Match the wordor phrasewith its meaning.1.

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Unit 1 The Lost Key ···


Unit 2 An Exciting Gift ···


Unit 3 A Scary Night ···


Unit 4 Skates and Sales ···


Unit 5 A Helping Hand ···


Unit 6 The Super Spring Sale! ··· 35

Unit 7 See You in Spring! ··· 41

Unit 8 In Today’s News ···


Unit 9 Worth Reading! ···


Unit 10 The Bicycle Catalog ··· 59

Unit 11 A National Hero ···


Unit 12 The Water Cycle ···


Unit 13 Fiction Can Be Fun! ··· 77

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Unit 15 The Hitchhiker ···


Unit 16 Welcome to the Post Office ··· 95

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Unit 18 How to Make Lemonade ···107

Unit 19 What Is Global Warming? ···113

Unit 20 An Unusual Day ···




The Lost Key


1 1

Match the word or phrase with its meaning.

1. ____ John is upset because his cat is sick.

2. ____ The dog searched for the bone for a long time.

3. ____ Check your bag. Maybe your key is in there.

4. ____ Where is the bathroom? I have to use the toilet.

5. ____ The boys ran down the hallway.

6. ____ Paul acts silly sometimes.

1. What do you think he has lost?

2. Have you ever lost anything? What was it?

3. Where did you find it?

b. foolish and funny c. sad; angry

d. make sure; see if true e.

f. looked for a.


Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. Donna, don’t be ______. You can’t eat soup with a fork!

a. silly b. alone c. near d. surprised

2. Marcia was very ______ because she failed the exam.

a. teasing b. upset c. last d. gone

3. When Dave ______ his key, he couldn’t open the door.

a. looked b. found c. lost d. searched

4. Louis walked down the long ______ to go to his classroom.

a. sight b. toilet c. hallway d. pocket

The Lost Key

Last week at school, I couldn’t find my key. It was the key to my house, so I was really worried. How could I get in? I looked for the key everywhere. I looked in my bag, in and under my desk, behind the

teacher’s desk, and near a window. I thought maybe

it was under something on my desk. So, I picked all my papers up and looked under

them. But I couldn’t find my key anywhere! I was the last student left in the class. Even the teacher was gone. My friends came down the hall and saw that I was upset, so they helped me search. I thought I left it out in the

hallway, but it wasn’t there. I was worried I lost it down the toilet! How could I ever get it back if it was down the toilet? My friends and I looked

everywhere, but we couldn’t find the key. Then, one of my friends told me to check in my pockets again. Oops! To my surprise, I found out that my

key was in my pocket! It was there all along, but out of sight. I felt very silly. Now, my friends tease me about “losing” things. They say I can


even see things right in front of me!




(217 words)


Choose the best answer.

1. What is the main idea of the reading?

a. Losing something b. Feeling upset c. Helping friends d. Searching in pockets 2. What did the boy’s friends do?

a. They helped search for the key.

b. They laughed at the funny story.

c. They took the boy’s key.

d. They upset the boy.

3. Where was the boy’s key?

a. Under his desk b. In his pocket c. Behind a box d. In the hallway

4. What does “it” refer to in line 4 of the reading?

a. The desk b. The floor c. The window d. The key

Fill in the blank with the correct word.

near under in for

1. I looked ___________ my desk. It was not on the floor.

2. I checked ___________ the door. It wasn’t there.

3. I searched ___________ my keys in the classroom.

4. I looked ___________ my pockets. I found them!



Fill in the blank with the correct word.

The boy was 1____________. He 2____________

his key. He 3____________ everywhere for it. He checked in his classroom and in the 4____________.

He even looked for it in the toilet. His friends came and helped him look. He finally found the key in his

pocket and felt very 5____________.

 out of sight

The car drove away and was quickly out of sight.

 down the (hall / street / road)

I live down the street from Evan’s house.

 right (beside / above / in front of / behind)

Jean thought Kenny was gone, but he was right in front of her.

Fill in the blank with the correct phrase. Change the form of the words if necessary.

1. It is so dark! I can’t see my hand ____________________ of me.

2. The school office is ____________________ hall.

3. “Where’s Emma?” “She’s ____________________, under the blanket.”

searched lost hallway

upset silly


Using your notes, write your story in complete sentences.

Have you ever lost something?

Write some notes.









What did you lose?


Listen to the dialog and take notes.

I Lost It!

Story Summary

Arthur lost his _______ _______

book. He felt very ________. He looked for it in the ________ and in his ________, but he couldn’t find it. Finally, he checked in his _______ _______. There it was!

What did Arthur lose?


How did he feel?


Where did he look?


Finally, where did he find it?


Listen again and check your notes.

How did you feel?


Where did you look?


Finally, where did you find it?


Use your notes to fill in the blanks.


Look at the dialog. Fill in the blank with the correct choice.

Now practice with a partner. Make your own answers.

A 1_____________________________________

B 2_____________________________________ Will you help me look for it?

A Sure. Where did you look for it?

B I looked in 3_____________________________________.

A Did you check in the classroom or near the window?

B Yes.

A Well, let’s keep looking.

B I found it! It was 4_____________________________________!

Choose the correct word or phrase.

1. My ball was behind the door, just ________.

a. out of sight b. found c. lost d. was gone

2. Jessica walked down the ________ to go to her bedroom.

a. hallway b. nature c. planet d. toilet

3. Mom ________ my video game. She said I played too much!

a. took care of b. took away c. was tied at d. got through 4. I ________ everywhere for my puppy. She was under my bed!

a. went over to b. left c. searched d. drove

a. the hallway and under my desk b. I lost my book bag.

c. behind the door d. What’s the matter?




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