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IEEE floating point format


Academic year: 2022

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Real Arithmetic

Computer Organization and Assembly Languages Yung-Yu Chuang




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Binary real numbers

• Binary real to decimal real

• Decimal real to binary real

4.5625 = 100.10012


0 100 0001 1 011 1110 1100 1100 1100 1100

IEEE floating point format

• IEEE defines two formats with different precisions: single and double

23.85 = 10111.1101102=1.0111110110x24 e = 127+4=83h


IEEE floating point format

IEEE double precision

special values


Denormalized numbers

• Number smaller than 1.0x2-126 can’t be

presented by a single with normalized form.

However, we can represent it with denormalized format.

• 1.001x2-129=0.01001x2-127


IA-32 floating point architecture

• Original 8086 only has integers. It is possible to simulate real arithmetic using software, but it is slow.

• 8087 floating-point processor was sold

separately at early time. Later, FPU (floating- point unit) was integrated into CPU.


FPU data types

• Three floating-point types


FPU data types

• Four integer types


Data registers

• Load: push, TOP--

• Store: pop, TOP++

• Instructions access the stack using ST(i)

relative to TOP

• If TOP=0 and push, TOP wraps to R7

• If TOP=7 and pop,

result in an exception

• Floating-point values are transferred to and from memory and stored in 10-byte temporary format.

When storing, convert back to integer, long, real, long real.


Special-purpose registers


Special-purpose registers

• Last data pointer stores the memory address of the operand for the last non-control instruction.

Last instruction pointer stored the address of the last non-control instruction. Both are 48 bits, 32 for offset, 16 for segment selector.

1 1 0 1 1


Status register


Control register

Initial 037Fh


Instruction format

• Begin with ‘F’. The second letter could be ‘B’

(binary-coded decimal), ‘I’ (binary integer) or none (real).

• Up to two operands, at least one of them is a floating-point register. Hence, no memory-

memory operation. No immediate and CPU register operands.


Instruction format

{…}: implied operands


Classic stack

• ST(0) as source, ST(1) as destination. Result is stored at ST(1) and ST(0) is popped, leaving the result on the top.


Real memory and integer memory

• ST(0) as the implied destination. The second operand is from memory.


Register and register pop

• Register: operands are FP data registers, one must be ST.

• Register pop: the same as register with a ST pop afterwards.


Example: evaluating an expression



FLDPI stores π

FLDL2T stores log2(10) FLDL2E stores log2(e) FLDLG2 stores log10(2) FLDLN2 stores ln(2)












Example: array sum

.data N = 20

array REAL8 N DUP(1.0) sum REAL8 0.0


mov ecx, N

mov esi, OFFSET array

fldz ; ST0 = 0

lp: fadd REAL8 PTR [esi]; ST0 += *(esi)

add esi, 8 ; move to next double loop lp

fstp sum ; store result



FMULP ST(1)=ST(0)*ST(1), pop ST(0)







• The above instructions change FPU’s status register of FPU and the following instructions are used to transfer them to CPU.

• SAHF copies C0 into carry, C2 into parity and C3 to zero. Since the sign and overflow flags are not set, use conditional jumps for unsigned integers (ja, jae, jb, jbe, je, jz).




Example: comparison


x REAL8 1.0 y REAL8 2.0 .code

; if (x>y) return 1 else return 0

fld x ; ST0 = x

fcomp y ; compare ST0 and y

fstsw ax ; move C bits into FLAGS sahf

jna else_part ; if x not above y, ...


mov eax, 1 jmp end_if else_part:

mov eax, 0 end_if:


Pentium Pro new comparison

• Pentium Pro supports two new comparison

instructions that directly modify CPU’s FLAGS.

The format should be FCOMI ST(0), src FCOMIP ST(0), src


Example: max=max(x,y)

.686 .data

x REAL8 1.0

y REAL8 2.0

max REAL8 ? .code

fld y

fld x ; ST0=x, ST1=y

fcomip st(0), st(1) jna y_bigger

fcomp st(0) ; pop y from stack

fld x ; ST0=x


fstp max


Miscellaneous instructions


x REAL4 2.75 five REAL4 5.2 .code

fld five ; ST0=5.2

fld x ; ST0=2.75, ST1=5.2

fscale ; ST0=2.75*32=88

; ST1=5.2


Example: quadratic formula


Example: quadratic formula


Example: quadratic formula



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