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Academic year: 2022

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107 年 APEC業務英文核稿及編撰相關工作」


一、 需求人員:本國籍或外籍英文核稿人員 1 名。

Job Recruitment: In-house English Editor/Translator

二、 資格條件:


 精通中、英文(聽、說、讀、寫)母語為英語之外籍人士,或本 國籍具 5 年以上英語翻譯 ( 含口譯 ) 工作經驗者。

An English native speaker, with proficiency in English/Mandarin writing, listening, speaking, and reading or National labor with at last 5-years-experience in English translation (including Interpretation)

 學士以上學歷,嫻熟亞太經濟合作組織( APEC )各項會議、

論壇、委員會及工作小組之運作(具 APEC 相關文件翻譯工作

經驗者佳),另須熟悉我與各國雙邊經貿業務、國際經貿情勢及 國際組織發展情形並具備電腦文書處理能力。

Graduated from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree or above in any field

 Work related skills, knowledge, or experience in APEC (meetings, forums, committees, working groups, etc.) OR an equivalent combination of education and experience which demonstrates the ability to perform satisfactorily in the position



 Good computer skills in MS office

 Possesses knowledge of Taiwan economic/trade affairs, global economic development, and how international/multilateral organizations operate

 Preferably has experience in translating APEC documents

三、 工作時間:

Working Hours:

( 一 ) 履約期間內之上班日每日均需上班,每日工作時數不低於 4

小時,工作時間為週一至週五,每週 5 天。除另有規定外,本

局依各級主管機關公布彈性調整上班、放假時間者,廠商須配合 本局之上班時間履約。

This position is office-based, and requires attendance in the office every working day from Monday to Friday. Working hours are flexible with a minimum requirement of 4 hours in the office. Working days are subject to potential changes in the national holiday schedule, and said schedule should be accommodated.

( 二 ) 廠商之請假須以書面向機關提出申請,經機關同意後,始得


Temporary leave or days off must be formally applied for in advance from the Bureau.

四、 工作內容:



化社會及其他相關專業知識,負責我國政府與APEC 官方組織及


文稿之翻譯、編撰、潤飾、諮詢及其他有關業務,以正式及高階之 英語完整無誤表述我國政府所欲傳達資訊,並須以中文與本局工作 同仁針對工作內容等進行討論及溝通。

The position requires constant application of knowledge related to economy and trade, international politics, international

organizations, foreign affairs, human resources, cultural society, and other related professional skills. Main responsibilities of the


position revolve around editing and proofreading formal-English documents that aid in communicating with APEC counterparts

and other organizations, and properly proofreading a large number of documents related to specialized topics in APEC. An eye for detail is necessary to ensure original document material is

communicated correctly. Said work not only requires advanced level English skills, but also requires fluent speaking and writing

skills in Mandarin Chinese in order to discuss work tasks with colleagues.

其工作內容扼要臚列如下 :

Substance of daily work load is outlined below:

( 一 ) 協助處理亞太經濟合作組織(APEC )及我與各國雙邊經貿

業務英文文書工作,包括依照 APEC 要求之格式進行文件之編


Work tasks include editing, drafting, and retouching professional documents in accordance with APEC format requirements, as well as editing speech and announcement documents.

( 二 ) 協助核稿、潤飾本局經貿相關文件,包含雙邊及多邊經貿議


Work tasks also include editing and proofreading economic and trade documents related to bilateral and multilateral trade


( 三 ) 其他重要英文文件之翻譯及處理,包含邀請函、與國外對口

單位之書信往來內容編撰、潤稿等,以及配合本局其他之英文文 件工作要求。

On occasion, other tasks will include translating and editing documents in line with work requirements set by the Bureau, including invitation letters, and email correspondence with overseas partners.

五、 工作報酬:

Salary range :

採按「時」計酬方式(不滿 1 小時者,不予計入),實際金額議


價決定。廠商可自由針對時薪報價,惟請參考本局總經費在新臺幣 900,000 元 ( 以 12 個月計算 ) 以內,且履約期間不得提早結束,

換算 1 個月工作時數約 133個小時。

the hourly rate shall be quoted freely in the tender, however, the salary quote can be roughly calculated by referencing our remaining annual budget, (900,000 NTD/12 month), the required monthly working hours (133 hrs), and the required working days.

六、 契約期間:

Contract period :

自 107年 月 日起至 107年 12 月 31 日止。自契約起始日起 3 個月為試用期間,試用期間機關得視廠商之工作表現決定是否續用,


Begins from the date the contract is signed to December 31, 2018. There is a three-month trial period beginning from the date the contract is signed. Before the trial period ends, the Bureau reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately without the permission of the contractor. The contractor does not hold the

right to object or the right to appeal.

七、 工作地點:臺北市湖口街 1 號。

八、 投標廠商請檢附下列文件:

( 一 ) 中、英文履歷表各 1 份。

( 二 ) 學歷證件影本 1 份 ( 三 ) 報價單 1 份。

( 四 ) 投標廠商聲明書 1 份。

( 五 ) 保密切結書1 份

( 六 ) 本國籍人士請檢附身分證影本 1 份;非本國籍人士請檢

附護照影本及中華民國外僑居留證影本各 1 份。

( 七 ) 本國籍人士請檢附具有承作能力之證明 ( 工作經歷證

明或翻譯作品 ( 形式不拘 ) 證明 ) 1 份


If any discrepancy arises between the English translation and the original Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.



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為順利完成民間參與營運「台北世界貿易中心展覽大樓暨台北 國際會議中心」目標,借重專業服務廠商規劃能力,爰依據「政 府採購法」第 22 條第 1 項第 9

(2) 勾稽公協會是否同時向貿易局及其他政府機關申請同項補助 案件:審理公協會補助申請案及核銷案時,透過「民間團體

(三) 第三章:廠商規模及履約能力 1、 近 5 年相關專案之經驗或實績 2、 公司整體說明、財務及商譽 3、 公司資源及支援能力.

經濟部國際貿易局 局長 江文若 2021年3月12日..

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