COMMUNICATIONS IN ALGEBRA® Volume 32, Number 5, 2004




Volume 32, Number 5, 2004


The Prime Radical of the Special Lie Algebras and the Elementary

Chevalley Groups 1649 A. Yu. Golubkov

UJes (sI2)-Invariant Forms on Their Modules 1685 S. Yang and D. Wang

Automorphisms of Finite Groups 1705 S. O. Juriaans, J. M. de Miranda, and J. R. Roberto

On Commutative F(75-Rings 1715 C. T. Gueye and M. Sanghare

Generating Permutation Groups 1729 A. Lucchini, F. Menegazzo, and M. Morigi

Irreducible Linear Groups of Degree 3 Over a Quaternion Division

Ring Containing a Root Subgroup 1747 E. L. Bashkirov

Algebraic and /^-Independent Sets in 2-Firs 1763 A. Leroy and A. Ozturk

On Semigroups of Intermediate Growth 1793 L. M. Shneerson

Boolean Metric Spaces and Boolean Algebraic Varieties 1805 A. Aviles

Some Homological Properties of Subring Retract and Applications to

Fixed Rings 1823 N. Mahdou and H. Mouanis

Joins of Projective Varieties: A Cancellation Theorem for Curves 1835 E. Ballico

On Positive Law Problems in the Class of Locally Graded Groups 1841 B. Bajorska and O. Macedonska

On Outer Automorphisms of Affine Lie Algebras 1847 Q. Jin

Forcing Linearity Numbers for Abelian Groups 1855 L. Fuchs

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Contents Continued

Signed Partition Algebras 1865 M. Parvathi

Modules with Chain Conditions on Non-essential Submodules 1881 P. F. Smith and M. R. Vedadi

Subgroups of GL^R) for Local Rings R 1895 A. O. Kuku and M. Mahdavi-Hezavehi

On the Relation Between Finitistic and Good Filtration Dimensions 1903 V. Mazorchuk and A. E. Parker

Semigroups of Transformations Preserving an Equivalence Relation

and a Cross-Section 1917 J. Araujo and J. Konieczny

Generalized Derivations with Invertible Values , . . 1937 H. Komatsu and A. Nakajima

Multiplication Modules in Which Every Prime Submodule Is Contained

in a Unique Maximal Submodule 1945 G. Zhang, F. Wang, and W. Tong

On Certain Subgroups of Semiprime Rings with Derivations 1961 T.-L Wong

An Algorithm for Computing the Global Basis of a Finite Dimensional

Irreducible Vq{so2n+\) or Uq(so2n)-Module 1969 C. Lecouvey

Composition Algebras Satisfying the Flexible Law 1997 A. Elduque and H. C. Myung

Integrally Closed Domains, Minimal Polynomials, and Null Ideals of

Matrices 2015 S. Frisch

Finite Groups with Some Subgroups of Prime Power Order

S'-Quasinormally Embedded 2019 M. Asaad, A. A. Heliel, and M. E. Mohamed

The Noncommutative Graded Positivstellensatz 2029 /. Klep

Loo Structures on Spaces with Three One-Dimensional Components 2041 M. Daily





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