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第 壹 部 分 : 選 擇 題 ( 占 7 2 分 )

一 、 詞 彙 ( 占 1 0 分 )




1. John is very close to his family. Whenever he feels depressed, he returns to the warm, ______, and comfortable atmosphere of his home.

(A) crucial (B) sloppy (C) secure (D)


2. Tom ______ something before he left the room, but I couldn’t figure out exactly what he said.

(A) mumbled (B) perceived (C) summoned (D) trampled

3. The content of the book is very much technical and specialized; it is too difficult for a ______ to understand.

(A) patriot (B) hacker (C) layman (D) tenant 4. Food shortages are one of the main causes of ______ nutrition among children in

developing countries.

(A) distinctive (B) vigorous (C) inadequate (D) abundant

5. Good writers do not always write ______; on the contrary, they often express what they really mean in an indirect way.

(A) explicitly (B) ironically (C) persistently (D) selectively

6. According to the weather report, some light rain or ______ is expected today. You may need to take an umbrella with you when you go out.

(A) hail (B) breeze (C) tornado (D) drizzle

7. The movie was so popular that many people came to the ______ conclusion that it must be good; however, many professional critics thought otherwise.

(A) acute (B) naive (C) confidential (D)


8. In ancient times, people used large shells to ______ voices in open-air ceremonies so that their tribal members near and far could hear what was said.

(A) amplify (B) mobilize (C) penetrate (D)


9. The audience held their breath and sat motionless in the theater as they watched the tragic historical event ______ in front of their eyes.

(A) ascending (B) elaborating (C) illustrating (D) unfolding

10. According to government regulations, if employees are unable to work because of a serious illness, they are ______ to take an extended sick leave.


(A) adapted (B) entitled (C) oriented (D) intimidated

二 、 綜 合 測 驗 ( 占 1 0 分 )




第 11 至 15 題為題組

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) was an American author and journalist. His writing style, characterized by simplicity and understatement, influenced modern fiction, as 11 his life of adventure.

Hemingway started his career as a journalist at 17. In the 1920s, he was sent to Europe as a newspaper correspondent to 12 such events as the Greek Revolution. During this period, he produced his early important works, including The Sun Also Rises. Among his later works, the most outstanding is The Old Man and the Sea (1952), which became perhaps his most famous book, finally winning him the Pulitzer Prize he had long been 13 .

Hemingway liked to portray soldiers, hunters, bullfighters—tough, at times primitive people whose courage and honesty are set against the brutal ways of modern society, and who in this 14 lose hope and faith. His straightforward prose is particularly effective in his short stories, some of 15 are collected in Men Without Women (1927). In 1954, Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. He died in Idaho in 1961.

11. (A) was (B) being (C) did (D) doing

12. (A) cover (B) approve (C) predict (D) escape

13. (A) planned (B) achieved (C) examined (D) denied 14. (A) limitation (B) classification (C) confrontation (D)


15. (A) what (B) which (C) them (D) these

第 16 至 20 題為題組

Road running is one of the most popular and accessible athletic activities in the world. It refers to the sport of running on paved roads or established paths as opposed to track and field, or cross country running. The three most common 16 for road running events are 10K runs, half marathons (21.1K), and marathons (42.2K).

Road running is unique among athletic events because it 17 all ages and abilities. In many cases first time amateurs are welcome to participate in the same event as running club members and even current world-class 18 . Sometimes it may also include wheelchair entrants.

Road running often offers those 19 a range of challenges such as dealing with hills, sharp bends, rough weather, and so on. Runners are advised to train prior to participating in


a race. Another important factor contributing to success is a suitable pair of running shoes. Road running is often a community-wide event that highlights or raises money for an issue or project.

20 , Race for the Cure is held throughout the U.S. to raise breast cancer awareness. This race is also run in Germany, Italy, and Puerto Rico.

16. (A) journeys (B) distances (C) destinations (D) measurements

17. (A) caters to (B) depends on (C) goes after (D) identifies with

18. (A) matches (B) civilians (C) associations (D) champions

19. (A) involving (B) involved (C) to involve (D) are involved

20. (A) Above all (B) For example (C) As it appears (D) To some extent

三 、 文 意 選 填 ( 占 1 0 分 )





第 21 至 30 題為題組

The 1918 influenza epidemic, which occurred during World War I, was one of the most devastating health crises of the 20th century. Between September 1918 and June 1919, more than 600,000 Americans died of influenza and pneumonia, making the epidemic far more 21 than the war itself. The influenza hit Americans in two waves. The first wave attacked the army camps and was less fatal than the second. The second wave arrived in the port city of Boston in September 1918 with war 22 of machinery and supplies. Other wartime events enabled the disease to 23 the country quickly. As men across the nation were joining the 24 to serve the country, they brought the virus with them everywhere they went. In October 1918 alone, the virus killed almost 200,000. In the following month, the end of World War I resulted in an even 25 spread of the disease. The celebration of the end of the war with parades and parties was a complete disaster from the standpoint of public health. This 26 the spread of the disease in some cities. The flu that winter was destructive beyond imagination as millions were 27 and thousands died. In fact, it caused many more deaths than any of the other epidemics which had 28 it.

Medical scientists 29 that another epidemic will attack people at some point in the future. Today’s worldwide transportation makes it even 30 to

control an

epidemic. Therefore, doctors advise that we continue to get our annual flu shots in order to


stay healthy.

(A) military (B) crisis (C) harder (D) wider (E) deadly (F) come across

(G) shipments (H) infected ( I ) preceded ( J ) warn (K) accelerated (L) sweep through

第 壹 部 分 : 選 擇 題 ( 占 7 2 分 )

一 、 詞 彙 ( 占 1 0 分 )




1. Microscopes are used in medical research labs for studying bacteria or ______ that are too small to be visible to the naked eye.

(A) agencies (B) codes (C) germs (D)


2. Lisa hopped on her bicycle and ______ as fast as she could through the dark narrow backstreets to get home after working the night shift.

(A) bounced (B) commuted (C) tumbled (D)


3. Rated as one of the top restaurants of the city, this steak house is highly ______ to visitors by the tourism bureau.

(A) encountered (B) recommended (C) outnumbered (D) speculated

4. The manager ______ agreed to rent his apartment to me. Even though the agreement was not put in writing, I am sure he will keep his word.

(A) barely (B) stably (C) verbally (D)


5. For Jerry, practicing yoga three times a week is a relaxing ______ from his tight work schedule.

(A) diversion (B) medication (C) nuisance (D) fulfillment

6. Parents could be charged with neglect or abandonment if they leave their young children home alone without adult ______.

(A) intuition (B) supervision (C) compassion (D) obligation

7. Walking at a ______ pace for a shorter amount of time burns more calories than walking at a slow pace for a longer period of time.


(A) joyous (B) superb (C) brisk (D) decent 8. Plants and animals in some deserts must cope with a climate of ______—freezing winters

and very hot summers.

(A) extremes (B) forecasts (C) atmospheres (D) homelands

9. The success of J.K. Rowling is ______, with her Harry Potter series making her a multi-millionaire in just a few years.

(A) eligible (B) marginal (C) confidential (D) legendary

10. The high-tech company’s ______ earnings surely made its shareholders happy since they were getting a good return on their investment.

(A) robust (B) solitary (C) imperative (D)


二 、 綜 合 測 驗 ( 占 1 0 分 )




第 11 至 15 題為題組

Have you been irritated by someone standing too close in line, talking too loud or making eye contact for too long? Or, they may have 11 you with the loud music from their earphones, or by taking up more than one seat on a crowded subway car. You feel unhappy because your personal space has been violated.

According to scientists, personal space involves certain invisible forces imposed on you through all the 12 . For example, people may feel their space is being invaded when they experience an unwelcome sound, smell, or stare.

In certain situations such as in crowded subway cars or elevators, it is not always possible for people to keep their 13 distance from others. They learn coping strategies to deal with their discomfort. For instance, people often avoid eye contact with someone standing 14 them, or they pretend that these people are lifeless objects in their personal space. Given the opportunity, they may 15 to a corner, putting distance between themselves and strangers. Or, they may sit or stand equidistant from one another like birds on a wire.

11. (A) offended (B) controlled (C) acquired (D) supplied

12. (A) angles (B) events (C) senses (D)


13. (A) prefer (B) preferring (C) preferred (D) being preferred

14. (A) long before (B) close to (C) aside from (D) soon after


15. (A) retreat (B) explore (C) dispense (D) connect

第 16 至 20 題為題組

Alan Turing was one of the leading scientific geniuses of the 20th century. Many scholars consider him the father of modern computer science. He was also the man who cracked the 16 uncrackable Enigma code used by Nazi Germany. His code-breaking turned the tide of World War II and helped save two million lives. Nevertheless, 17 people have even heard his name.

Turing displayed signs of high intelligence in math and science at a young age. By the time he was 23, he had already come up with the idea of what 18 the modern computer— the Turing machine. Today, Turing machines are still used in theoretical computation. He also proposed the now famous Turing test, used to determine whether a computer exhibits intelligent behavior equivalent to that of a human.

The postwar era, however, was a disaster for Turing. He was gay, which was then a crime in Britain.

19 being hailed as one of the crucial figures in defeating the Nazis, Turing was convicted of “gross indecency.” This 20 drove him to commit suicide in 1954, at the age of 41. Nearly 60 years after his death, Queen Elizabeth II granted Turing a formal pardon for his conviction, upon an online petition signed by prominent scientists and technology leaders around the world.

16. (A) eventually (B) precisely (C) concernedly (D) supposedly

17. (A) many (B) some (C) any (D) few

18. (A) would become (B) should become (C) could have become (D) had become

19. (A) Because of (B) Instead of (C) In addition to (D) With respect to

20. (A) compromise (B) procession (C) humiliation (D) supplement

三 、 文 意 選 填 ( 占 1 0 分 )





第 21 至 30 題為題組

The Great Sphinx in the Giza desert is a mythological creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human being. This monumental 21 is often regarded as a national symbol of Egypt, having guarded the famous Egyptian pyramids for 4,000 years. Nevertheless, the stone creature does not look like it did 4,000 years ago; wind, water, pollution, and human


contact have slowly 22 the rock. Scientists are now trying to restore it. They not only want it to look like it did when it was first built but also are looking for ways to keep it from 23 more than it has.

Fixing the Sphinx, however, is not an easy job. It takes several years of 24 before the work begins. Each stone in the Sphinx is carefully 25 . Scientists use computers to help figure out the size and shape of each stone. Each old stone is given a number. Then, one by one, replacement stones are carved by hand, just like people did long ago, in the 26 sizes and shapes as the ones they are replacing. When the new stones are ready, they are 27 and the worn ones removed.

Scientists are also worried about how to keep the Sphinx from falling apart again. They have talked about 28 a wall around the Sphinx to protect it from the wind and sand, or perhaps covering it completely with a glass pyramid. Some think that burying part of it in the sand would serve the purpose. One scientist has even suggested building a 29 shelter to protect it at night and during bad weather. The walls of the shelter could be retracted into the ground during the day so that visitors could see the Sphinx.

There are no easy solutions to the 30 , not to mention solutions that are agreeable to all parties. The one thing that is agreed upon is that something needs to be done to protect this ancient sculpture.

(A) movable (B) installed (C) diversified (D) problem (E) aged (F) planning

(G) measured (H) constructing ( I ) exact ( J ) deteriorating (K) statue (L) religious

第 壹 部 分 : 選 擇 題 ( 占 7 2 分 )

一 、 詞 彙 ( 占 1 0 分 )




1. Martha has been trying to ______ her roommate since their quarrel last week, as she doesn’t want to continue the argument.

(A) overgrow (B) bother (C) pursue (D) avoid

2. As David finished the last drop of the delicious chicken soup, he licked his lips and gave out sounds of ______.

(A) contentment (B) dominance (C) explosion (D) affection

3. After several rounds of intense fighting, the boxer punched his ______ right in the face, knocked him out, and won the match.


(A) performer (B) attendant (C) opponent (D) messenger

4. Watch out! The bench has just been painted. You can fan the wet paint if you want to ______ its drying.

(A) fasten (B) hasten (C) lengthen (D)


5. Warm milk ______ sleepiness. So if you have trouble falling asleep, try drinking some warm milk before going to bed.

(A) conceals (B) recruits (C) absorbs (D)


6. Having worked five years as a data processor in a small town, Alice is tired of the routine of her job and the ______ of her life.

(A) disturbance (B) salvation (C) remainder (D) monotony

7. Peter has never been on time to meetings or appointments. It would be interesting to look into reasons why he is ______ late.

(A) chronically (B) hysterically (C) simultaneously (D) resistantly

8. The film Life of Pi won Ang Lee an Oscar in 2013 for Best Director—one of the most ______ awards in the movie industry.

(A) populated (B) surpassed (C) coveted (D) rotated

9. According to environmental scientists, the earth is likely to experience significant ______ changes within the next century.

(A) provincial (B) ecological (C) authentic (D) redundant

10. Traditional Chinese medical practices include ______ remedies, which use plants, plant parts, or a mixture of these to prevent or cure diseases.

(A) herbal (B) frantic (C) magnetic (D)


二 、 綜 合 測 驗 ( 占 1 0 分 )




第 11 至 15 題為題組

France, home to such major fashion houses as Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent, has joined Italy, Spain, and Israel in adopting laws against super-skinny models on catwalks or in



The French government has passed a bill that will 11 the use of excessively skinny models. Modeling agencies violating the law can receive a fine of up to US$81,000, with up to six months in jail for staff involved. According to French officials, the measure aims to 12 the glorification of dangerously thin models.

Under the approved legislation, models will have to present a medical 13 that proves they are healthy before being allowed to work in the fashion industry. Moreover, they will be 14 regular weight checks. Modeling agencies will have to produce a medical report showing that their models have maintained a 15 body mass-to-height ratio. This bill is expected to change young women’s view on the ideal female form.

11. (A) forecast (B) represent (C) criminalize (D) distinguish

12. (A) put up with (B) crack downon (C) give in to (D) look out for

13. (A) coverage (B) certificate (C) operation (D) prescription

14. (A) subject to (B) accustomed to (C) blessed with (D) familiar with

15. (A) healthy (B) pleasant (C) frequent (D)


第 16 至 20 題為題組

One factor that separates a living thing from an inanimate object is the organism’s ability to carry out chemical reactions that are crucial for its survival. Imagine the infinite amount of reactions that a large organism such as human carries out every single day. 16 of these reactions are possible without enzymes.

Enzymes consist of various types of proteins that work to drive the chemical reactions 17 for certain types of nutrients to take effect. Enzymes can either launch a reaction or speed it up. In the absence of enzymes, reactants may take hundreds of years to convert into a usable product, if they are able to do so

18 . This is why enzymes are crucial in the sustenance of life on earth.

Enzymes, 19 , do not always function perfectly. In 1902 Sir Archibald Garrod was the first to attribute a 20 to an enzyme defect, which he later referred to as an “inborn error of metabolism.” Today, newborns are routinely screened for certain enzyme defects such as PKU (phenylketonuria) and galactosemia, an error in the handling of the sugar galactose.

16. (A) Any (B) All (C) None (D) More

17. (A) requires (B) required (C) requiring (D) to require

18. (A) at all (B) at hand (C) at first (D) at ease 19. (A) hereafter (B) instead (C) likewise (D)


20. (A) disease (B) balance (C) measure (D) statement

三 、 文 意 選 填 ( 占 1 0 分 )





第 21 至 30 題為題組

Hundreds of years ago, a savory idea—called the century egg—was hatched in rural China. As the story goes, a farmer found naturally preserved duck eggs in a muddy pool of water and slaked lime. After surviving a tasting, he set out to replicate them manually, resulting in a 21 that would endure for centuries as a comfort food in Hong Kong, China and parts of Southeast Asia.

Though details of the century egg’s discovery are undocumented, scientists estimate that it

22 more than 500 years to the Ming Dynasty. And aside from some techniques used for large-scale production today, the egg preservation process has remained relatively 23 .

To make the eggs, a vat is typically filled with a combination of strong black tea, lime, salt and freshly burned wood ashes, and left to cool overnight. The next day, duck, quail, or chicken eggs are added to the

24 . Then they soak anywhere from seven weeks to five months—not for a century as the name 25 .

The century egg also 26 many other names, such as hundred-year egg, thousand-year egg, or millennium egg. But no matter what it’s called, this common snack has a rather uncommon taste and is often grouped by travelers with other 27 Asian foods such as chicken feet or snake soup. Getting beyond the egg’s appearance is the first 28 . Instead of being white with a bright orange yolk, the jelly-like egg takes on a less 29 dark brown and swampy green hue. There’s also a pungent ammonia-like odor to contend with, which has earned the snack yet another nickname: the “horse urine egg.”

While the century egg draws a following from older generations and curious travelers, it is falling out of 30 with the younger set, who are weary of China’s preserved and fermented foods. The future of the humble snack is uncertain, but chefs in Chinese restaurants are still trying to preserve this nostalgic bite of culinary heritage.

(A) provokes (B) exotic (C) delicacy (D) dates back (E) refreshed (F) implies

(G) appetizing (H) mixture ( I ) goes by ( J ) unchanged (K) challenge (L) favor




1. It was 1949, the first time I came to America in order to take refuge from

the war in Greece. My mother had been imprisoned and then executed by the guerillas

for __1__ me out. I had always been trying to put those memories behind; __2__,

Miss Hurd, my English teacher in junior high and then my lifelong mentor, made me

write about what had happened to my family.

It was __3__ painful for me that I left the assignment until the last moment. Yet I

wrote down that nighttime escape to the __4__ camp, and the last memory about my

mother and my war-ravaged homeland. The essay was not only published in the

school paper, but won a medal in a contest. The whole Greek community, including

my father, was celebrating this honor that had been __5__ to one of its own. I was

impressed by the power of written word and it led me to become a journalist.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) sending

(B) to send

(C) sent

(D) had


( 2 ) ( ) (A) although

(B) in addition

(C) therefore



( 3 ) ( ) (A) such

(B) so

(C) as

(D) too

( 4 ) ( ) (A) summit

(B) muse

(C) guerilla



( 5 ) ( ) (A) gave

(B) given

(C) giving

(D) give

答案: ( 1 ) A ( 2 ) D ( 3 ) B ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) B

2. There is always a person that influences one’s life profoundly. Miss Hurd, a

formidable woman with salt-and-pepper hair and cold eyes, was the teacher who

__1__ the course of my life. She directed my grief and pain __2__ writing. She was

also the catalyst that __3__ me into journalism. On account of her inspiration, I

become a journalist __4__.

As to her teaching, Miss Hurd had no patience __5__ the lazy. She taught us

__6__, gave us stories to read and discuss, and finally, taught us how to __7__ a

newspaper. __8__ Miss Hurd, I wouldn’t have become a reporter and recorded the

story of my mother, who had been confined, tortured and killed by guerrillas in my

war-ravaged homeland, Greece. After her __9__, Miss Hurd continuously charmed

and taught those students whom she had recognized potential with her love. Miss

Hurd was my mentor as well as my __10__.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) shocks

(B) shapes

(C) shocked



( 2 ) ( ) (A) by

(B) into

(C) within

(D) at

( 3 ) ( ) (A) led

(B) decided

(C) bruised



( 4 ) ( ) (A) by turns

(B) by accident

(C) by the way

(D) by


( 5 ) ( ) (A) of

(B) on

(C) with

(D) from

( 6 ) ( ) (A) grammar

(B) summit

(C) arms



( 7 ) ( ) (A) put off

(B) put out

(C) put in

(D) put


( 8 ) ( ) (A) If it was

(B) If it had been

(C) Had it been for

(D) If it had not been for

( 9 ) ( ) (A) recovery

(B) retirement

(C) regret



( 1 0 )

( ) (A) muse

(B) refuge

(C) bully



答案: ( 1 ) D ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) A ( 4 ) D ( 5 ) C ( 6 ) A ( 7 ) B ( 8 ) D ( 9 ) B

( 1 0 ) A


(共 0 分,每題 0 分)

1. The Spartan public education, the first public education for both boys and

girls, is surely different from the schools of today. It paid more attention __1__

physical strength and courage than to reading and writing. Both boys and girls

attended military school at a very young age.

The boys at age 6 or 7 were sent to school to receive training. There, they were

divided into groups __2__ they could learn how to work with and be thoughtful

towards each other. They were not given good food or any comforts. They were even

informed that it was right to steal. But, if they were __3__, they would be beaten.

What’s more, to make them strong, they were given no shoes while __4__. The girls’

and boys’ schools were almost the same. The girls were given training in gymnastics,

wrestling and fighting skills.

After the age of 18, both boys and girls had to carry out a test of their skills. If

they __5__, they became “perioikos,” who were not considered to be citizens of

Sparta. If they passed, they were given full citizenship. Added to this, the men were

called Spartan soldiers. The women were given husbands and were free to do a lot of


( 1 ) ( ) (A) from

(B) to

(C) in

(D) at

( 2 ) ( ) (A) so that

(B) not as to

(C) beside

(D) in

order to

( 3 ) ( ) (A) regretted

(B) denied

(C) caught



( 4 ) ( ) (A) recording

(B) marching

(C) delivering



( 5 ) ( ) (A) sparked

(B) financed

(C) made



答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) C ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) D

2. Many people regard teaching as more than a job. To them, it is an art, like

calligraphy or painting. But unlike these other forms of arts, the results of a teacher’s

talent and hard work cannot be found on a piece of paper or canvas. It is displayed on

the students they teach. __1__ talent and persistence, a good teacher can create a


Sometimes a student is actually different to __2__ they first appear to be. Bad

behavior is often used to disguise his or her sadness or fear. And perhaps most of all,

the teacher will discover that the greatest job satisfaction not only comes from

students’ excellent performance, but any positive changes that occur in students’ lives.

Those changes would __3__ a teacher to help a student become a better person, to

create a true masterpiece.

To accomplish this, a teacher must realize that there is more to teaching __4__

simply helping students to achieve high grades. Some of the most important lessons in

life cannot be learned from a textbook. On the other hand, teachers will learn

something precious from their students __5__ they teach.


( 2 ) ( ) (A) which

(B) what

(C) where



( 3 ) ( ) (A) deter

(B) bully

(C) submit

(D) spur

( 4 ) ( ) (A) but

(B) as

(C) than

(D) to

( 5 ) ( ) (A) that

(B) while

(C) but



答案: ( 1 ) A ( 2 ) B ( 3 ) D ( 4 ) C ( 5 ) B

3. Everyone wants to have friends and feel that they belong, especially teens.

Teenagers who are __1__ common interests often form small social groups called

cliques. Cliques are popular among teenagers today. These teenagers like to hang out

and do things together. Teenagers join cliques such as jocks, preps, and nerds __2__

their interests.

Cliques can be helpful to teenagers. Cliques can bring teens together and help

them find new friends. They can help teens feel that they belong and are __3__.

However, cliques can also hurt teens __4__ are not welcome to join a group. These

teens can be lonely because they feel they do not belong.

Joining some cliques can help teenagers study more and succeed in school __5__

joining others who don’t care about school may result in teenagers having less interest

in school. So, it is important for teenagers to think twice before they join any kinds of


( 1 ) ( ) (A) with

(B) from

(C) in

(D) by

( 2 ) ( )(A) based on

(B) rather than

(C) inclusive of


regardless of

( 3 ) ( ) (A) excluded

(B) concluded

(C) accepted



( 4 ) ( )(A) which

(B) who

(C) where



( 5 ) ( )(A) while

(B) before

(C) after



答案: ( 1 ) A ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) C ( 4 ) B ( 5 ) A

4. The 1995 movie Dangerous Minds, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, told the

real-life story of a teacher who inspired inner-city students in California. It was __1__ the

book My Posse Don’t Do Homework by LouAnne Johnson, a former Marine who

became a teacher in Los Angeles. The movie portrayed Johnson’s first year as a

teacher. In the beginning, her students refused to accept her, __2__ she turned the

situation around by wearing a leather jacket, cursing in the classroom, and rewarding

them for doing their work. She even taught them about poetry by using Bob Dylan’s

songs. __3__ the end of the year, Johnson had earned their respect and helped many

of them with personal problems.

Without a doubt, Dangerous Minds __4__ other movies, such as Freedom

Writers and One Eight Seven, featuring teachers doing great things with poor students.

The Hollywood ideal of a teacher, however, is often different from reality, because

they show teachers with only one class of students, whereas teachers must __5__ lead

several classes each day. In addition, these movies suggest that students simply need a

creative teacher to be successful. The tendency to portray individual teachers as

saviors draws attention away from the larger problems that many schools have been

facing, including poverty and crime.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) according to

(B) based on

(C) feasted on

(D) came



( 2 ) ( ) (A) but

(B) though

(C) for

(D) nor

( 3 ) ( ) (A) Within

(B) Beneath

(C) Above

(D) By

( 4 ) ( ) (A) inspired

(B) peeked

(C) awoken



( 5 ) ( ) (A) logically

(B) literally

(C) actually



答案: ( 1 ) B ( 2 ) A ( 3 ) D ( 4 ) A ( 5 ) C

5. Education has become a popular topic in Hollywood movies. Many of these

films are based upon true stories and illustrate many of the challenges that schools and

teachers are facing. One of the first films which education features in was To Sir With

Love (1967). Based upon a true story, it focuses on a new teacher, played by Sydney

Portier, dealing with social and racial __1__ in a poor school in London. The Dead

Poet’s Society (1989) takes place in a private school. The new English teacher,

portrayed by Robin Williams, __2__ his students to be individuals through his

teaching of poetry and literature. Coach Carter (2005) added sports as a theme. It is

based upon a true story of a high school basketball coach who will only __3__ players

who do well in school and have good behavior to play on his team. Freedom Writers

(2007) is based upon a true story and real diary writings of high school students. In

this film an English teacher teaches her poor students about respect and racism while

__4__ them hope for the future.

All of these films attempt to show the realities of educating students in

challenging situations. They __5__ a look into the difficult lives of some students and

the teachers who try to help them improve their lives and futures.

( 1 ) ( ) (A) sparks

(B) bullies

(C) issues



( 2 ) ( ) (A) sparks

(B) encourages

(C) reckons



( 3 ) ( ) (A) spur

(B) submit

(C) allow



( 4 ) ( ) (A) give

(B) gives

(C) giving

(D) to


( 5 ) ( ) (A) offer

(B) provoke

(C) investigate