looking for an English teacher!

8:00 a.m.~ 4:00 p.m. Mon.~ Fri.

Love children

One or two years teaching experience

Call Mr. Wu at 0912-345678

Looking for a New Home

I’m Meow Meow.

I lost my way home.

Please come to see me and take me home.

Two years old White and yellow Quiet and clean

E-mail Suzie:

Pizza Delivery

Have a motorcycle

6:00 ~ 10:00, weekend evenings

NT$ 200/hour

Call Ms. Lin at 07-8128765

Hi, Mike. It’s John. Can you go to the movies with me?

Shrek 4 is on today. Let’s watch it! Call me.

Mike, it’s Vick. Sorry, I can’t go to your birthday party on Sunday. It’s my mom’s birthday, too.

Mike, it’s your mom. I’m still in the office. I can’t have dinner with you. Dinner is in the microwave. Cook it three minutes. Have dinner on time.


Sat. baseball game on TV Sun. go to the beach

( )47. Where can Luca go on Sunday?

(A) To school. (B) To the beach. (C) To Lisa’s talent show. (D) At home.

( )48. What sports can Luca play?

(A) He can roller-blade and play soccer. (B) He can play baseball and soccer.

(C) He can play basketball and roller-blade. (D) He can’t play any sports.

Taiwan High Speed Rail Timetable


Station\ Train No. 47 425 1143 153 531

Taipei 07:30 10:30 15:00 17:00 22:30

Banchiao 07:39 10:39 15:09 17:09 22:39

Taoyuan 07:52 10:52 --- --- 22:52

Hsinchu 08:04 11:04 --- --- 23:04

Taichung 08:30 11:30 15:52 17:52 23:27

Chiayi 08:56 11:56 --- --- ---

Tainan 09:15 12:15 --- --- ---

Zuoying 09:30 12:30 16:36 18:36 ---

 station 站

( )49. What time can the train 153 be at Taichung Station?

(A) At 15:52 (B) At 17:00 (C) At 18:36 (D) At 17:52

( )50. Sandy is going to Chiayi from Taipei. Which train can’t she take(搭)?

(A)No. 47 (B) No.425 (C) No. 1143 (D) She can take every train.


小港國中99學年度上學期第三次段考 英語科一年級解答

Part A 】

1. What are the boy and the girl doing?

(A) They are playing soccer. (B) They are playing badminton.

(C) They are playing chess. (D) They are painting.

2. What instrument can the girl play?

(A) She can play the guitar. (B) She can sing.

(C) She can play the flute. (D) She can play the violin.

3. What can the boy do?

(A) He can play music. (B) He can dance.

(C) He can roller-skate. (D) He can do Chinese kung fu.

4. What can we say about the boy?

(A) He is looking for a ball. (B) He can’t walk, but he can play basketball.

(C) He is playing computer games. (D) He is buying the tickets for a basketball game.

5. What can we say about Shrek?

(A) He has no hair. (B) He is tall and thin.

(C) He has long legs. (D) He has a small body.

Part B 】

6. Can you come over to my house on Saturday?

7. What day is your sister’s birthday?

8. Can you open the door for me?

9. Is it ten to ten now?


What time is the movie?

Part C 】



M: Can you do something for the show?

F: Yes, I can. I can play music.

M: Can you play the piano?

F: No, I can’t, but I can play the guitar and the flute.

Q: What can the girl do for the show?


M: Where can I buy a ticket for the school talent show?

F: You can buy a ticket at the school ticket office.

M: What time is the school ticket office open?

F: It’s open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

Q: When can the boy buy a ticket for the talent show?


M: Can you go to the baseball game with me

on Saturday night?

F: Sorry, I can’t. It’s my dad’s birthday.

M: Who can go with me?

F: Maybe Bill can.

Q: Why can’t the girl go to the baseball game?


M: Look! There is a little dog.

F: It has short legs.

M: Its ears are long.

F: I like its big brown eyes.

Q: What is true about the dog?


M: What time is the show?

F: It’s at six thirty.

M: Ok, we still have twenty minutes.

F: Let’s have some snacks at the coffee shop.

Q: What time is it now?

--- 01-10 BDCBA CADDB





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