Discrete Mathematics(Department of Mathematics)

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Discrete Mathematics(Department of Mathematics)

Instructor: Prof. Wen-Ching Lien, Math 311, wlien@mail.ncku.edu.tw

Office Hours: Thursday 8:10-9 am (or by appointment).

Text: ”Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics”, by Ralph P. Grimaldi.

( 5th Edition. )

Schedule: This course is to introduce the fundamentals of Discrete Mathematics. A primary reason for studying the material is the abundance of applications in the field of computer science. In addition, there are also applications in engineering and the physical and life sciences. We will cover the following chapters during the Autumn semester:

Ch1 : 1.1 − 1.4, Ch2 : 2.1 − 2.4 Ch3 : 3.3 − 3.4, Ch4 : 4.1 − 4.5 Ch5 : 5.1 − 5.7, Ch7 : 7.1 − 7.4 Ch9 : 9.1 − 9.5, Ch10 : 10.1 − 10.4 Recitation schedule: Tuesday 11-12 am

Homework: Homework assignments will be distributed in class. For each lecture’s material we will assign a number of problems to be handed in. You may collaborate on homework problems but must write up your own solutions. Late homework is not accepted.

Exam: The course will have two exams including the final exam. The midterm exam will be given in class. Tests will be closed book and no calculators. You may reschedule an exam in case of documented illness or family emergency or documented University sponsored trips.

Grading Policy: The final grade will be determined by your performance on the homework and the three exams, according to the following algorithm:

Homework: 30%

Midterm Exam: 30%

Final Exam: 40%

Attendance: You should be aware that I consider every student responsible for everything that occurs in our classroom during every class period. Whether you attend at all is your choice. Whether you arrive late or leave early is your choice. But if you miss any announcements, any handouts, any assignments given, or any material covered, it is your responsibility.






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