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According to the dynamic of broaden and build theory of positive emotion mention that the function of positive affect prompting individuals to engage with their environments and partake in activities. After that, the broaden mindset carry magnanimous value and then building personal resources, such as social connections, environmental knowledge. Therefore, positive attitude and value induced people to build advanced coping strategy and personal resources.

This pattern of result support the idea of broaden and build effect in the process of group dynamic and psychosocial intervention. The questions were, “What

is the effect of walking exercise and intervention course? “ and “What is the influ-ence on your life after finishing the intervention?” and “What is the differinflu-ence on your life after finishing the intervention? “ We categorized the process of broaden and build into two part – broaden and build effect, and divided into four categories correspond to the definition of personal resources, like intellectual, physical , psy-chological and social resources are listed as following.

4.11.1 Broaden effect

The interviewee describes how he got physical intellectual knowledge about walking exercise and then beneficial for physical health and be more open-minded.

“Pay more attention to posture on walking, head up and chest out, otherwise, sleep earlier, this the most valuable treasure. I make myself tired and get up early in the night, therefore, feel more pleasure and be more open-minded (走路盡量...注意姿 勢抬頭挺胸,會早一點睡覺,這個是最大的收穫。我現在盡量把自己白天弄得 很累,晚上就可以早點睡覺,反正就覺得精神會很愉快,比較開朗)。“(intervi-ewee E, female).

Another interviewee describe the difference between pre-retired and retireme nt. She mentioned that physical labor is different from physical activity. More physi-cal activity made her had better physiphysi-cal health and be more happier. “I think that I g o out to work just for family members, I work hard everyday to make a living. When I am in bad physical condition, and be more negative thinking. Just feel that I am in a worst physical condition than others. I was not be towing to work and can not go out to exercise. Nowadays, it is not bad to go walking and feel more relaxing after go a

out sluggish. .... Sure, I am happy to hang out with others, just listening other's talk and going out for a journey. (我是覺得阿會出來做生意就是為了家庭,希常每天 都要做,事頭要做阿為了生活,阿就是要做身體又不好,頭又會去想到壞的,

就感覺阿我身體那會哈差,阿別人身體就很勇,所以愈做愈不甘願?阿不甘願 你說要出去運動又不能出去運動。現在感覺這樣走不錯,人的身體感覺愈走愈 輕鬆,人的心情很好,阿蠻感覺很快樂啦,直直要走,咖不會愈走愈懶惰。...


(interviewee F, female).

Apart from influence of physical health, the interviewee describes how his family got psychological resources from group dynamic. “ Many friends of mine talk ed to my wife, chatting with her and told her that descendants have their destiny. Do not be too thrifty, think more widen and playing overwhere. Leave them alone and yo u will be more happy (我很多朋友都會跟我太太講,會跟他聊天,女人都比較 會煩惱孫子、煩惱兒子,很會操心就對,我那個朋友就很好,我好幾個朋友他 們都看開一點、想開一點、不要管、不要等、不要省,意思是叫我太太不要省

,要去玩還是要去哪裡你就去,你不要管你的兒子,你的孫子什麼,他們兒孫 自有兒孫福,你就不要管他,你才會快樂) “ (interviewee A, male).

Another interviewee mentioned that there are more open-minded after retirme nt because of more free time to takepart of walking exercise. “My idea is that before I join the exercise, I needed to work. When you have to work, you’ve got no time.

What I talked was always something bad……….this way. Now since I no longer ha-ve to run the business, I just let eha-verything go and think about nothing. What I think

is all about good thing. So I feel relaxed. As getting old, I feel happy inside and feel free and easy, feel less pressure as before. Previously, the pressure came from work-ing all the time yet limited time for exercise, no playwork-ing (travelwork-ing). Though someti-mes I travel, however it was not gonna happen all the time. And the travel was time limited, unable to go wherever I want. Now I can do that, do whatever I want. So the mood and attitude are quite different“ (我的觀念就是還沒出來運動之前就是要做 事,要做事ㄟ時準你就是每天沒時間,阿沒時間好像還沒運動之前的朋友好像 說:阿恁向好啦,你要怎樣就可以怎樣,阿我們每天都綁在這裡。說的都是咖 不好的事情...安內,現在沒做生意就覺得蝦米都放放去阿,什麼都放下去 阿,什麼都沒想,想的就是好的事情,所以心情就卡輕鬆。就是覺得現在感覺 現在愈多歲才感覺心情卡快樂,ㄟ會這樣感覺心情卡輕鬆,卡沒有卡早的壓力

,卡早的壓力就是卡末凍運動就是一直做事,沒凍氣桃,氣桃是偶爾啦,甘ㄟ 凍常常去氣桃,氣桃去都有設時間卡沒凍自由走,現在就可以自由走,要自由 走就ㄟ凍自由走,所以這心情心態就不一樣。) (interviewee F, female). Psycholo gcial resources including not only open-minded, but other's praise, self-esteem, cont entment and enjoy of life. The following description addressed that group dynamic br ing out resources of psychologcial well-being. Taling about the concept of other's pra ise, contentment and enjoy of life as following.

Psychologcial resources including not only open-minded, but other's praise, self-esteem, contentment and enjoy of life. The following description addressed that group dynamic bring out resources of psychologcial well-being. Talking about the co ncept of other's praise, contentment and enjoy of life as following. “The leader took the lead all the time. He has the enthusiasm. Actually , he did not swim many trips.

Take me as example, I swam over 1500 meter every day. And 300 or 500 at most for him. But he like to chat and make friend. During the activity, he make friends. With the sense of company, he won’t feel boring. By the way, we chat everything, thing about the society and life and whatever or joke. We chat every day. I like to listening to his talk. (都是那個會長帶頭的。他就有那個熱心,他其實游泳他游沒有幾趟

,像我每天都游一千五以上,他最多游五百,三百、五百而已,他這是喜歡去 聊天交朋友。...就是在活動當中,他可以交到朋友,然後有伴的感覺,也不 會無聊?...對,什麼話都談,一些社會事,還是人生什麼事情的,還是什麼笑 話,每天都聊來聊去,我喜歡聽他聊天。)“(interviewee A, male).

The concept of achievement and self-actualization are as following. “A varie-ty of interests, I like to learn about anything new in one way, the other way, I can ha-ve fun from it. When you haha-ve little triumph, it provides sense of achieha-vement. I am the kind of person with perseverance. The belief that I must do it right gave me the driven force. So call sense of achievement? When other people appreciate your result , of course appraisal from professionals is higher level. If the appreciation come from friends or family member, that is a sense of achievement too. It counts. (多方面的興 趣,就是一方面就是我喜歡學習新奇的東西新奇的事物,(除了喜歡)一方面 就是也能從中得到樂趣。...這就是當你有一點成就的話,他有一種就感覺 很有成就感。...可是就是我就是有那種毅力有一種我一定要把它做好,

這種這種讓我就是有這種動力啦。...所謂的成就感?就是當你的成果達到 別人的讚賞的時候。當然專精人士的讚賞當然是更高層次啦,那假如說能夠得 到朋友啦家人啦的讚賞,那也算是一種成就感,也算啦。) “(interviewee D,


Someone addressed that broaden of intellectual resources and broaden of min dset are listed as following. “I feel my physical condition will be getting better, more capable of walking, less need for rehabilitation and more open and clear mood. No m ore depression and thinking oppressively and crying. Mind is broadened and happier.

Different curriculum every day kept me busy. I feel the curriculum does do us favor.

I will think positively. And people talked to you. Otherwise, you have to face TV and family, talk about same thing, recall about same thing and nothing new and fresh. Bei ng here, abundant of curriculum fills me with expectation. I will expect what class to morrow will have and look forward to the coming tomorrow, expect for what class to attend. Progress brings you sense of freshness and feel happy. People talk and chat, y ou will feel great being here………..less likely to think about it. Expect the coming of tomorrow, and there will be new curriculum tomorrow, expect the long walk tomo rrow and what will we do tomorrow or what kind of activity will have. I took part in all the activity. (我覺得體力會好一點,比較能走,比較不用去做復健,心情比 較開朗,不會憂鬱症每天很悶想要哭,心情會比較放得開,比較快樂。...


覺得來這裡很棒,還有人跟你說話,不然你整天就對面電視機、家裡的人,講 同樣的話,回憶同樣的事情,沒有新鮮的事。來這裡感覺很多課程讓你 ...充 滿著期待,會期待明天又有什麼課程,趕快明天到來,又要參加什麼課程,要 給你進步就會新鮮,感覺很快樂,大家說話聊聊,就會覺得來這裡很棒。 ....

..就比較不會去想它,就會好期待明天趕快到來,明天又有新的課程,明天又 要健走,明天要幹嘛,不然就又有什麼活動,我幾乎活動統統都有參加 )

“(in-erviewee E, female). Last but not least, broaden of social resources offered individua l to build advanced coping strategies and self-achievement in the further. “People cha t while walking. My goal is that I will talk to anyone new and old as well. I will talk t o almost everyone and feel happy (這樣健走大家都會聊天,我的目標就是說新來 的我一定要跟他聊天,舊的也要跟他聊天,幾乎每個都要跟他聊天,就會很開 心)“ (interviewee E, female).

4.11.2 Build effect

In the process of build, individuals who broaden their intellectual resources, physical resources, psychological resources and social resources. They would develo p the strategies of coping and problem solving, otherwise, psychological resiliency w ould be an significant power to make individual recovering from frustration. The des-criptions from interviewee who emphasized physical endurance are as listed. “I wok e up in the morning punctually feeling no chill and went to exercise. What a feeling.

More I do more I am interested in. now in winter time, it is cold. However my mind p erturbed if not going exercising. Looking at the clock and getting up as the time up, y ou cannot sleep even keep lying. And also fear that I will get used to not going if cont inue to be lazy. So I just go. (那時準早上起來感覺沒寒冷起來運動感覺多麼好ㄟ

,阿就愈做愈有興趣,阿現在到冬天了,歐~那麼冷喔~阿沒去又做慣習了沒去 又覺得心頭又癢癢。又時鐘邊看時間到就起來,你沒起來也睡不著。又怕說繼 續不去懶惰變成習慣後又不去了!就好拉又都來去)“(interviewee F, female).

And another description also indicated the same situation. “I think the exer-cise he demonstrated can alleviate the sore and pain over joints. I used to be stooped,

the movement expands the chest will make your head up and chest out. For the long walk, I was not so capable of doing so. After join the long walk, now I am good at walking. Doctor told me to walk for 5 or 6 thousands steps. I thought “Woo, that is terrible, I cannot go far.” After join long walk, I am able to increase the numbers of steps, from some thousands to ten thousands gradually. Ten thousands steps was tough for me, far beyond my limit, impossible. Doctor said my knees can only toler-ate 6 thousand steps or so. Now the way I walk every day, round the circle and exercise only already reaches 5 to 6 thousand steps. It is ten thousand steps for the whole day. If I travel out of city, it is tens of thousands (我覺得他帶操,可以讓你 的關節各方面比較不會痠痛,我平常都彎腰駝背,你做擴胸運動就比較會抬頭 挺胸,健走的話,我覺得以前比較不會走,參加健走完了以後,變很會走,以 前醫生跟我講差不多五、六千步,我想糟了,這樣就不能去遠的地方,健走以 後,我就可以漸漸的幾千步、一萬步,以前一萬步對我來說很苛求,很遙遠,

不可能,醫生就說我膝蓋差不多六千步左右,現在每天這樣走,只有早上繞和 做操就有五、六千步,一整天下來差不多一萬多步,如果你再出去玩,就好幾 萬步)“(interviewee E, female).

Through the broaden of personal resources, individual described that building of intellectual information and problem-solving skill, and positive thinking from othe r's positive experience is an significant point of view. “Sometimes, how his house lo-oks like, makes me feel novel. We will learn more knowledge, some new thing, to let us know what the society is now. Or, he teach us what he is capable. It was because he learned hard privately. We will learn from him, so hard working. Stick with the pri nciple. Such as friends went to learn mold dough figurines, Chinese knotting, others

learn something else. We feel that others are so earnest. Some said they started leanin g cutting hair when his kids grew up. It is so, should not be that you abandon some-thing just because of kids and family and stay in the house every day. It is that when

learn something else. We feel that others are so earnest. Some said they started leanin g cutting hair when his kids grew up. It is so, should not be that you abandon some-thing just because of kids and family and stay in the house every day. It is that when