Specific websites for the ‘Themes’ and ‘Issues’

In document Guidelines for Teachers on Learning, Teaching and Assessment (Page 47-54)

Part III D Portfolios A) Books:

F. World-Wide Web Site Addresses

3. Specific websites for the ‘Themes’ and ‘Issues’

(a) Agriculture

Address Name of

Homepage Details

1. http://www.cfwc.com/ California Farm

Water Coalition

A very useful website to help teachers to teach ‘Irrigation farming in Southern California’. It provides many great teaching and learning resources, such as photos, lesson plans, a 14-minute video about irrigated farming in California and an 67-page online reference book – ‘The Water Fact Book: California Agriculture and Its Use of Water’.

2. http://www.itrc.org/index.html Irrigation Training and Research


This homepage contains lots of impressive photos about irrigation facilities in California.

3. http://www.fews.org/fews.html USAID Famine Early Warning


This website contains a lot of information on food and farming in Africa. Its online bulletin frequently posts articles about farming in Sahel.

(b) City

Address Name of Homepage Details

1. http://www.plannersweb.com/


Sprawl Guide This site contains lots of information and links about the concepts of

‘Sprawl’. Case studies about cities of U.S.A. are included.

2. http://www.hkura.org/html/


Urban Renewal Authority

Information about urban renewal in Hong Kong can be found in this website. Case studies are also included.

(c) Climate

Address Name of Homepage Details

1. http://www.cma.gov.cn/


China Meteorological Administration

Information about weather and climate of China and other parts of the world can be found.

2. http://www.planetholiday.com/



Climate & Weather Reports for Malaysia

There are climatic graphs and weather reports of some selected Malaysian cities for teaching and learning.

3. http://www.hko.gov.hk/


Hong Kong Observatory

In addition to weather reports and forecast, there are lots of educational resources in this homepage of Hong Kong Observatory. Newspaper articles by Hong Kong Observatory, various topics and instruments about

meteorology, and a virtual tour of Hong Kong Observatory’s Exhibition Hall can be found here.

4. http://iri.columbia.edu/climate/


International Research Institute for Climate


The website contains details climatic information of Africa. There are also a lot of links on the climate of different parts of Africa.

Address Name of Homepage Details

5. http://www.weatherbase.com Weatherbase This website contains weather data of the world, such as temperature and precipitation, for teaching and learning.

6. http://www.underground.org.hk/ Weather Underground of Hong Kong

Lots of weather maps, satellite images and links related to weather and climate can be found in this resourceful website. There is also a ‘Weather Discussion Forum’ for people to discuss about current issues of weather.

7. http://www.met.tamu.edu/class/



Wind and Pressure Some animations are provided to assist teachers to teach some difficult concepts about wind and pressure.

(d) Industry

Address Name of

Homepage Details

1. http://www.netvalley.com/


Internet Valley Information about Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

and IT history is provided here.

Teachers can find useful information about IT companies and academic institutions in Silicon Valley for teaching and learning.

2. http://www.siliconvalley-usa.com The Silicon Valley Gateway

This website contains information about educational institutions, high-tech companies and history of Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

(e) Landform and Endogenetic Processes


Name of

Homepage Details

1. http://www.ecuador-travel.net/


Andes Mountain Picture Gallery

Photos about Andes Mountain are given here.

2. http://www.oupchina.com.hk/



CE – Mountain-building


This is a PowerPoint presentation about plate tectonics, volcanoes, earthquakes and fold mountains. Many figures and questions about plate tectonics are included here.

3. http://library.thinkquest.org/



Himalayas – Where Earth Meets Sky

Useful information, maps and figures about the formation of Himalayas and plate tectonics are found in this website.

4. http://volcano.und.nodak.edu/




Introduction to Plate Tectonics

A very useful website for the teaching and learning of ‘Plate Tectonics’. Many interesting teaching activities and worksheets about plate tectonics are provided here.

5. http://www.peakware.com/


Peakware – Andes Mountain Range

Relief maps and information about Andes Mountain can be found here.

6. http://pubs.usgs.gov/


This Dynamic Earth:

the Story of Plate Tectonics

This site is an online textbook about plate tectonics. Many figures are included to facilitate teaching and learning.

7. http://library.thinkquest.org/


Volcanoes Online The website contains substantial information about volcanoes. Concepts about plate tectonics and volcanoes are explained in details. Games, comics and lesson plans related to volcanoes are also included.


Name of

Homepage Details

8. http://volcano.und.nodak.edu/ Volcano World A resourceful website about volcanoes. In addition to information about volcanoes of the world, volcano adventures and learning activities about volcanoes can also be found. There are materials for students to build their own volcano models.

(f) Landform and Exogenetic Processes and The Trouble of Water

Address Name of

Homepage Details

1. http://www.yrcc-design.com.cn 黃河規劃設計 This website contains information, photos, maps and videos about the project of diverting water from the South to the North in China.

2. http://library.thinkquest.org/


All Along A River This website contains worksheets and case studies about rivers in the world.

Teachers and students can have online trail along a river. Concepts, such as river erosion and transportation, are explained by animations in this website.

3. http://www.grdc.sr.unh.edu/html/


Chang Jiang - Asia There are a lot of data about different parts of Chang Jiang, such as discharge and catchment areas. Hydrographs of different parts of Chang Jiang are also provided.

4. http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/



Fluvial Landforms This website contains some photos of fluvial landforms, such as meanders, floodplain and natural levee.

Address Name of

Homepage Details

5. http://www.vims.edu/~jpliu/east/


The Yangtze River Database; VIMS;


Photos and information about Chang Jiang can be found in this homepage.

Photos, such as different courses of Chang Jiang and Three Gorges, are useful in the teaching and learning of Chang Jiang.

6. http://www.cis.umassd.edu/


Yellow River Home Page

Information and news about Yellow River can be found. Besides, there are a lot of impressive photos about upper, middle and lower courses of Yellow River.

(g) Climatic Anomalies Address

Name of

Homepage Details

1. http://www.epa.gov/


EPA Global Warming Site

This website contains a lot of information about global warming, such as causes of global warming and how to alleviate this problem.

2. http://www.panda.org/climate/ WWF – Climate Change Campaign

This website includes information about causes, impacts and solution of global climatic changes.

(h) Food and Hunger:

Address Name of

Homepage Details

1. http://www.fews.net/ Famine Early Warning System Network

This homepage contains many reports and articles about famine in the world.

Most of them are update and useful for classroom teaching.

2. http://www.ucc.ie/famine/ International Famine Centre Homepage

It contains the latest famine news of the world. Links to other websites about

‘famine’ are also included.

(i) Natural Hazards (* For websites about volcanoes, please refer to part (e) above.)


Name of

Homepage Details

1. http://www.tsunami.org/


Pacific Tsunami Museum Homepage

It contains many photos about tsunamis which can be used for teaching and learning.

2. http://www.eqe.com/


The January 17, 1995 Kobe Earthquake

Attractive photos and information about Kobe Earthquake (1995) are included in this website. It can be used as a case study of earthquakes.

3. http://walrus.wr.usgs.gov/


Tsunamis &

Earthquakes at the USGS

This homepage contains information and animations about tsunamis

4. http://www.crustal.ucsb.edu/ics/


Understanding Earthquakes

This website contains earthquake information, quiz and animation.

5. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

A resourceful website about earthquakes.

Current earthquake activities are reported with maps. Besides, it provides many useful resources, e.g. graphics, photos, animations, lesson plans and learning activities, for the teaching and learning of earth structure, earthquakes and plate tectonics.

In document Guidelines for Teachers on Learning, Teaching and Assessment (Page 47-54)

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