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According to the theory of broaden and build of positive emotion revealed that individuals who join with engagement of activity to result in open-minded and broaden though-action. This pattern of result support individuals to extend resources in their environments. The resources consist of abstracted resources and concrete re-sources. The questions were, “How do you feel in the beginning of the intervention?

“ and “How do you feel after finishing the whole intervention?” to arouse individuals declare the process of the who intervention period and changes from getting re-sources. We categorized the resources into four categories correspond to the definition of broaden and build theory of positive emotion. Intellectual, physical , psychological and social resources are listed as following.

4.10.1 Intellectual resources

The interviewee describes how he got resources through intervention and in-terpersonal interaction. He was able to draw on learning from others experiences and sharing personal positive experience with others.

“We talked about everything, things about the society and things about life, and joke. We chat for everyday, I enjoy listening to his talking (什麼話都談,一些 社會事,還是人生什麼事情的,還是什麼笑話,每天都聊來聊去,我喜歡聽他 聊天) ”。

“It is an intangible resources, for things I don’t know, I will ask him. I will certainly tell if someone asks me something I know...if someone don’t know some-thing, I will tell if he asks, and he will understand” oh, that is the way it is (無形的資

源就是不懂的我請教他,像我知道的人家問我,我一定會講...有的人不懂 的話,請教我們會告訴他,他就…了解原來是這樣) ”。 (interviewee A, male).

Similarly, another interviewee also indicated that interpersonal sharing is an abstracted intellectual resources. “There are more friends there. I just listen. I am not good at talking. So I go there everyday, go exercising, feel the gossip, listen people talking. If I feel I am not capable about one thing. I just listen and learn from others.

It really makes difference (咖多朋友,我是只有聽講話而已。我就不會講話阿 ~ 阿就這樣每天出去,阿運動,感覺大家聊天、聽大家講話,阿是感覺原本自己 都不會,加減聽大家講阿加減學習,就覺得這樣就有差) ”。 (interviewee F, fe-male).

Moreover, interventions from coach of walking exercise also offer the similar function on intellectual. “I have no experience about long walk at the first beginning.

Now, at least for the gesture, head high, chest out, the whole thing was included in the training from the beginning. It enriches me to know about long walk and makes me healthier (就是剛開始對健走沒有經驗,阿現在最起碼對健走的一些姿勢、


,而且自己身體好點) ”。 (interviewee B, female).

Most indicated that the intellectual resources would likely be retrieved from interpersonal interactions and positive experience sharing between social interaction.

Otherwise, concrete intellectual would likely be retrieved from the content of inter-vention, especially from the information of walking exercise.

4.10.2 Physical resources

The interviewee describes how he got physical resources through walking ex-ercise and changes from getting physical resources. He was able to get fitted and vitality from walking exercise, otherwise, positive experience from his family also be addressed. “It seems that the more I walk, the faster I walk, and more skinny. I lost almost 2 Kg. My friend told me he lost several Kg and the waist measured less. The big belly became smaller now (越走好像越快,而且變苗條,瘦了差不多二公斤

,我那個朋友他告訴我說瘦好幾公斤了,他說腰圍都小起來了,以前肚子都大 大的,現在都小了)。

“One person in our long walk team, one year elder than me, last name Lin, he said great. He walks in that way at usual, even without the coach, he walks fast, his purpose is to have healthy body (我們那個健走裡面,有一個多我一歲,我記得 他姓林,他說很好!他平常也是這樣走,沒有老師也是這樣走,他走很快,他 的目的就是要身體健康就對了,要瘦下去就對了)”

“Right, days are easier, that’s right. My wife for example, she has problem for sleeping. She did not sleep well at night. I said if you walk to sweat, it will be good for sleep. She said ‘yes, that is true,. If you walk to sweat, it is better for sleep at night, good for sleep. There was a time he was sick, little exercise. She rely on pill, sleep with the pill. She does not need pill after exercise. She did not need pill any-more (對,日子過的比較好過就對了,像我太太就是他有睡眠障礙,晚上睡不 好,我說你走到流汗的話,一定比較好睡,他說真的是這樣子,給它走累了流 汗,晚上比較好睡,對睡眠有幫助。他有一段時間生病了很少運動,都靠安眠 藥,吃藥了才會睡,運動以後他就不用吃了,連安眠藥都不用吃了)”

“I feel more energetic and younger. We are at our seventy’s, but feel our heart are young though aging, we are not inferior to the young (人變的比較有活力,感覺 比較年輕,我們現在都七十幾歲,身體感覺人老心不老,覺得不輸給年輕人)”

Similarly, another interviewee also indicated that it is important to be more vitality and get fitted from getting physical resources. “It should be that it bring bett-er mood ,spirit, and enbett-ergy, not so floppy about things. Probably I feel more enbett-ergeti- energeti-c in the whole day. And I won’t stay home doing nothing.(應該是心情會比較好一 點,而且好像精神也會比較好一點,好像比較有活力,做起事情比較不會懶洋 洋,大概感覺就是整天活力會比較好一點就對了,才不會整天待在家裡沒事做 這樣子)”(interviewee B, female).

“After I retired, it is so relaxing that I got a little bit of weight. I lose 3 Kg afte r joining the3-month long walk (退休以後,精神就比較放鬆,體重就有點增加了

,所以參加了健走以後,三個月下來我瘦了三公斤) ”(interviewee D, female).

Moreover, More vigorous and energetic are often addressed by respondents. “ Now I feel a lot of change. My body and mind feel fresh. In the past, my body was bad like no body. Getting together with them, it changes me a lot, ma-kes me feel hap pier (現在感覺改變很多阿,整個體質也感覺卡清爽,精神卡清爽。原本我身體 那丑就想說別人就沒有按ㄋㄟ,我身體那ㄟ哈差,(黑~)就感覺跟他們鬥陣之 後(柳金...),讓我改變很多,也感覺咖心情加就好ㄟ)”(interviewee F, female).

Most indicated that the physical resources would likely be extendd from wa-lking exercise and become more vigorous and energetic, otherwise, getting fitted and body weight control are the concrete benefit from extend of physical resources.

4.10.3 Psychological resources

The interviewee describes how he got psychological resources from family support and encouragement through friends support. He was able to share his own experience and got feedback form family or friends and then got psychological sup-port and resources, respectively. “We can discuss with companies.The viewpoint for something, one man alone is more lonely. Yet if I went alone, I would share with my

family. (有伴就是大家可以互相討論,對於某些事情的看法,一個人當然就是


“Since I am not married, so I am used to live this way. If you don’t arrange for your own life, you certainly don’t knlw how to kill time, do you? So I try to arran ge my life, culti-vate some hobby. (因為我是單身,所以已經習慣了這種單身的 生活,那你假如說不自己去安排的話,那你當然是不曉得生活怎麼過怎麼渡過

,對不對?所以我就自己去盡量安排自己生活,培養一些興趣愛好) ”

“And of course, It is better to share one's happiness/pleasure than to enjoy it alone... that means that I li-ke to share happiness with my friends, bring joy to ever ybody(當然是獨樂樂不如眾樂樂啦,就是說我會喜歡去跟朋友分享一些快樂,

就是能夠把歡樂帶給大家)” (interviewee D, female). According to respondents, friendship played a significant role in prompting the feeling of love and belonging, self-esteem and respect of others. The feeling of love and belonging, self-esteem is the psychological needs in Maslow's hierarchy of need pyramid.

The respondent comment about that as “He encouraged me, I did not want to walk that fast at first. Afterward, I asked him why he walked so fast. At the middle of

sometime, he told me that I was getting skinny after one month, and lost several Kg.

I think it is better to make friends with like-minded people through long walk. (他激 勵我,我本來不想走那麼快,後來我就問他你為什麼走那麼快,他走到差不多 一半的時候,一個多月的時候他告訴我真的瘦了,瘦了好幾公斤,我說那麼好

,真的。我覺得是健走交到志同道合的朋友比較好) ”

“ Many friends of mine talked to my wife, get over it, let it go, don’t keep awaiting, don’t be too thrifty. Descendants have their destiny, leave them alone and you will be happy, now he gradually change a little bit. (我很多朋友都會跟我太太 講,看開一點、想開一點、不要管、不要等、不要省,他們兒孫自有兒孫福,


“ One advantage is that good friends encourage one another. Take the trip to SUN-MOON LAKE as example, I challenged to myself. I thought that so many peo-ple went there and got back, I should give my a try. That is also the exampeo-ple of my friend, his son wouldn’t let him go. He said it was alright, he worships Mo Niang, Lin at home and already made a deal with Matzu that if he would be able to come back, he would host a party for everyone. He encouraged himself and he really made it.(一個好處,就是好像朋友就要互相激勵,然後還有像去日月潭一樣,自己挑 戰自己,我覺得很多人都有去日月潭回來,我應該去試試看,我太太說你七十 幾歲了還敢去,我就好像對自己挑戰一樣,我那個朋友就是這樣,他兒子不給 他去,他說沒有關係,他家裡有拜媽祖,他說我跟媽祖講好了,他說假使我能 夠回來的話要請客,他自己鼓勵自己,他真的就回來)”

“ The pleasure of doing exercise it that it keep your mind goes straight for-ward. If you don’t think too much, the day will be easier. Without thinking too much , you would be able to sleep better at night. This is really important. Perhaps tiredness makes you sleep well. My wife often talked to me that why can I go to bed early, she could not sleep so early. You can tell from this. Because I went to exercise on my own. I do cycling before, I tried every kind of exercise. Right, just get over it , don’t worry. Less worry means more happiness. Make more friends, friends together will chat and encourage one another. (運動快樂就是…不會亂想,不會胡思亂想,

比較…一天過一天,比較好過就對了,不會胡思亂想,晚上比較好睡,這很重 要。可能是累一點比較好睡,因為我太太常常講你怎麼那麼早睡,我都睡不著

,我覺得這一點就看出來,因為我都是自己去運動的,以前還去騎腳踏車,什 麼運動我都試試看。 …對,要看開一點,少煩惱,煩惱少一點,快樂多一點

,朋友多交一點... 朋友在一起有時候會聊天,朋友也會互相鼓勵)” (intervie wee A, female).

Most indicated that the psychological change would likely have occurred be-tween interaction of family members and friendship. It reflects the emotional support which offers love and belonging, respect of others, achievement, confidence and self-esteem.

4.10.4 Social resources

The interviewee describes how he got social support through social interac-tion. He was able to draw on learning from other's positive experience. “It’s great to being together with everybody, you can make friend as well. I think there are a lot of

advantages. First of all, it is good for health. I told my wife not to stay home, even walk in the park is good. I encourage her to do exercise (跟大家一起很好,還可以 交朋友。我覺得好處很多,就是第一對自己的身體一定有好處,我就叫我太太 不要躲在家裡,來公園走也好,我鼓勵他運動) ”(interviewee A, male).

Besides, social support would also be an reminder of just how accurate body posture and what motivation from friends and family members. “We have just about 6 or 7 people. We those people get alone with one another well. When we walk, we will remind one another, do you loss any weight or you did not shrink your abdomen.

From time to time, we chat, chat about kids. I feel happy every morning really (我們 剛好差不多有六、七個人,我們這些人大家個性彼此都還聊得來,所以我們走 起來,說真的就會互相提醒,你有沒有瘦?你沒有縮腹,偶爾聊一聊,聊一些 小孩的事情,感覺每天早上說真的很快樂) ” (interviewee B, female).

Just think about this, if there is much bother at home, you just cannot get rid of that, a lot of things to worry about, will you have the mood to go out? Since you can be here, it means you are happy. You have time to let you control yourself to wa-lk out. And when you wawa-lk out, you can see more about other people (你想想看,如 果今天你家裡面很多,比如你走不開,很多事情需要你操心,你有心情出來嗎

?既然你能夠來這邊,表示你是快樂的,你是可以有時間去掌控自己讓你走出 來的,當你走出來之後,你就越可以去看到其他人)” (interviewee C, female).

Encouragement and emotional support getting from friends make participants sustain their efforts on walking exercise actively. “What impressed me is that every

Encouragement and emotional support getting from friends make participants sustain their efforts on walking exercise actively. “What impressed me is that every