新民高中 109-1 高一 第二次段考題庫 範圍 L5 L6

一、綜合測驗(4 小題)

1. The Statue of Liberty and Eugène Delacroix’s painting, Liberty Leading the People, have

three things in common. Both artworks were created by a Frenchman. Both were created __(1)__ freedom. And, finally, both include a tribute* to Libertas, the Roman goddess of Liberty.

Liberty Leading the People was painted __(2)__ the Romantic style in 1830. __(3)__, it has come to be associated* with the French Revolution some forty years earlier. It is, however, based on the July Revolution* of the 19th century, __(4)__ was also a significant event in France ’s history.

The painting shows ordinary French citizens who are charging and __(5)__ their guns at the soldiers of King Charles X. In __(6)__ of the brave men is the fi gure of a fearless female

freedom fighter. Her dress is torn, exposing her breasts to the enemy. __(7)__ her left hand is also a gun, in her right the future French flag. This is Libertas, the goddess of Liberty, who is leading the way to freedom.

The __(8)__ duration* of the July Revolution was but 72 hours. By the __(9)__ of the “Three Glorious* Days,” the fighters had won back their precious freedom. The unjust and greedy king had lost his crown and the people of France __(10)__ no longer had to suffer under his cruel rule. Liberty had led them to a better, freer future.

註:tribute 致敬 associate 聯想 July Revolution 法國七月革命 duration 期間 glorious 榮耀的

( B )(1) (A) celebrate (B) to celebrate (C) celebrated (D) for celebrating ( D )(2) (A) with (B) for (C) at (D) in

( A )(3) (A) Over time (B) As a result (C) For a start (D) On the other hand ( C )(4) (A) it (B) that (C) which (D) when

( D )(5) (A) exposing (B) greeting (C) grabbing (D) firing ( C )(6) (A) case (B) honor (C) front (D) memory

( A )(7) (A) In (B) On (C) Between (D) Around ( B )(8) (A) keen (B) full (C) daily (D) crowded ( B )(9) (A) variety (B) end (C) rest (D) average ( C )(10) (A) suddenly (B) forever (C) thus (D) properly

2. Do you throw your food waste in the garbage? If you are someone _ _(1)__ cares about the

environment, you should think about composting*. If you have space outside your home, just create a pile of dirt and throw your food waste onto it. If your property is smaller and your

compost would have to be right __(2)__ your home, use a closed bin. If you live in an apartment, don’t worry! You can buy special warm compost bins that can stay inside your home. The best part is that they’re not __(3)__ smelly!

__(4)__ experts, a good trick is to compost as much brown material (dead leaves, wood, etc.) as green material (food, grass, etc.). If you follow this rule, you __(5)__ get high -quality soil. Also, if your pile is very big, you’ll need to mix it from time to time __(6)__ the oxygen flowing through it. __(7)__, remember that meat and dairy products can ’t be composted. They’ll __(8)__ your pile smelly and will attract animals.

Sooner than you think, you will have dark, rich soil that ’s great for plants. Spread it in your garden, or add it to your potted plants. If you don ’t have any, you __(9)__ share it with someone who does.

Composting is a practice __(10)__ can really improve our environment. You should

definitely consider giving it a try. 註:compost 堆肥

( A )(1) (A) who (B) whom (C) whose (D) he

( D )(2) (A) from (B) between (C) above (D) next to ( C )(3) (A) such (B) much (C) that (D) a lot

( D )(4) (A) Except for (B) Rather than (C) As to (D) According to ( D )(5) (A) did (B) had (C) don’t (D) are going to

( C )(6) (A) keep (B) keeping (C) to keep (D) kept

( A )(7) (A) Finally (B) Suddenly (C) Fortunately (D) Miraculously ( A )(8) (A) make (B) cause (C) have (D) allow

( B )(9) (A) should (B) could (C) would (D) might ( B )(10) (A) how (B) that (C) what (D) at which

3. I am a disposable bag. One day, some children bought me and filled me up with snacks.

Riding their bicycles, they took me __(1)__ the beach. They had a picnic and really enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately, they weren’t __(2)__ careful, because they forgot all about me when they left! Suddenly, the wind picked me up and blew me into the ocean.

I floated for __(3)__ days, until I was eaten by a huge fish. I wasn ’t alone; I saw a

disposable fork next to me. Over the next few days, the fish swallowed __(4)__ bits of plastic. We were all trapped in there until the fish died and decomposed. __(5)__, I was washed back up onto the shore. Some nice school children picked me up with a pair of tongs and brought me to be recycled. I hope that in my next life, I will be used more carefully!

( C )(1) (A) over (B) in (C) to (D) under ( C )(2) (A) such (B) enough (C) that (D) a bit ( B )(3) (A) few (B) a few (C) the other (D) another

( D )(4) (A) little and little (B) less and less (C) many and many (D) more and more ( A )(5) (A) Finally (B) Besides (C) In fact (D) For example

4. We’ve all seen pictures of the Statue of Liberty. It ’s __(1)__ the most famous structures on

earth. It receives __(2)__ four million visitors every year. Those lucky enough to see Lady Liberty in person seldom forget their first look at her. That’s because she’s __(3)__ a beautiful monument __(3)__ a very large one. Together with the base at her feet, she stands over 300 feet tall.

In addition, the statue itself contains many symbols. There ’s a special meaning behind almost __(4)__ it. The torch in her right hand, for example, stands for the light of liberty that guides people to freedom. The date on the tablet in her left hand reminds us of the end of British rule in America. At her feet are broken chains that sym bolize the fact that __(5)__ is coming to an end. It’s no wonder she’s known as Lady Liberty!

( B )(1) (A) one (B) one of (C) the only one (D) the only one of

( C )(2) (A) average (B) below average (C) an average of (D) about average ( A )(3) (A) not just; but (B) not just; and (C) just; but (D) not; and

( C )(4) (A) each section (B) each sections (C) each section of (D) each sections of ( A )(5) (A) slavery (B) freedom (C) celebration (D) addition


5. I was swimming near the land one day when I noticed something shiny in the water. After

eyeing it __(1)__, I decided it must be a juicy little fish. I was getting __(2)__ after not eating for a day or two, and this would make a decent* meal.

Very slowly I swam a little closer, __(3)__ care not to scare it away. I __(4)__ opened my mouth and then, in a flash, darted* forward, and seized my prey* in between my teeth. I bit and bit and didn’t stop __(5)__ the delicate* dinner was halfway down my throat. __ (6)__, I felt like there was something very strange inside my body. Somehow, that slippery little fish had __(7)__ getting stuck in my throat. This was the moment __(8)__ I first realized that I ’d made a big mistake. It wasn’t a fish like me after all.

I tried __(9)__ some time to cough it back up, but it was of no use. It was definitely stuck. Then I tried to swallow something else, but I just couldn ’t get it down. It was __(10)__ that without food, there was no way I could survive. I guess plastic bags make for a deadly dinner. 註:decent 像樣的 dart 飛奔 prey 獵物 delicate 可口的

( A )(1) (A) for a while (B) at the same time (C) before long (D) all of a sudden ( C )(2) (A) hunger (B) hungrily (C) hungry (D) hungers

( B )(3) (A) took (B) taking (C) taken (D) takes

( A )(4) (A) eagerly (B) properly (C) harmfully (D) obviously ( C )(5) (A) unless (B) while (C) until (D) although

( B )(6) (A) Fortunately (B) Suddenly (C) Actually (D) Additionally ( D )(7) (A) packed up (B) showed up (C) gave up (D) ended up ( D )(8) (A) where (B) which (C) who (D) when

( B )(9) (A) at (B) for (C) with (D) from

( A )(10) (A) obvious (B) crowded (C) poisonous (D) plastic

6. The Statue of Liberty is one of the world’s most recognizable* landmarks. It is a giant

copper sculpture built __(1)__ the new classic style, and was erected* on New York City’s Liberty Island in 1886. Resembling* a Roman goddess, Lady Liberty stands nearly one hundred meters __(2)__ and is light green in color. Apart from on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, she is visited by thousands of __(3)__ every single day of the year.

It might, however, come as a surprise to many to learn that there is a second Statue of Liberty, __(4)__ is also very much worth a visit. In order to do so, you ’ll have to travel __(5)__ 6,000 kilometers across the Atlantic. On a small island in the middle of Paris’s famous river the Seine __(6)__. This exact but much smaller copy of the original was __(7)__ as a gift to the city of Paris by its American community in 1889. __(8)__ the hund redth anniversary of the French Revolution* that this gesture was made to commemorate*.

__(9)__, shaded walkways and bridges were also added. These ensure that visitors aren ’t too __(10)__ the weather, and connect the artificial* island to the rest of th e city. Just a quarter of the size of her New York double, entrance to Paris ’s Statue of Liberty is, rather fittingly, completely free.

註:recognizable 容易識別的 erect 豎立 resemble 與……相像

the French Revolution 法國大革命 commemorate 紀念 artificial 人工的 ( A )(1) (A) in (B) on (C) to (D) by

( A )(2) (A) high (B) higher (C) highly (D) height

( D )(3) (A) continents (B) monuments (C) attractions (D) tourists ( B )(4) (A) what (B) which (C) whom (D) where

( C )(5) (A) thanks to (B) in addition to (C) close to (D) next to

( B )(6) (A) Where Lady Liberty’s little sister stands (B) stands Lady Liberty’s little sister (C) standing Lady Liberty’s little sister (D) Lady Liberty’s little sister standing

( B )(7) (A) removed (B) presented (C) symbolized (D) celebrated ( D )(8) (A) What was (B) That was (C) They were (D) It was ( C )(9) (A) In time (B) At times (C) Over time (D) Time after time ( C )(10) (A) related to (B) turned to (C) exposed to (D) applied to

三、文意選填(2 小題)

7. 作答時不需考慮大小寫

(A) around (B) symbol (C) at first (D) later on (E) independence

Have you heard of the Liberty Bell? It is an important __①__ of the US as it represents American freedom. __②__, this bell was ordered from London in 1752, and it had a Bible verse with the word “liberty” on it. __③__, it cracked* for the first time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was fixed twice. It was used to get people ’s attention and to inform all those __④__ the area of important events and announcements. Most historians believe that the most famous ringing of the bell took place on July 8, 1776, at the first reading of the Declaration* of __ ⑤__. Some also believe it was rung on July 4, 1776, after the Second Continental Congress* voted for America ’s independence from Great Britain.

註:crack 破裂 declaration 宣言 Continental Congress 大陸會議

①___B_____ ②____C____ ③___D_____ ④__A______ ⑤____E____

8. 作答時不需考慮大小寫

(A) in (B) harm (C) inside (D) ended up (E) make

One of the reasons why new things are created is for convenience. We tend to get rid of old items that don’t work and replace them with those that will __①__ our lives easier. __②__ this way, plastic bags were created by the Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin. According to his son, Thulin created plastic bags to save the planet, not to __ ③__ it. Plastic bags were meant to be kept folded up __④__ people’s pockets so that they could easily be reused. Thulin probably never imagined that his good will would have a bad effect, since plastic bags have __ ⑤__ as the main source of the pollution* of our oceans. Inventors should carefully co nsider the possible outcomes* of their ideas before releasing them to the public.

註:pollution 汙染 outcome 結果;後果