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Academic year: 2022



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TO A/AN/THE _____ LEAVING _____

•Mother’s love


•The daughter was going to start a new phase.


•All the mothers whose daughter is leaving.


•To express her _____ feelings for her daughter’s departure.


•The mother


•Soft and tender



Example 1:

To a Student Leaving a Math Teacher

When I saw you at 16 to study math, asking

around beside you as you taught in front of a big

blackboard, my own mouth rounding in surprise when you answered the difficult question of the homework, I kept thinking for the contents of your teaching as I

started to deal with the question, while I became older, more clear about math, cheering, cheering for my scores, screaming with laughter, the smile beaming behind you like a moon

shining goodbye.


Example 2: To a Teacher Leaving School

When you told me at 18 to write

an article, walking around beside me

as I fell asleep on the cozy chair,

my own mouth watering in shock when you punched

strongly on top of my head, you kept murmuring

for the snoring

of my nap as I

continued to nod off, while you grew

older, more vulnerable with disease,

deteriorating, deteriorating for your body, suffering

with pain, the hair falling from you like the

silk tearing



To My Students Leaving School Carolyn

When I first met you in the very same classroom, where you now enjoy the naps and mobile games, looking at your young and lively faces,

laughing at your hilarious jokes, I couldn’t but like you


for your innocent souls,

your flattering comments, and those sparkling eyes eager for knowledge, ambitious for your future,

while you grew maturer, more sophisticated,

having yielded to reality, laughing, playing, sleeping, fooling, idling, joking,

manifesting the overwhelming power of time,

stretching with a yawn like an indifferent gesture

saying goodbye.


To a Dog Leaving for My Home


When I saw you at once arriving my home, lying in a paper box,

my mouth rounding in surprise when you looked at me,

I couldn’t help but touch you.

When you grew bigger, more active pumping, pumping for your life, barking with joy,

the fur flapping on you

like a blanket saying hello.


To the Students Leaving School

The students have left the old time of

taking naps in the classroom, playing cards around the back,

cheating on the test,

making teachers’ temper crack, shouting the name of “Jack,”

all the times, good or bad,

having become the past.


To a Kid Leaving Home


The bird has grown up, wings completely strong,

So she stands up, shaking her white feathers, trying to escape from

the cave named “home.”

“Don’t stop her. It’s her life,”

my heart says to me.

I keep silent, standing still and watching her flapping away.

“It’s her life,” I murmur,

wondering if she comes back someday, what colors will dye on her pure white.


To the Caterpillar Not Leaving Its Cocoon

施瑋 If only, If only, the caterpillar sighs, If only I can soar high up in the sky,

The sun would be bright, I can tell

If only I have the courage to leave this shell.

Would it be safe, where else can I stay?

I mustn’t leave, oh no, not today.

There is not much inside, inside the dome, yet it’s an ideal place for a comfort zone.

Oh butterfly, I wonder how you fly so free, Oh butterfly, I wish like that I could be,

soaring above the wonderland, so awesome, so grand,

able to fly so high up in the sky.

How great it would be just to live alive!


To My Best Friends Leaving Each Other


Time flies. It’s time for us to say goodbye.

Thank God for letting me meet you guys.

The time we stayed together like a lifespan of a fly.

All the happiness and sadness we underwent I’d put inside.

It’s invaluable that money can’t buy.

I’ll give it a try,

not to hide in bed and cry.

We have seen lots of beautiful scenery through our eye.

Oh my!

Eric’s blood pressure went so high.

Though we’re gonna say goodbye, our friendship will never die.



Really, all of you play a crucial role in my life.

Distance won’t separate the missing of our guys.

Separation is a bit sorrowful but not disappointing;

a bit regretful but not pessimistic, because

the chance we meet each other in the future is comforting us.


To Birds Leaving to Fly


Clouds twirling in the beautiful blue sky, my heart ached of wanting to fly,

with wobbly legs, I took a deep breath,

jumping into the breeze, wings stretched out to glide.

Tumbling in the roaring winds, I was lost and panic-stricken, falling, falling into darkness. My mother’s words

came to me, believe in yourself and don’t give up!

Flapping hard with all my might, spiraling up to touch the

stars and feel the warmth of sunlight.


To Us Leaving Each Other Jack

Months ago we met Times in a row we sat

talking about the edge of time passing so fast High school life goes to an end

Right this moment, here we stand seeing each other with a helpless face

Giving each other one last gaze

With memories of our glad days running through my brain I wish I have the strength to wait until seeing you again

It’s the season of graduation, but not a reason for our desperation.


To Polaris Leaving Eclipse


Difference occurred in the wind

smashing peace, breaking credence.

One tried hard to indicate standpoints,

and the other one just looked up to the sky, crying without tears.

After the long embarrassing standing,

she broke the silence with a hoarse voice,

“whatever it takes.”

The freezing atmosphere finally crumbled, banging painfully on his heart.

Two fragmented hearts search for a way to one ideal future,

where the mutants are truly free.


To Warriors Leaving the Stage Ivy

Hey yo! Back up a little!

Here comes the talent show!

National Experimental High School The last time we performed

with new blood—Bing Yo!

My old partner—Nathalia Ho!

Oh, I forgot…

The mighty warrior—Yo Yo!

Dance teaches us to be humble

Dance teaches Andy not to drink the alcohol Dance gives the rally hard to hold

Oh, finally the day comes, we spoke

It was difficult But we did it all

With my mask thrown

And one of the shoes fallen

Never ending is our dancing soul!


To a Friend Leaving Town


We’ve known each other when we were young, Did stupid things that got us caught,

Imagined flying as you pushed my swung,

Laughed heartily like there were no one else.

Shared sandwiches together and made promises to stay forever.

Then, the leaves turned yellow, the flowers withered, The train whistled twice, saying it’s time to go,

I waved goodbye to you and you did so.


To a Leaf Leaving the Tree


When I saw you at nine,

you were just a bud, green and small.

With one day and one day,

you became stronger and greener.

After three months, you grew up to a leaf, big and dark green,

swaying in the wind and rustling in the air.

After another three months, you turned into yellow.

After another three months, you turned to brown.

When I was ten, one day, you were blown away by winds. Finally, you left the tree

and wobbled in the air until lying on the ground. Goodbye, my leaf.


To a Bird Leaving the World


My first glimpse at you unexpectedly Your chirp used to be that energetic Your wings used to flap that mightily

Every time I opened the door you cuddled up to me

confiding your secret

Wish you have a good dream

You will always be in my heart


To a Warrior Leaving the World


With the rhythm echoing in the sky,

your words are still haunting in my mind.

The day we met seemed just like yesterday.

Everything we’ve undergone I still remember, the frog we stoned together.

the horse liver couldn’t be tastier.

the girl you liked and how I helped you chase her.

Now you’re on your way to finish your accomplishment.

Let the wind escort you to the empire, and let the river be your pioneer.

I’ll long stand here for your return,

until you bring back the honor you deserve.


To a Legend Leaving the Court


When I saw you at twelve on the screen, screaming and crazy about you

as you dribbled beside the three-point line,

my own mouth rounding in nervousness when you beat the buzzer and won the series,

I kept following you for the amazing fadeaway jumper, while you disappear gradually in the spotlight,

less vigorous with age, as time went by,

I’ll never forget the green blood bleeding down your body, the night you beat Kobe’s Lakers,

your story will be etched in history,

‘cause you are “THE TRUTH,”

the Boston hero—Paul Pierce.


To Us Leaving Senior High School Life

Suddenly, we are about to graduate from school.


Time waits for no man.

It goes fast

so I can’t seize it.

Tik-Tok Tik-Tok Tik-Tok

The sound of Tik-Tok alarms me our senior high life is about to end Now what I can do is cherish every moment left

with my classmate.


To the Diver Leaving the World

You woke up again but ready to be gone with hands toward the sky

you dove

into the abyssal blue

Hands sliced through the surface Darkness devoured you

no resistance no struggle

while keeping falling down




To a Comet Leaving Its Orbit


Shining, burning the rest of life,

In the silent night, you attracted my sight.

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light,”

A poet sighed.

Shining, burning the rest of life,

In the sky, you’ve left your light in my mind,

Leaving me on the earth missing how bright.


To a Pure Boy Leaving Me


He was a pure boy,

who joyfully ate a sweet pastry,

but, now, he no longer feels happy easily.

He was a pure boy,

who smiled with the sunshine when play Monopoly,

but, now, he cries with the moonlight for confronting difficulty.

He was a pure boy,

who expressed the affection unreservedly,

but, now, he is too cowardly to give his lover everything.



He was a pure boy,

who ran after the inaccessible dream,

but, now, he is studying the unreasonable chemical thoery.

He was a pure boy,

who used to exchange the diary,

but, now, he is phubbing his phone lonely.

He was a pure boy,

who existed previously,

but, now, he is just living in his mind deeply.


To a Soul Leaving Hell



You’ve been here a while

Now you’ve finished the trial It’s time you can show

Your relaxing smile Remember the lesson

And put down the weapon You’re going to heaven

Where you’re always forgiven

After you’re gone

I’ll be left lonesome

When I finish the rum

The next soul will come


To a Rocket Leaving the Earth


When you built me in delight to launch

the wind, chattering along beside me

with me emitted away on four gigantic ejectors my own frame rustling in surprise when I took off above the straight horizons of the earth, you kept squinting for the radiance

of my tail as I

accelerated to move on while the earth grew

smaller, more changeable with distance,

soaring, soaring,

for my adventure, booming with laughter,

the vapor chasing behind me like a

tear streak representing goodbye.


To Shelly Before Leaving for College


I’ve known you for a long time, since we were like ten.

We were such good friends,

though you always ruined my plan.

We played on the ground wildly, till our shirts were full of stains.

We have pranked all our classmates.

Oh, they were really good days then.

But we both understand

that we are both going somewhere new.

You may feel cold and stranded

when I won’t be there when you need me.

However, there’s nothing to be afraid, for you’re gonna have a good life

there with your new friends.

Leaving will never be the end;

it’s just another beginning.

So stay strong, be bold,

and everything will be fine.


To Someone Leaving Happiness

I fell into a dream, 浚右

meandering around.

I stared at the moonlight,

trying to open the dream behind.

Therein lay a splendorous world,

with leaves rustling and flowers waving.

You once told me love is unlimited, but how could I be gnawed?

I clutched at your hand,

thinking the love had come to an end.

Tender was the night.

How could I survive?

Abruptly struck awake from the dream, I trembled.

Slowly basked in your fugacious love, I struggled.

Occasionally hearing your obsolete anecdote, I quibbled.

Inchingly subsiding was the darkness.

Gradually emerging was my boldness.

Surely existing was your kindness.

Tender was till the night.

Don’t need to turn on the light.



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