H.KimZassenhaus Conjecture for Groups of Order




Volume 36, Number 5, 2008


Grobner-Shirshov Bases for Schreier Extensions

of Groups 1609 Y. Chen

Multiplicative Lie Isomorphisms Between Prime Rings 1626 Z. Bai, S. Du, and J. Hou

A Note on the 4-Rank Densities of K2OF for Quadratic

Number Fields F 1634 X. Cheng

Module-Theoretic Characterizations of t-Linkative

Domains 1649 H.Kim

Zassenhaus Conjecture for Groups of Order p2q 1671 J.-H. Liu

Upper-Triangular Embeddings of Incidence Algebras

with Involution 1675 E. Spiegel

The Strong Endomorphism Kernel Property

in Ockham Algebras 1682 T. S. Blyth and H. J. Silva

On -Relation and Transitivity Conditions of a 1695 S. Mirvakili, S. M. Anvariyeh, and B. Davvaz

On the Classification of Commutative Right-Nilalgebras

of Nilindex 5 and Dimension 4 1704 A. Elduque and A. Labra

On the Isomorphism Classes of Transversals 1717 V. K. Jain and R. R Shukla

Conjugacy in Permutation Representations

of the Symmetric Group 1726 Y. Cherniavsky and M. Sklarz

Cyclotomic Extensions of Diagram Algebras 1739 J. Wang and S. Koenig

Algorithms for Computations in Local Symmetric Spaces 1758 J. R. Daniel and A. G. Helminck

(Continued on inside back cover)


Contents (Contents Continued)

Binomial Cycle Bases on Koszul Homology Modules 1789 D. Popescu

Quasi Co-Hopfian Modules and Applications 1801 Sh. Asgari, A. Haghany, and M. R. Vedadi

-Gorenstein Modules 1817 J.Wei

On Inverting the Koszul Complex 1830 K. Khuri-Makdisi

On the Quasi-Stratified Algebras of Liu and Paquette 1838 W. D. Burgess and A. Mojiri

On Von Neumann Regular Rings of Skew Generalized

Power Series 1855 R. Mazurek and M. Ziembowski

Nilpotent Ideals in Graded Lie Algebras and Almost

Constant-Free Derivations 1869 E. I. Khukhro, N. Yu. Makarenko, and R Shumyatsky

Irreducible Divisor Graphs in Commutative Rings

with Zero Divisors 1883 M. Axtell and J. Stickles

Descent Cohomology and Corings 1894 T. Brzezinski

The Leading Ideal of a Complete Intersection of Height

Two in a 2-Dimensional Regular Local Ring 1901 S. Goto, W. Heinzer, and M.-K. Kim

Two-Sided Localization of Bimodules 1911 E. Ortega

On the Zeroeth Complete Cohomology of Certain

Polycyclic Groups 1927 F. Dembegioti

Asymptotic Primes of Ratliff-Rush Closure of Ideals

with Respect to Modules 1942 J. Amjadi and R. Naghipour

When the Semistar Operation is the Identity 1954 G. Picozza and F. Tartarone

Minimal Number of Generators and Minimum Order of a Non-Abelian Group Whose Elements Commute

with Their Endomorphic Images 1976 A. Abdollahi, A. Faghihi, and A. M. Hassanabadi

Strict Dead-End Elements in Free Soluble Groups 1988 V. Guba





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