TRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETYCONTENTSVol. 360, No. 9 Whole No. 880 September 2008Yasuyuki Nagatomo,

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Vol. 360, No. 9 Whole No. 880 September 2008 Yasuyuki Nagatomo, The twistor sections on the Wolf spaces 4497 Le Tuan Hoa, Finiteness of Hilbert functions and bounds for Castelnuovo-

Mumford regularity of initial ideals 4519 Adam Hammett and Boris Pittel, How often are two permutations

comparable? 4541 Usha N. Bhosle and Indranil Biswas, Stable real algebraic vector bundles

over a Klein bottle 4569 Stefan Friedl and Taehee Kim, Twisted Alexander norms give lower

bounds on the Thurston norm 4597 James Colliander, Justin Holmer, and Nikolaos Tzirakis, Low

regularity global well-posedness for the Zakharov and Klein-Gordon- Schrodinger systems 4619 Juraj Huska, Exponential separation and principal Floquet bundles for

linear parabolic equations on general bounded domains: Nondivergence case 4639 Robert C. Dalang, Carl Mueller, and Roger Tribe, A Feynman-Kac-

type formula for the deterministic and stochastic wave equations and other p.d.e.'s 4681 Claudio D'Antoni and Laszlo Zsido, Abelian strict approximation in

AW*-algebras and Weyl-von Neumann type theorems 4705 Bong H. Lian, Andrew R. Linshaw, and Bailin Song, Chiral equivariant

cohomology II 4739 Mark F. Demers and Carlangelo Liverani, Stability of statistical

properties in two-dimensional piecewise hyperbolic maps 4777 Ryoji Kasagawa, On crossed homomorphisms on symplectic mapping class

groups 4815 George A. Elliott and Katsunori Kawamura, A Hilbert bundle

characterization of Hilbert C*-modules 4841 D. Ghioca and T. J. Tucker, Equidistribution and integral points for

Drinfeld modules 4863 Mario J. Edmundo and Arthur Woerheide, Comparison theorems for

o-minimal singular (co)homology 4889 Hiroki Matui, Torsion in coinvariants of certain Cantor minimal Z2-systems 4913 G. Bellettini and G. Fusco, The -limit and the related gradient flow for

singular perturbation functionals of Perona-Malik type 4929 Ciprian Demeter, Terence Tao, and Christoph Thiele, Maximal

multilinear operators 4989 Halvard Fausk, Generalized Artin and Brauer induction for compact Lie

groups 5043





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