銘傳大學九十二學年度轉學生招生考試 七月二十六日 第二節 英文 試題



銘傳大學九十二學年度轉學生招生考試 七月二十六日 第二節

英文 試題

I. Vocabulary: Choose the best answer. 40%

1. A lot of people were under _________ because of SARS A. cover B. observation C. control D. quarantine 2. SARS stands for Severe Acute Respiratory ______.

A. Symptoms B. Syndrome C. Systems D. Sickness 3. It’s so hot. You had better put on _____ when you go out.

A. a mask B. some sunscreen C. some makeup D. a helmet 4. What’s the _________ of your team? A whale.

A. mascot B. puppet C. representative D. idol

5. I really enjoy _______ because I can see fish and coral reefs.

A. swimming B. water skiing C. snorkeling D.sunbathing 6. You have to handle this antique vase with care. It’s very _______.

A. weak B.fragile C.crispy D.light

7. Havard University is one of America’s most _____ schools.

A. precious B.expensive C.difficult D.prestigious 8. The police took drastic ______ against the criminals.

A. methods B. ways C. measures D. policies.

9. Workers who do a good job, have a good attitude and work hard will be ________.

A. promoted B. recommended C. applauded D. treated 10. Could I have _______ of 400 film?

A. a box B. a carton C. a piece D. a roll

11. News reporters like to interview Mr. Wong because his answer to their questions are always honest and ________.

A. farfetched B. succinct C. scanty D. effusive 12. Nowadays many cars are _______ with air bags.

A. built in B. packed C. equipped D. prepared

13. A: Why don’t you come over to my place tonight? B:I’d love to built I cant’.

Can you give me _____ ?

A. a ride B. your address C. some advice D. a rain check

14. Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents marched to protest an anti-subversion law they fear will _____ local freedoms of speech, press and assembly.


A. undermine B. disclose C. unfold D. unveil

15. It’s very difficult for John to ________ a new environment.

A. adapt to B. adopt to C. adjust D. alter

16. Mary was in relief when the doctor told her the tumor turned out to be _____.

A. benevolent B. beneficial C. advantageous D. benign

17. Mr. Li is an unforgiving person; he has been known to hold ___ for many years.

A. rage B. hatred C. a grudge D. anger

18. Are you parents strict with you? Yes, they give me an 11:00 pm ______. If I’m late, they’ll be angry with me.

A. limit B. curfew C. permission D. admission 19. I like to eat some _____ Italian food tonight.

A. original B. authentic C. primitive D. native.

20. My boy friend hated that I was so _____, worrying about problems that he said weren’t even problems yet.

A. uptight B. prudent C. cautious D. conscious

Ⅱ. Grammer: Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences. 20%

21. I didn’t know you were here; otherwise I ____ to meet you.

A. would come B. had come C. would have come D. must have come

22. A: I’m sure you met Mary Smith at the party last night. B: I don’t remember her.

What ________ ?

A. was she wearing B. did she wear C. had she worn D. has she worn

23. The rain ____ heavily, the old lady regretted that she hadn’t brought her umbrella.

A. was falling B. had been falling C. had fallen D. having been falling.

24. A: Would you mind if I ____ the window? I’d really rather you _____.

A. open, don’t B. opened, didn’t C. close, not D. closed, hadn’t

25. Our government is committed _____ improving the economy of our country.

A. with B. to C. in D. of

26. Prepared within a few minutes, _______.

A. my dinner was not so delicious.

B. I could hardly gulp down my dinner.

C. There was only one dish for my dinner.

D. I had to finish my dinner very quickly

27. It’s ______ that you’ll have to work overtime quite often in his job.

A. worth mentioning B. worth to mention C. worthwhile mentioning D. worthy mentioning.

28. I have two roommates, ______.

A. neither of then is friendly.


B. none of them are friendly.

C. each of them is friendly.

D. neither of whom is friendly.

29. Mark admitted ______ by the unexpected birthday party last night.

A. to be surprised B. to have been surprised C. being surprised D. surprised.

30. If I _______ breakfast several hours age. I _______ hungry now.

A. have eaten, am not B. had eaten, would not be C. ate, will not be D. had eaten, would not have been.

Ⅲ. Close test: Choose the best answer. 40%


How do we learn? What influences the speed ____31____ learning takes place?

Questions such as these ___32___ in the scientific community since the time of Plato and ancient Greece.

In this century, countless experiments have been conducted ___33___ we might unravel the mysteries of the learning process. Researchers such as Pavlov, Thorndike, and Skinner __34__ with animals in order to better understand __35__. Psychologists such as Piaget and Carl Rogers have done __36__ research with children to see how they acquire knowledge.

__37__ there is still a great of uncertainty about learning, research __38__

continue. If learning is completely understood, the possibility will exist to influence and perhaps even to control the learning process and, by extension, the mind itself.

31. A. that B. with that C. which D. with which.

32. A. were debated B. had been debated C. have been debated D. debated.

33. A. because B. so that C. therefore D. and

34. A. have experimented B. have worked C. have played D. have fought.

35. A. animal behaviors B. human behaviors C. human learning D. animal learning.

36. A. expensive B. persuasive C. intensive D. extensive 37. A. Although B. Because C. Where D. However.

38. A. is likely to B. is not likely to C. is not going to D. should.


Animals living in modern zoos enjoy several advantages ___39___ animals in the wild; ___40___, they must also suffer some disadvantages. One advantage of living in captivity is that the animals are separated from their natural ___41___; they are protected and can, therefore, live without risk of being attacked. Another advantage is that they are regularly fed a(n) ___42___ diet; thus, they ___43___ hunt for food or suffer times when food is hard to find. Furthermore, ___44___ give them regular checkups, and whenever the animals are sick, they give them prompt medical


attention. Because all of their needs are taken care of, most zoo animals are healthy and contented. ___45___, zoo animals face several distinct disadvantages. The most important disadvantage is that ___46___ they ___47___ hunt for food or face their enemies, some animals become bored, discontented, and even nervous. Another disadvantage is that zoo visitors can ___48___ their lives. Some animals can pick up airborne diseases from humans ___49___ they are protected by glass walls.

Furthermore, visitors often throw human food or garbage at the animals in modern zoos live in safe, artificial habitants, life in captivity brings with it a whole set of dangers. However, zoo professionals and workers always work hard to keep these animals healthy and contented, and the public should also cooperate fully in that effort.

39. A. than B. over C. to D. with

40. A. as a result B. but C. however D. likewise

41. A. environment B. forefathers C. instincts D. predators

42. A. unique but tasteless B. common but delicious C. special, well-balanced D.


43. A. don’t have to B. have to C. are eager to D. must not 44. A. veterinarians B. physicians C. surgeons D. must not

45. A. On the contrary B. Besides C. Unlikely D. On the other hand.

46. A. X B. if C. since D. when

47. A. must B. do not have to C. are forced to D. are not going to 48. A. support B. change C. endanger D. save

49. A. if B. when C. because D. unless.

50. A. Finally B. Moreover C. Last but not least D. In brief.






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