New Dual-Major Computer Science and Engineering Degree at HKUST

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For immediate release 24 June 1997

New Dual-Major Computer

Science and Engineering Degree


Students intent on gaining mastery of computer hardware and software issues while acquiring advanced programming skills will want to consider a new undergraduate degree program on offer at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

A Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and

Computer Engineering will be offered by HKUST as a new option for students admitted in September 1997.

"Our CS&CE program is equivalent to a double-major program in some universities," says Dr Ting-Chuen Pong, undergraduate program coordinator of the University's Department of Computer Science. "This is intended to be a challenging program for ambitious students to complete in three years."

"This new program satisfies all the requirements of a typical computer science degree, with specialization in some important areas of

computer engineering," adds Dr Pong.

In addition to the typical core courses of both the existing computer science and computer engineering programs, students can choose elective courses such as artificial intelligence, database and

knowledge management, computer and communication security and computer-aided circuit design.

With this training, graduates of the program can expect to be sought after by the emerging high-tech industries in Hong Kong and the region.

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