Technology Learning Activities

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When designing Technology Learning Activities (TLAs), teachers could consider:

• anticipated learning targets,

• the strands of TE and the selected knowledge contexts,

• the relevant situations,

• lateral coherence with other Key Learning Areas (KLAs),

• teachers' specialities, etc.,

to formulate authentic learning activities to address the learning needs of students.

A graphical representation of the formulation is shown in the Figure below:

TLAs can be conducted on appropriate platforms, e.g. through themes from current issues or from elements of a knowledge context addressing personal, social, academic, practical, technical or even business problems.

In a TLA, students will adopt a "design cycle" that normally comprises the following activities:

• Identification of needs and problems;

• Collection, selection and organization of relevant information, employing this and other knowledge already acquired to make informed decisions;

• Development of a solution through interaction between the initial plan and the

Technology Learning Activities

(TLAs) Learning Targets

Technological Literacy

Situations or Contexts

Other considerations such as lateral coherence with other KLAs, teachers' specialities, etc.

Strands Students'


Figure on Schema for Formulating TLAs

• Communicating the solution to others; and

• Evaluating the solution in the light of the initial requirements identified, and the effect on others and the natural environment.

In the design cycle of every TLA, it is not necessary to go through all the activities or to go through them in any particular order. There is no standard solution to a technological problem. Students will be encouraged to generate alternatives or multiple solutions to nurture creativity, and compare them critically to further enhance their critical thinking skills.


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