Dean of Engineering Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology










12/F World Shipping Centre, 7 Canron Rood, Tsimshorsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Facsimile No. 3-7367 123

$7367322 Vice-Chancellor Professor Chia-Wei Woo. BS, MA. PhO and Rewdenr

Press Release

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The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today announces the appointment of Prof H K CHANG ( 5k/$ flj ?&.$!?c) as Dean of Engineering.

Prof Chang, presently Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California, brings with him a distinguished academic career and a broad background in engineering. He received his BS in Civil Engineering from National Taiwan University in 1962 and his MS in Structural Engineering from Stanford University in 1964. Returning to his doctoral studies at Northwestern University after working as a structural engineer, he was awarded his PhD in Fluid Mechanics in 1969.

After serving as an Assistant Professor and as an Associate Professor in Civil Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo, Prof Chang became Associate Professor of biomedical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, in 1976. In 1980, he was promoted Professor and spent the next two years as a Visiting Professor at the University of Paris-Val De Marne. Joining the faculty of the University of Southern California ,.~ ; :I$ in 1984, Prof Chang was appointed Chairman of the D.epartment of Biomedical Engineering the

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following year.

Holder of one patent and author of more than 100 scientific articles, Prof Chang is a world-renowned authority on the flow dynamics and transport processes in the lung. A widely- travelled lecturer, he has given more than 70 presentations and seminars in 14 countries in the past ten years. His recent research has emphasised the application of new technologies. One area is in the use of fibre optic sensors in measuring physiological parameters in patients under intensive care.










7 Canton Road, Tsimsharsui, 12/F World Shipping Cenrre, 1 Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Facsimile No. 3-7367 123 Vice-Chancellor and Presidenr 3-7367322 Professor Chia-Wei Woo. OS. MA. PhO

Prof Chang has served on the editorial boards of two learned journals and is active in several professional societies. He is a member of the American institute of Chemical Engineers and the American Physiological Society, and a Senior Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. A member of the Board of Directors of the Biomedical Engineering Society of the United States from 1985 to 1988, Prof Chang is currently President of the Society.

Likening Hong Kong to pre-Renaissance Florence and Venice, Prof Chang says, “both wealthy city-states excelled in trade, commerce, and fabrication. Florence, in particular, attracted many scholars and artists from other parts of Italy and Europe and became the centre of the Renaissance. While historical analogies are never perfect, Hong Kong also attracts talents from elsewhere and can become a leader in science and technology in the Chinese-populated areas of the Pacific Rim.

“My most urgent task is to recruit high-quality faculty members who are not only good teachers, but also can initiate research activities relevant for Hong Kong. Since Engineering talents are generally very much sought after in North America and Europe, HKUST will have to compete hard with the academic institutions and industries in those areas for such individuals. I am convinced that, in time, enough high quality scholars will find it challenging and advantageous to partake in the building of a world-class research university in Hong Kong.”

Prof Chang is married and has a 20 year-old daughter and an 18 year-old son. He is fluent in Mandarin, English, and French, and is most enthusiastic about the prospect of learning Cantonese.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 7 December 1989