World-Wide Web Site Addresses

In document Geography Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 - 6) (Page 140-154)

Fieldwork investigation at Tung Chung (Pui Ching Middle School)

L. World-Wide Web Site Addresses



(3) General websites about the learning and teaching of Geography

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Homepage Details



Geography World This site covers many different parts of geography. It provides linkages to a large amount of learning and teaching

resources in geography, e.g. geography games, quizzes and news etc.

(b) Geography Basics This homepage includes a lot of

information and links of nearly all topics in geography. Besides, many maps, photos and clip arts (figures) related to geography are provided.



Internet Resources for Geography and Geology

A great site which provides a lot of links to a wide range of geography-related topics. Lesson plans, educational software and online field trips around the world are also included.

(d) Busy Teachers’


This website is designed to provide different sources of materials for teachers. Many lesson plans and classroom activities related to geology and environmental conservation can be used directly

(e) Geography

Education, National Geographic Society

Geography-related lesson plans and classroom activities are provided in this homepage.



Geo-Globe The Geo-Globe site contains many games related to geography.

(g) Geography in the News

This website contains geography-related news which is a good and updated resource for enquiry learning in Geography lessons.


(4) Specific websites about maps and map reading

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(a) – The Place for Maps Online

Online world maps, online map games and information about map skills can be found in this website.

(b) Centamap A very useful website which contains maps of different parts of Hong Kong.

(c) YP Map This website contains a lot of useful maps of Hong Kong. Besides street maps, weather maps and census maps can also be found.

(d) Google Maps A great website which includes maps and satellite photos of different parts of the world.




Geographic—Maps and Geography

“MapMachine Online Atlas” is included in this website. It contains different types of digital maps, such as street-level maps, topographic maps and maps related to environment, natural hazards and weather.

(f) Education Place—

Outline Maps

This website provides various outline maps (pdf files) for printing and use in classrooms.

(g) Lands Department The part “maps and services” in this website introduces varies kinds of digital maps, paper maps and aerial

photographs provided by the

Department. Sample data (e.g. digital maps and aerial photographs) included in this part is useful for the learning and teaching of map interpretation.

(h) Relief and Contour Maps—Web-based learning tool

This learning and teaching resource applies IT in a vivid manner to support the learning of relief features and contour maps, calculate slope gradient from a contour map, construct an annotated cross-section and calculate its vertical exaggeration. The resource has both “Teacher & Self-learning Version”

and “Student Version” to enhance the learning effectiveness of students on map reading.


(5) Specific websites for the Compulsory Part:

a. Opportunities and Risks—Is it rational to live in hazard-prone areas?

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Homepage Details

(i) t/


This Dynamic Earth:

the Story of Plate Tectonics

This site is an online textbook about plate tectonics. Many figures are included to facilitate teaching and learning.




Introduction to Plate Tectonics

A very useful website for the teaching and learning of “Plate Tectonics”. Many interesting teaching activities and worksheets about plate tectonics are provided here.

(iii) It contains information about plate tectonics, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. There are also some interactive maps and online field trips.




Himalayas—Where Earth Meets Sky

Useful information, maps and figures about the formation of Himalayas and plate tectonics are found in this website.

(v) Peakware—World Mountain


Relief maps and information about Andes Mountain can be found here.



Volcanoes Online The website contains nearly everything about volcanoes. Concepts about plate tectonics and volcanoes are explained in details. Games, comics and lesson plans related to volcanoes are also included.

(vii) Volcano World A resourceful website about volcanoes.

Besides information about volcanoes of the world, volcano adventures and learning activities about volcanoes can also be found. There are materials for students to build their own volcano models.

(viii) USGS Earthquake Hazards Program

A resourceful website about earthquakes.

Current earthquake activities are reported with maps. Besides, it provides many useful resources, e.g. graphics, photos, animations, lesson plans and learning activities, for the learning and teaching of earth structure, earthquakes and plate tectonics.


Address Name of

Homepage Details



Understanding Earthquakes

This website contains earthquake information, quiz and animations.

(x) Pacific Tsunami Museum Homepage

It contains many photos about tsunamis which can be used for the learning and teaching of tsunamis.

(xi) Tsunamis &

Earthquakes at the USGS

This homepage contains information and animations about tsunamis.



Tsunamis of the Indian Ocean

It contains detailed information about the Indian Ocean Tsunamis in 2004.



Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster December 2004: a Select Guide

Hyperlinks related to Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 are included in this website.



認識地震 This site provides information about earthquakes, especially the case of Taiwan.

b. Managing River and Coastal Environments: A continuing challenge

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All Along A River This website contains worksheets and case studies about rivers in the world.

Teachers and students can have online trail along a river. Concepts, such as river erosion and transportation, are explained with animations in this website.

(ii) China Three Gorges Project

This site provides nearly all necessary information for the learning of the Three Gorges Project, such as its benefits and measures of environmental protection.



Chang Jiang - Asia

Data about Chang Jiang, such as its discharge and catchment areas, can be found. There are also hydrographs of different parts of Chang Jiang.


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Rivers and Coasts A great website in which all essential concepts of rivers and coasts are explained with photos and animations.

Supplementary worksheets on rivers and coasts are also provided. It is a good self-study resource for geography students.

(v) http://www.geography.


Internet Geography- GeoTopics-Coasts

Information about coastal erosion, deposition and management is included in this website. Besides, a detailed case study about Holderness Coast is provided.



長江三峽工程 It contains important information about the Three Gorges Project, such as the environmental impact and benefits of the Project.

c. Changing Industrial Location—How and why does it change over space and time?

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Homepage Details

(i) Internet Valley The information about Silicon Valley, U.S.A. and IT history is provided here.

Teachers can find useful information about IT companies and academic institutions in Silicon Valley for learning and teaching.

(ii) The Silicon Valley Gateway

This website contains information about educational institutions, high-tech companies and history of Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

(iii) Cyberport Information, facilities and environment of CyberPort are introduced in this website.

(iv) Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

Useful information and facilities about Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks can be found in this website.


d. Building a Sustainable City—Are environmental conservation and urban development mutually exclusive?

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Urban Renewal Authority

Information about urban renewal in Hong Kong can be found in this website.

Case studies are also included.



Sprawl Guide This site contains lots of information and links about the concepts of “sprawl”.

Case studies about cities of U.S.A. are included.



Environment Protection Department

This is the official website of

Environmental Protection Department in Hong Kong. Information, links, activities and videos about environmental

protection in Hong Kong can be found.

(iv) Sustainable Development

This official site of the government of the Hong Kong SAR includes basic concepts and related policies of sustainable development in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. A

“Sustainable Development Online Resource Centre” can be found on the site which includes a lot of information and educational materials for the learning and teaching of the concepts of sustainable development.

(v) 中國城市化 A good article about urbanization is included in this website.

(vi) Region of Waterloo


Concepts and examples of reurbanization are included in this website.



The Hong Kong Planning and Infrastructure Exhibition Gallery

This site introduces the major facilities and exhibits in the Gallery. It includes information of the three main areas of the Gallery—“Quality Living Environment”, “Transportation and Logistics Centre” and “Strengthening Environmental Protection” which are related to the learning and teaching of this issue.


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Homepage Details

(viii) Planning Department

This is the official website of the Planning Department of the Hong Kong SAR. The “planning studies” in this site contains useful case studies for the learning and teaching about urban planning in Hong Kong.

e. Combating Famine—Is technology a panacea for food shortage?

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Homepage Details

(i) California Farm Water Coalition

A very useful website for the learning and teaching of “Irrigation farming in Southern California”. It provides many great learning resources, such as photos, lesson plans, a 14-minute video about irrigated farming in California and a 67-page online reference book – “The Water Fact Book: California Agriculture and Its Use of Water”.

(ii) Irrigation Training and Research Centre

This homepage contains lots of impressive photos about irrigation facilities in California.



Fresno Valves &

Castings, Inc.

Irrigation Equipment

This is a website which provides some photos and slides about irrigation equipment in California. They are related to the teaching of irrigation farming in California.

(iv) Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

This is the official website of

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department of Hong Kong. Information about “Farming in Hong Kong” can be found here.

(v) Famine Early Warning System Network

This homepage contains many reports and articles about famine in the world.

Most of them are update and are useful in the learning and teaching of this issue.

(vi) International Famine Centre Homepage

It contains the latest famine news of the world. Links to other websites about

“famine” are also included.


Address Name of

Homepage Details

(vii) Oxfam Information about development and poor can be found in this website.



Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

—Genetically Modified Food

A resourceful website which includes a lot of essential information about GM foods.

(ix) Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

It contains useful information about food and agriculture in the world, such as the situation of food crisis and sustainable development.

f. Disappearing Green Canopy—Who should pay for the massive deforestation in rainforest regions?

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Homepage Details

(i) World Rainforest Information Portal

It provides hyperlinks to other websites about rainforests in the world.

(ii) Gander Academy’s

—Tropical Rainforest Theme

A useful website which includes classified links to other websites about tropical rainforests in the world.

(iii) Rainforest-Australia Photos and text about Australian rainforest can be found in this website.



Rainforest Links This site provides links to other rainforest websites in the world.

Besides basic information about rainforests, links to some interesting activities, games and puzzles related to rainforests are also included.



Tropical Rainforest Detailed information about tropical rainforests can be found in this website.



Tropical Rainforests An excellent website for learning and teaching tropical rainforests. Detailed information and photographs about tropical rainforests in the world are provided.


Address Name of






Learning about Rainforests

This website includes all essential information about tropical rainforests.




Rainforest animals:

Zoom Rainforests

Information about tropical rainforest animals is provided.

(ix) Tropical Rainforest Coalition

Some conservation projects of tropical rainforests are introduced in this website.




Rainforest Action Items

This site provides some ideas on what students can do to save the rainforests.

g. Climate Change – Long-term fluctuation or irreversible trend?

Address Name of

Homepage Details

(i) EPA Global Warming Site

The ‘EPA Global Warming Site’ contains a lot of information about global

warming, such as causes of global warming and how to alleviate this problem.

(ii) WWF—Climate Change Campaign

This website includes information about causes, impact and solutions of global climate change.

(iii) Hong Kong Observatory

Besides weather reports and forecast, there are lots of educational resources in this homepage of Hong Kong

Observatory. A detailed explanation about greenhouse effect and climate change can also be found here.



WWF—Our Climate is Changing

Case studies about the impact of global warming in different parts of the world are included.


(6) Specific websites for the Elective Part:

a. Dynamic Earth: the building of Hong Kong

(For websites about plate tectonics and volcanoes, please refer to Part 5a above.)

Address Name of

Homepage Details

(i) Hong Kong Slope Safety

It includes information, educational materials and interactive games concerning slope safety and maintenance.




Bibliography on geology and geotechnical engineering of Hong Kong

It contains a list of different reference materials of the geology,

geomorphology, marine resources, reclamation and landslide information of Hong Kong.



Ma Shi Chau Special Area

It provides information on the geology and geological structure of the area.



Paleontological Research Institution


There are several virtual journeys to describe and explain geology of many parts in USA.



Large landslides in

Hong Kong

It contains a map showing the locations where large landslides occurred in Hong Kong. There are also landslide data as references.



Using IT to enhance slope safety

It introduces how information technology is used by Civil Engineering and Development Department to collect and disseminate information about slopes. In turn, the work on promoting slope safety can be enhanced.

(vii) Geology Discipline

—Real-time hazard information

It contains information about the different geological hazards such as landslides, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.



Teaching resources in structural geology

—Leeds University

It contains information, photos, virtual fieldtrips and links which introduce different types of fold and fault.


b. Weather and Climate

Address Name of

Homepage Details

(i) Hong Kong Observatory

Besides weather reports and forecast, there are lots of educational resources in this homepage of Hong Kong

Observatory. Newspaper articles by Hong Kong Observatory, various topics and instruments about meteorology, and a virtual tour of Hong Kong

Observatory’s Exhibition Hall can be found here.

(ii) Weather Underground of Hong Kong

Lots of weather maps, satellite images and links related to weather and climate can be found in this resourceful website.

There is also a “Weather Discussion Forum” for people to discuss about current issues of weather.

(iii) Weatherbase This website contains weather data of the world, such as temperature and precipitation, for learning and teaching.

(iv) China

Meteorological Administration

In this website of China Meteorological Administration, information about weather and climate of China and other parts of the world can be found.



Wind and Pressure Some animations are provided to assist teachers to teach some difficult concepts about wind and pressure.


c. Transport Development, Planning and Management

Address Name of

Homepage Details

(i) Environment, Transport and Works Bureau

The site includes all recent transport-related publications and press releases published by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

(ii) Transport Department

Information and figures about transport and related infrastructure in Hong Kong can be found. Don’t miss the part “Traffic CAM Online” which provides updated information about traffic flow in different parts of Hong Kong.

(iii) Hong Kong Trade Development Council—Industry Vertical: Transport

& Logistics

Information about air transport, sea transport (including ports and container terminals), freight

forwarding and express cargo can be found. There is also a “Photo Library”

which includes downloadable photos of transportation facilities in Hong Kong.

(iv) Hong Kong Logistics Development Council

Information about logistics in Hong Kong can be found.

(v) 商務旅遊網 Maps of Guangdong Province with different layers of information, such as rivers, roads and railway networks, can be found in this website.



Hong Kong Port Development Council

Information and statistics about ports in Hong Kong can be found in this website.

(vii) 香港泛珠三角合作 信息網

It contains information / news about transport and its development in the Zhujiang Delta Region.

In document Geography Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 - 6) (Page 140-154)