(D) It was a magic show.

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新北市立新莊國中 106 學年度第 1 學期第 1 次段考 8 年級語文(英語)領域試題卷 班座號 姓名


壹、 聽力測驗

一、根據問句,選出適當的回應句 10%

1. (A) We had some local food there.

(B) It’s delicious!

(C) Brown sugar cake.

(D) It was a magic show.

2. (A) I went there with my parents.

(B) I took a train there.

(C) I visited my grandparents there.

(D) I didn’t have any problem there.

3. (A) Last Saturday.

(B) He began his concert in 2013.

(C) He won an award.

(D) Around the world.

4. (A) Because I had a sweet tooth.

(B) Because I had to check my car.

(C) Because It was very cold.

(D) Because I caught a cold.

5. (A) They parked their car near my school.

(B) They baked a cake for me.

(C) They carried the trash to the truck (D) They went to the doctor’s office.

二、聽對話短文,根據其內容回答問題 10%

1. (A) By plane. (B) By ferry. (C) By bike. (D) On foot.

2. (A) Tina’s sister. (B) Stacy’s sister.

(C) Jam’s sister. (D) Stacy and Jam.

3. (A) He slept in the bathroom.

(B) He slept in the hospital.

(C) His neck hurt so much.

(D) His leg hurt so much.

4. (A) He hurt his head. (B) He broke his leg.

(C) His teeth hurt. (D) He hurt his stomach.

5. (A) It is raining now.

(B) The rain stopped five minutes ago.

(C) It is not a good weather now.

(D) It rained five minutes ago.

三、根據短文內容回答問題,正確的寫 T,

錯誤的寫 F 10%

1. David woke up at eight o’clock.

2. David didn’t eat breakfast.

3. David went to school by taxi

4. David’s father told him to go home.

5. It was not David’s day.

四、文意字彙 20%

1. He joined a summer camp in his summer v_______n.

2. Her father worked in Japan s_______l years ago.

3. Our basketball players won many p______es this year.

4. Tom visited his new n______r and they talked much about their houses.

5. Open your m_____h when the doctor checks your teeth.

6. There are many i__________g stories in that book.

7. The singer has a sore t______t and she can’t sing today.

8. Jason’s parents gave him some a_______e about his gift for music.

9. A: Why does Mr. Lin eat h_______rs for lunch every day?

B: Because he is always busy.

10. They often i______e their friends to their house for dinner.

五、文法測驗 14%

1. A: Where _____ Mary _____ from? B: Canada.

(A) do, come (B) does, come (C) is, comes (D) does, is

2. A: Who cut the finger? B: ________.

(A) He does. (B) He cuts. (C) He did. (D) He cut.

3. _______ you at home last night?

(A) Was (B) Were (C) does (D) did



新北市立新莊國中 106 學年度第 1 學期第 1 次段考 8 年級語文(英語)領域試題卷 班座號 姓名


4. Peter had too much pork ______ he was hungry.

(A) because (B) ,because (C) so (D) ,so

5. _______ the boy got home, he saw a little dog at his door.

(A) Because (B) But (C) When (D) So

6. Because Mike got up late, _______ he came to school by taxi this morning.

(A) so (B) but (C) and (D) ×

7. Sue’s mother gave ___________ last week.

(A) her a cellphone.

(B) her it.

(C) a cellphone for her.

(D) it for her.

六、填入正確的動詞變化 7%

Yesterday _1_ (be) my birthday. The day before yesterday, I _2_ (mop) the floor and _3_ (buy) some food for my birthday party. On my birthday, my friends and I _4_ (eat) and _5_

(drink) a lot at my party. They _6_ (sing) the Happy Birthday song and _7_ (bring) many gifts to me. We had a great time.

七、閱讀測驗 8%

Tom Cruise is a superstar in *Hollywood. People like to see his movies. When Tom was seven, he had a *learning problem --“Dyslexia”. During Tom’s early years, he couldn’t read and spell, and he even couldn’t make any friends.

However, his learning problem didn’t stop him. Tom’s mother was a special *education teacher and she helped Tom a lot.

Tom’s knee got hurt when he played soccer in high school.

Tom couldn’t play soccer anymore, so he learned to *act. He showed his gift for acting. He became popular in his first movie in 1986 and won Golden Globe Awards in1989, 1996 and 1999.


Hollywood 好萊塢 learning 學習的 education 教育 act 表演 


1. What does “Dyslexia” mean(意思)?

(A) An eating problem. (B) An acting problem.

(C) A reading problem. (D) A listening problem.

2. Who helped Tom Cruise about his learning problem?

(A) Tom’s father. (B) Tom’s mother.

(C) Tom’s teacher. (D) Tom’s friends.

3. Why did Tom Cruise learn to act?

(A) He has a learning problem.

(B) He liked to see movies.

(C) He couldn’t read and spell in high school.

(D) He hurt his knee and couldn’t play soccer.

4. Which is true about Tom Cruise?

(A) Tom’s learning problem didn’t stop him.

(B) Tom became popular in 1989.

(C) Tom showed his gift for playing soccer.

(D) Tom made many friends at school.

八、依提示作答 7%

1. today / sunny / a / What / day ! (重組成正確句子) 2. Because Leo had to study, he didn’t go to the movie.


3. Mr. White drew this picture last night.


九、整句式翻譯 14%







新北市立新莊國中 106 學年度第一學期八年級第一次段考英語科試題答案


*  聽力測驗: (三大題,共 30%)    (每題 2 分)

一、B C A D B    二、B A C D B      三、F T T F T 

*紙筆測驗: (六大題,共  70%) 

四、  文意字彙 20% (每題 2 分)

1.  2.  3. 4. 5. 

vacation  several  prizes  neighbor  mouth 

6..  7.  8.  9.  10. 

interesting  throat  advice  hamburgers invite 

五、文法測驗 14%    (每題 2  分)  1~5    BCBAC      6~7    DA 

六、填入正確的動詞變化 7% (每題 1 分)

1. was      2. mopped    3. bought      4. ate      5. drank    6. sang      7. Brought 

七、閱讀測驗 8%    (每題 2  分)  C B D A 

八、依提示作答 7% 分段式給分,一段給一分  1. What / a sunny / day today! (3%) 

2. Why didn’t / Leo go to the movie? (2%)  3. Who drew / this picture last night? (2%)  九、翻譯  14%  分段式給分,一段給一分 

1. Many (A lot of/Lots of) volunteers / worked(work) in the heat,    / but they laughed(laugh) / a lot. (4%) 

2. Do you / have any plan(s)/ for this weekend? (3%)  3. Everything / is fine / except your knee. (3%) 

4. Be careful / about the fast food / and stay away from / French fries.   



新北市立新莊國中 106 學年度第一學期八年級第一次段考英語科聽力稿 一、根據問句,選出適當的回應句 10%

1. How’s the local food in Penghu?

2. What did you do during your stay in Kaohsiung?

3. When did Jam’s new album come out?

4. Why did you go to see a doctor last week?

5. How did your parents celebrate your birthday?

二、聽對話短文,根據其內容回答問題 10%

1. Man: How did you go to Penghu?

Woman: I took a plane there, and then I took a ferry to Cimei island. I rode a bike around the island. I also walked on the beach in Wang-an.

Question: How did the woman go to Cimei island?

2. Boy: Tina, what did you do last weekend?

Girl: My sister gave me two tickets to Jam’s concert. Stacy and I went to the concert, and we had a good time. Jam gave us a magic show and even shook hands with us!

Question: Who gave Tina tickets to Jam’s concert?

3. Woman: What’s wrong with you?

Man: I fell in the bathroom and hurt my neck and leg. My family sent me to the hospital. My neck hurt so much and I didn’t sleep well last night.

Question: Why didn’t the man sleep well?

4. Man: Dr. Lee, I had dinner at the party, and then I didn’t feel well.

Doctor: What did you eat at the party?

Man: Two pieces of apple pie, two cups of milk tea, and three beef hamburgers.

Doctor: You had a stomach problem.

Question: What problem did the man have?

5 .A: Mom, can I go out with my friend?

B: How’s the weather now? Is it raining? I think you should wait for a good weather.

A: It isn’t raining now. The rain stopped five minutes ago.

Question: Which is true?

三、根據短文內容回答問題,正確的寫 T,錯誤的寫 F 10%

This morning, I woke up at seven thirty and was almost late for school. I didn’t eat my breakfast and went to school by taxi. When I ran into my classroom, it was eight o’clock, but I didn’t see any students in the classroom.

My mother just came and told me, “David, go home! Today is Sunday!” Oh,

today was really not my day!




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