TRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETYCONTENTSVol. 360, No. 5 Whole No. 876 May 2008Masaki Kameko and Nobuaki Yagita,

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Vol. 360, No. 5 Whole No. 876 May 2008 Masaki Kameko and Nobuaki Yagita, The Brown-Peterson cohomology

of the classifying spaces of the projective unitary groups PU(p) and exceptional Lie groups 2265 Leonardo Constantin Mihalcea, Giambelli formulae for the equivariant

quantum cohomology of the Grassmannian 2285 Zoe Faget, Optimal constants in the exceptional case of Sobolev inequalities

on Riemannian manifolds 2303 Koen Thas and Hendrik Van Maldeghem, Geometric characterizations

of finite Chevalley groups of type B2 2327 Persi Diaconis and I. M. Isaacs, Supercharacters and superclasses for

algebra groups 2359 Michael K. Kinyon, J. D. Phillips, and Petr Vojtechovsky, When is

the commutant of a Bol loop a subloop? 2393 Lidia Angeleri Hiigel, Silvana Bazzoni, and Dolors Herbera, A

solution to the Baer splitting problem 2409 Grzegorz Karch and Wojbor A. Woyczynski, Fractal Hamilton-Jacobi-

KPZ equations 2423 Gabriel Navarro and Pham Huu Tiep, Rational irreducible characters

and rational conjugacy classes in finite groups 2443 Adam-Christiaan van Roosmalen, Classification of abelian hereditary

directed categories satisfying Serre duality 2467 Laura Scull, A model category structure for equivariant algebraic models 2505 D. Motreanu, V. V. Motreanu, and N. S. Papageorgiou, Positive

solutions and multiple solutions at non-resonance, resonance and near resonance for hemivariational inequalities with p-Laplacian 2527 Oleg Gleizer, Symmetries of the hypergeometric function mFm-1 2547 Scipio Cuccagna, On asymptotic stability in 3D of kinks for the model 2581 Philipp Gerhardy and Ulrich Kohlenbach, General logical metatheo-

rems for functional analysis 2615 Onur Yavuz, Invariant subspaces for Banach space operators with an annular

spectral set 2661 Erkan Nane, Higher order PDE's and iterated processes 2681 Nihat Gokhan Gogus, Local and global C-regularity 2693 Takesi Kawasaki, Finiteness of cousin cohomologies 2709 Aleksey Zinger, Pseudocycles and integral homology 2741 Steffen Sagave, Universal Toda brackets of ring spectra 2767 Mark Hovey, Erratum to "Classifying subcategories of modules" 2809





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