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2015-2016 The Last Train


Academic year: 2022

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The Last Train


故事大綱 Synopsis

一條窮鄉僻壤的村庄,一間矗立了三十二年的鄉村學校。由於城市發展急促,令到鄉村人數 日漸稀少。村裡的孩子亦慢慢搬離,學校的歡笑聲亦漸漸少了。

Far away in a remote village, there was a village school that had been there for 32 years.

Because of the rapid urban development, the population has been decreasing. Most of the children had moved out. There was less laughter.

在開學禮當天校長正式宣佈最後一位老師沈老師提前退休,省市亦安排新任老師替任,正當 大家議論紛紛之際,校長發表那令人晴天霹靂的消息。因省市新規定每班以六人為準才能得 到資助,所以開學禮亦是結業禮。眾人得知後反應不一,但唯一的共同的想法,並不想就此 結束小學生涯。他們一行五人結陪遊行,引起大眾關注,爭取到為期一個月的期限,若能集 合到六人便能完成那小學生涯。

In the school opening ceremony, the principal announces that she, Miss Shen, t is going to retire early. There will be a new teacher from the province. When everyone is discussing this, the principal announces another piece of bad news. A new regulation requires the school to recruit at least six students before the subsidy is granted. The school opening ceremony, hence, becomes the end of term ceremony. Though everyone reacts differently, they all have one aim. They do not want to end their school life like this. The five students go to protest together. It arouses public concern. They succeed in getting a month’s extension to the deadline. They try their best to recruit one more student.

為著學習原故,他們組成名叫「五小福」 ,務求在期限前找到最後一位學生。

小孩有小孩的問題,大人世界也面對不同的困難。村子�的小店遭到地產霸權收地,一間讓 街坊閒坐清談的小士多「良心士多」,亦要面臨倒閉危機,究竟士多老闆容姨如何化危為 機?

各人帶著不同的心情,有被迫的、有無奈的、有想放棄的,最終學校的命運如何呢?原來關 鍵在那新任老師身上,一個充滿歡笑與淚水的故事。



In order to continue to study, the five kids name themselves the " Fortunate Five" , hoping to recruit the sixth student before the deadline. The kids have their own problems. Adults have different difficulties. At the same time, other villagers are threatened by property control. They are forced to sell their land to the authorities. " Happy Store', a small shop where villagers like to chat is being closed down. How can the shopkeeper Auntie Beauty turn the crisis into an opportunity?


角色表 (Characters)

洛雲校長 Principal Lauren 沈校長 Principal Shen 彭市長 Mayor Pang 鄭哲(助手) Jing (assistant) 容姨 Auntie Beauty 神婆 Fortune teller 賣菜妹 Grocer

大姐琼 King Kong(Big Sister ) 扭計積 Jigsaw Jack

驚青玲 Shy Ling 大聲貴 Roar Roger

為食琪(韋奕琪) Greedy Grace 夏風鈴 Summer


第一場 起點缐也是終點缐

Scene 1: The starting line VS the finishing line

SQ1(輕音樂入,燈漸亮,看見一個男孩從台右步入,手裡拿着一個銅鈴,他大大力地搖動 著)

SQ1(Relaxing music, light fades in, a boy walks onto stage from the right. He is holding a bell and he is ringing it.)


Roar Roger: Ring1Ring! Ring! Back to school! Back to school! ( Some students dash onto stage from all directions.)


KK: Luckily, I am not late. Long time no see! How are you, everybody?


Roar Roger: Hey! Not that long. Our village is so small. Everyone sees everyone every day! ( King Kong gets angry.)


Shy Ling: Calm down, KK. Do you want to shout at anyone?

琪:咪係囉,你唔記得尋日先喺士多一齊玩咩?容姨,仲請咗我哋食糖忝。(擺出一副為食 樣)

Greedy Grace: Shy Ling is right. Like yesterday, we were playing together at

Happy Store. Remember, Auntie Beauty gave us some candies. ( A greedy look)


Shy Ling: Oh! The bell has rung. Line up straight. Otherwise, we will be told off by Principal Shen.

積:傻啦!我咁醒目,一眼關七,校長嚟咗我點會唔知喎!校長!(積望向台右,眾人立即 站好,卻發現積整蠱他們)

Jigsaw jack: Silly! I am so clever. If Principal Shen comes, why don't I know! PRINCIPAL SHEN! ( Jack looks to the right. Everyone is lining up. They are tricked.)



KK: Hey! How can you play such a silly game? You scared me! Principal Shen!


Jigsaw Jack: Do you think you can play a trick on me?


Principal Shen: ( Clear her throat) What do you think, Jack? I am thinking of punishing you by making you stand in the playground! Line up NOW!


All: Good morning, Principal Shen. ( All standing properly)

沈:各位同學今日喺我哋德誠學校第三十二屆開學禮,首先喺度宣布兩件事,第一今日 喺我最後一日做你哋嘅校長(眾人嘩然,沈舉手示意安靜),因為我都夠時間退休啦。第二件 事就係市政府派咗一位新嘅校長老師嚟接替我,呢位就係洛雲校長,我的俾啲掌聲佢!(洛 從台左入)

Principal Shen: I am here to inform everybody that the opening ceremony of Tak Shing School is going to begin now. I am here to announce two things: first,

today is the last day I will work here.

(Everyone is showing excitement. Principal Shen raises her hand to show 'Keep silent')

It's time for my retirement. Second, the government has sent you a new principal to replace me. And she is Principal Lauren. Give her a big hand.

( Miss Lauren walks onto the stage from the left).

洛:各位同學你哋好,我就係你哋嘅校長老師,希望大家新一年可以好好學習。(此時一個 硬磞著面的人由台右入,助手跟入)

Lauren: Good morning, children. I am your new principal. I am Miss Lauren, your teacher- principal. In the coming year, I really hope that everyone can try their best. (At the same time, the Mayor comes from stage right, followed by an assistant.)


Mayor Pang: No no no! you DON'T have a new YEAR!


Shen: Mr Pang: I don't understand. ( Mayor holds out his hands. Assistant Jing seems to not understand)



Mayor Pang: Give me the LETTERS! ( Jing passes him some letters.) STUPID! The government has ordered the suspension of your school-Tak Shing School.

( Everyone murmurs.)


Shen: Why does everything happen so suddenly?


Mayor Pang: It is not SUDDEN. You school cannot recruit enough students every year.

The numbers are GOING DOWN. You could predict this day coming!


Lauren: We have five students this year. It just fits the requirement of the government.


Shen: Sorry, Miss Lauren, it has changed. The minimum requirement is six. ( Pass the letter and look disappointed)


Lauren: It has changed?! There should be a way out! We can talk. Please think about the children.

彭:叫啲學生自行散去,佢哋啲父母會搞掂架嘞!至於洛校長你啦喎,市政府會安排你去第 二度任教,有得做,咪做住先囉,你唔係唔做吖!

Mayor Pang: You can ask the students to find a new school. Their parents can help! And you! The government will arrange a new job for you. You need to earn a living! Right!


Shyling: Mr Pang, does it mean we have no school to study in? ( Want to cry)


Myor Pang: I didn't say that. IF you can find SIX students, you can carry on with your studies. ( leave with a cold smile)



Shen: Miss Lauren, I'm so sorry. If I had been informed earlier, I would not have invited you to come. I'm really sorry.


Lauren: It's not your fault. I think I can help!


Roar Riger: So what are we doing now? If there are no lessons, I’m going home.


Shyling: If my dad and mum find out that there is no school, they will force me to work in the field.


Greedy Grace: I'm very hungry now! ( Everyone leaves in various directions)

琼:大家唔好咁啦,不如諗下辦法啦!(眾人仍然離去)我想讀書吖!(眾人停)讀書識字先至 有將來吖!

Big Sister: Please stay. We can think of a way! ( Others still leaving) I WANT SCHOOL!

(Everyone stops) Education can change our fate, our future!


Lauren: KK, you are right. But...


Jack: Wait! Our Mayor Mr Pang said that if we can find the sixth student and we can carry on with our studies in this school. We can...!


All: Find a sixth student.


Shyling: But I'm afraid....



Jack: Be brave! We are all together here! Remember, our name ' Fortunate Five'

眾:五小福吖嘛!(五人向台左離場,剩下兩位校長老師,洛望向沈,沈無奈的搖頭,洛跟 著出,音樂入,燈暗)SQ2

All: Fortunate Five ! ( Five of them leave from Stage left, leaving behind two teachers.

They look at one another is desperation. Music in, light fades in.)

第二場 五福甘行

Scene 2: The Five Fortune

(一眾五小福從台下遊行般走出,有的從台上出,此時眾村民可以出,讓五人穿插增加聲 援,及轉動佈景,最後眾人停在《良心士多》歇息。)

( A protest of five walks onto the stage. Some from the store. Some are among the villagers. Setting into a store.)


Roar Roger: We have been walking for the whole day, BUT in vain.

青:我咪就係話驚搵唔到學生囉,仲揾咗幾日㖭。其實我哋一早都應該諗到,成條村得果百 幾人,一半以上係老人家,剩低嘅都係大人,全村得番我哋五個細路咋,所以咪叫五小福 囉!

ShyLing: I'm afraid we cannot find a sixth student. It has been days. In fact, everything is clear. There are a hundred villagers, Half of them are old people. The

others are adults. There are only five children. And we are all here. The ' Fortunate Five'.


Jack: I just saw that Auntie Ling is expecting a baby. With the baby, there are six of us.

Aren’t I clever?


KK: The baby hasn’t been born yet. How can it have a seat at school?



Jack: This is called Prenatal education.


Lauren: Don't give up. Maybe there are new comers. Maybe... It's not the end.


Greedy Grace: Miss Lauren, do you feel hungry?


Lauren: Oh yes, a bit! We have been walking all day without eating. We can..


Greedy Grace: We can go to Auntie Beauty's shop! Thank you, Principal Lauren.


Lauren: You are welcome!


All: Auntie Beauty, we are here to help! ( Take out a board)


Auntie Beauty: You guys again! Do you want food or to play a game? ( Laughing)


Sister: Auntie Beauty, I want candies.


Auntie beauty: As usual.


ShyLing and Grace: Yes, madam! ( Run to the board and write 'happiness') 容:呢兩個乜嘢字嚟架?(拿糖給二人)

Auntie beauty: What does that mean? ( Give the kids some candies)



Lauren: Happiness.


Aunite: You are...


Lauren: I am Miss Lauren-the new teacher principal

容:你就係果個做一日就要走嘅校長吖?後生女,時也命也,趁後生嗱嗱聲去第二度發展 囉。

Auntie: I see! You are the principal who just works for one day and must leave. Young lady, there is always something that we cannot control. You are still young, leave and find another job in the city.

洛:容姨,我都係想幫班細路啫!就好似你咁請佢哋食嘢氹佢哋開心,仲叫佢哋寫字俾你 睇,希望佢哋多啲練習!

Lauren: Auntie Beauty, I have come to help. Just like you, you always make them happy.

You ask them to spell words. I know! You want them to practise more.

容:其實我都係想借啲意讀書識字啫,我哋細個窮冇錢讀書,開間舖頭仔都係為兩餐。我都 唔想下一代好似我咁盲字都唔識多個!

Auntie: Let's just say this! I want to learn. I came from a poor family. When I was young, I was not sent to school. I am lucky to have this shop. At least, I can earn two meals. I don't want to see that our next generation is illiterate.


Roger: I know the word' illiterate'. I can teach you.

眾:喂!(眾人望向貴,貴伸一伸脷) All: Sh...


Auntie: But a pity! My shop is going to be closed down. ( looking desperately) 眾:「良心士多」要執?


All: Happy Store is going to be closed down!

容:都唔係叫執嘅,彭市長拎張合約話要收咗呢幅地之後,就喺隔離街俾番個舖位我開果啲 唔知乜鬼便利店喎!

Auntie: The reason is our new Mayor, Mr Pang wants to buy this piece of land. He wants to improve the facilities here. In the next street, there is a convenience shop.


KK: Auntie Beauty, I don't want that convenience shop. I want to come to your store..


All: yes, me too. Me too. ( All crowd around Auntie Beauty)


Auntie: I love you all.


Lauren: Auntie Beauty, you have the right to keep this piece of land. You don't need to close your shop. Have you signed the contract?


Auntie: I don't know how to read or write. I just know 'yes', 'no', and 'I don't know'.


Lauren: If you don't mind, can I have a look at the contract?


SQ3 ( tense music, everyone leave, light change, Miss Lauren is writing a letter.)


第三場 家書與大祠堂 Ancestral hall


(Music changes into sad mood. Miss Lauren is writing a letter. On the other side of the stage is a little girl.)

洛:(場外音)風鈴,當你睇到呢封信嘅時候,唔知你喺度做緊乜呢?SQ4可能爸爸陪緊你去 玩,媽媽而家喺一間叫德誠學校做緊校長老師,我諗你一定唔知乜嘢叫校長老師,即係我雖 然係校長,但係就要做埋老師嘅工作,全校得我一個老師咋。我有五位好可愛嘅學生,有一 個叫為食琪,我諗你見到佢一定會鍾意佢,因為佢同你一樣都咁鍾意食零食。(此時風背著 背包行上台,剛巧撞見六小福衝入,積不小心撞到風手上的麵包。)

Lauren:(VO)Summer, when you receive this letter, what are you doing? Playing with dad?

I am now working in a small village school called Tak Shing School. I am a principal teacher. It means I am both a principal and a teacher. There is only one teacher here. I have five lovely pupils. One is called Greedy Grace. I think you would like to meet her because she likes eating snacks, just like you.(Summer is carrying a backsack. In a rush, the Fortunate Five crash into her. Jack carelessly drop Summer's bread onto the ground.)


Summer: Hey! What are you doing ? You hit me. You don't even apologize.

積:對唔住吖!我哋趕時間吖!(轉身再走) Jack: Sorry! We are in a hurry! (turn and leave)


Summer: Stop! You can't leave.


KK: Why?


Summer: You guys dropped my bread. You must give me some money.


Shy ling: We have no money!(start to cry)



Greedy Grace: It's just dropped on the ground. It is edible! (Pick the bread up and put in the mouth)


All: No.


Greddy Grace: See! (Hand it over to Summer)


Summer: I am not going to argue with you. Anyway, compensate me for my loss.


Roar Roger: You are such a barbarian. We have said 'SORRY'.


Summer: Who are you talking about?

琼:對唔住吖!我知係我哋唔啱,但係因為我哋有啲急事要處理,所以請你願諒。(躹躬後 沒理風的反應)我哋走喇!(眾人跟著離去)

KK: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! It 's all our fault. But we have serious and important things to do.

Please forgive us. (Summer had no response.)Let's go!(The Fortunate Five leave)


Jack: If you really need compensation, come to Tak Shing School and talk to our principal.

She may be able to help.


Shyling: Our principal is called Miss Lauren.


Lauren: If you have a holiday, come and visit me. Love you forever.




Both: Mummy! (Lauren has just finished writing her letter. Light dims, music in. Both leave.

Setting to an ancestral hall with many villagers. Light in.)


Fortune teller: I have made a prediction on the shrine cup. We will earn a lot of money.


Grocer: Really. Do you know how many vegetables I need to grow in order to earn this huge sum of MONEY?


Fortune teller: Let's ask the Mayor to clarify it.


Grocer: Good idea!(During the discussion, Mayor Pang comes onto stage from the other side, holding the contracts.)

彭:嗱!各位鄉親,你哋只要喺上面簽個字,你哋就可以樓換樓、舖換舖,仲有每人突發現 金一萬!

Mayor Pang: Hi, everybody, now sign your name on top of the contracts, you can change for a bigger house or a bigger shop.


Fortune teller: Really? Let me see!!!(Assistant shows the contracts.)


Mayor Pang: Not this one! You stupid! See, there are names on them.


Grocer: You are a fortune teller. You always say you know how to read. What are these things about?


Fortune teller: Mmmm, good, quite good, yes, good, yes, good.



Grocer: So? What? What do you mean by yes yes good.


Fortune teller: Yes means good. Good is yes. You can exchange your house for a bigger house. Mayor Pang is our village neighbour. He won't cheat us!


Grocer: You're right.


Mayor Pang: Of course. I am here for the benefit of you ALL. Don't miss it. SIGN...(Pass the pens)

神:咪執輸,我簽先!盲公陳有錢起多幾間祖屋都得啦!(神簽名,跟著其他人亦簽下) Fortune teller: So jetso. I go first. Blind Chan, you can use the money to build more

houses. (Fortune teller signs the contract, followed by others.)

彭:好喇!各位遲啲會有人上嚟傾埋啲手尾,我哋走喇!(二人離去,此時六小福從另一面 跑入)

Mayor Pang: Good... good... good. Later, I will assign someone to do the follow up. Let's go. (Two leave. Fortune Five come onto stage.)


Roar Roger: Have you...you. (Gasping)


Grocer: We do not have kids here. Go go go.


Jack: Have you all signed the contracts?


Fortune teller: Little kid, it's not your business.


KK: Mayor Pang is a liar.



Fortune teller: What are you talking about? Don't say nonsense.


Beauty: They are not saying nonsense. Miss Lauren is so kind to read this contract for me.

( Fortune teller grasps it)


Fortune teller: Why is your contract in Chinese? It is different from ours.


Lauren: Yours are English? The Mayor knows that you know Chinese, so he gives you English contracts. He is really cunning.


Grocer: Why did you say you understood everything. Yes yes good.


Fortune teller: I can't let people know I don't know English. How should I know the Mayor is so cunning!

洛:彭市長俾你哋簽果份叫做委託書,簡單啲講係叫你哋將啲業權俾佢話事,當中嘅利益佢 會佔七成!

Lauren: Mayor Pang has signed a legal document with you. Simply, he is the legal holder.

He can control what to do with your land. He can earn 70 % in total.


All: Oh my god! He is very devious!

容:佢本來話同我換舖,原來個新舖只係得五年使用權,只後就要每年交租,你哋諗下我原 本間舖係自己架!

Beauty: He said he would give me a new shop. But I own the land for just 5 years. After that, I need to pay rent. I just don't understand I need to pay rent for my OWN property.



All: We need to protest against Mayor Pang. (All in a riot)


Fortune teller: Even god can't help!


Lauren: Calm down, we can...!


Roar Roger: Miss Lauren, Greedy Grace is missing!


Lauren: Why? What has happened? She may be in danger.


Jack: We can divide ourselves into 2 groups. One group of us go to find Mayor Pang.

Another group find Grace.

洛:就咁決定啦!(緊張音樂入,大伙兒浩浩盪盪離去,燈暗)SQ5 Lauren: Let's do it. Go! ( tense music, all leave the stage, light dim.)

第四場 黑白分明

Scene 4: Black and white


(Music changes. Greedy Grace is sneaking onto the stage.)


Grace: I’ve just seen her around. Where is she now? ( Summer jumps out from behind.) 風:你做乜跟住我?

Summer: Why are you following me?



Grace: You scared me! I just want to say sorry to you. And this is for you. ( A candy from the pocket.)


Summer: For me?


Grace: Yeap! Can..we ..be.. friends?


Summer: ( Look at Grace for a while) Ok! We can make friends. My name is Summer.


Grace: I am Greedy.


Summer: Greedy!


Grace: It's a nick name. My real name is Grace. I like eating. Summer, why are you alone?

風:講比你聽都得,不過你唔準話俾人聽架!(琪點頭)其實我係離家出走架!(琪掩口)我嚟 呢度係要搵返我媽媽!

Summer: I can tell you the secret. But promise not to tell others.(Grace nods her head) I’ve run away from home. (Grace covers her mouth) I’ve come here to look for my mother.


Grace: Is your mother.. Miss Lauren?


Summer: Yes, how do you know her?

琪:係吖⋯⋯!(此時彭及助手從外傳來聲音) Grace: She is.... ( Suddenly, somebody is around.)



Mayor: You take care of these contracts. I will beat you if you dare to lose one.

琪:吖!彭市長嚟吖,快啲釐埋先啦!(二人釐在樹後,彭正入) Grace: It's the Mayor. Let's hide. ( Both hide behind the tree)


Mayor: There are still 10 troublesome families who are reluctant to sign, especially the pregnant woman Mrs Lang!


Assistant: Mayor Pang, it doesn’t seem nice to drive her away.


Mayor: Stupid!


Assistant: Ooops! ( All the contracts on the floor)


Mayor: Stupid! Pick them up. If they get dirty, I will beat you.


Grace: Those are the contracts signed by our villagers.


Summer: Contracts! I think so!


Grace: Oh no! Miss Lauren said those contracts are fake. Mayor Pang is cheating them out of money. What can we do?

風:唔⋯⋯我有計,我哋⋯⋯!(二人耳語) Summer: I have a plan....! ( whisper)



Grace: Mr Pang, how are you?


Mayor: Who are you? I don't know you. What's the matter?


Grace: Mr Pang, I have a rich friend who comes from a big city. She wants to meet you.

風:彭市長,幸會,幸會!(互相握手)呢位先生,你好!(也伸出手互握)咦?你哋跌咗嘢 喎,我哋幫你執吖!(風、琪執拾)

Summer: Mr Pang, nice to meet you. ( shake hands) How are you? ( shake hands) Oh!

your papers are on the ground. let me help you PICK THEM UP. ( Summer and Grace pick up the papers)


Assistant: Thanks! Oh no! All the contracts are dirty. Mayor, you see!

彭:啲合約咩事吖?點解?(開始翻合約)隻手咁污糟嘅?係你哋?啲乜嚟架?朱古力!激死 我,捉住佢哋!(手試圖捉二人,但此時一眾村民從台另一面步入)

Mayor: What happens to the contracts? Why? ( flip them) Why are my hands dirty? Who are you? What is this messy thing? CHOCOLATE! You drive me MAD. CATCH THEM( Assistant tries to catch the girls. All the villagers come.)

容:同我停手!(手停下望向彭) Beauty: Stop! (Assistant stops)


Mayor: Why are you all here? I know, high tea with me!


Lauren: Mr Pang, your secret is out. Everyone knows you are a liar. Do you have anything to say?


Mayor: I am the Mayor. My words are the truth. And you silly guys have signed all the contracts!



Summer: Do you mean these dirty papers? ( show one with dirt.)


Mayor: How dare you? Whose daughter is she ?


Lauren: Sorry. She is my daughter. (Summer goes to mum.) Summer, why are you here?


Summer: I came to look for you!


Mayor: Family gathering. I LEAVE first. ( All the villagers stop him.)


Grocer: Mr Pang, if you do not explain clearly, you CAN'T LEAVE.


Mayor: How dare...dare... dare YOU!


Lauren: You intend to cheat the villagers into signing an unfair contract. You steal their money. You are a thief!

彭:唏!唔好呃呃聲咁難聽,當初喺你哋唔睇清楚份合約啫,關人乜事?(拿起合約) Mayor: Don't speak to me like that! They did not see clearly and signed the contracts. it's

not my fault.

眾:嘩!呢份都叫合約,垃圾紙就真!(眾人大笑) All: these are not contracts. They are rubbish. ( laugh)


Mayor: Don't be so happy. Let me find a clean one. You... help me!

手:哎呀!彭市長,最後果幾張冇汚糟嘅都俾我唔小心整汚糟埋!(刻意地) Assistant: Oh no! Mr Pang, the last CLEAN one is dirtied by me! ( intentionally)



Mayor: You... STUPID!

手:唔駛講喇,我真係睇唔過眼,一個人點可以咁冇良心架,我唔會再幫你!仲有我有名 架,我叫鄭哲。

Assistant: Be quiet! I feel very sorry for the villagers. Where is your conscience? One more thing, I have a name. I am called JING!


Mayor: Hey! I will tell them governor and put you all in jail.


Shen: I don't think so! This is a legal document issued by the government. Mr Pang, your misconduct is under investigation.



Mayor: Impossible! ( Rush to Shen) I won't give up. You will pay for this! But anyway, your school needs to be closed.( Fortunate Five come together)


Five: You are wrong. We have the sixth student. .... over there. ( Point to Summer)


Summer: ( Look around, breathe in) Yes, we are....

眾:六小福!(同一姿勢,眾村民帶走彭) All: The Six Fortune!


Lauren: Summer, have you made up your mind to study here?


Summer: Mum, can I stay here and live with you?



Lauren: No, how about your father? How about your life in the big city?

風:媽媽,我大個嘞,我想選擇一個令自己開心嘅生活吖,仲有讀書唔係講名唔名校,而係 有冇心!我信媽媽一定會教好我——哋!(行近五小福)

Summer: Mum, I am not a baby. I can choose my life. A life that makes me happy.

Studying doesn't mean going to a famous school. Studying means how much you give with your heart! Mum, I 'm sure you can teach me well. (Go to the Fortunate Five)


Lauren: Yes! Of course! ( Nod the head,. Everyone cheers.)


Six: We are from Tak Shing School


Roar Roger: We are Fortunate Five! ( Everyone looks at him)


Six: We are the Fortunate Six! ( Music in. All actors come out. )


The End



了⼀一個方案,用以尋找滿足 Calabi 方程的空 間,這些空間現在通稱為 Calabi-Yau 空間。.

In addition to the new measures to be implemented in the 2020/21 school year set out in paragraph 5 above, the EDB will continue to provide public sector ordinary primary

Robinson Crusoe is an Englishman from the 1) t_______ of York in the seventeenth century, the youngest son of a merchant of German origin. This trip is financially successful,

Now, nearly all of the current flows through wire S since it has a much lower resistance than the light bulb. The light bulb does not glow because the current flowing through it

(a) The principal of a school shall nominate such number of teachers of the school for registration as teacher manager or alternate teacher manager of the school as may be provided

In addition to the new measures to be implemented in the 2019/20 school year set out in paragraph 10 above, the EDB will continue to provide public sector ordinary primary

An additional senior teacher post, to be offset by a post in the rank of APSM, is provided to each primary special school/special school with primary section that operates six or

(ii) “The dismissal of any teacher who is employed in the school – (a) to occupy a teacher post in the establishment of staff provided for in the code of aid for primary