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2 UUnniitt 11 •• PPaarrtt AA

Unit 1 Unit 1 - Welcome back! We missed you!

Complete the conversations


Fill in the blanks



Ho ow w d do o yyo ou u ffe ee ell w wh he en n...??

A: Welcome back! __________________!

B : Thanks, ________________________.

A: How was _______________________?

B : It was ________. _________________.

I feel ________ when I am sick. I feel ________ when I buy a lot of souvenirs.

I feel ________ when I eat a lot of good food.

I feel ________ when I go hiking in the mountains.

I feel ________ when I go to Disneyland.

I feel ________ when I lose my passport.

I feel ________ when I take a nap on the beach.

I feel ________ when I finish my homework.

A: ______________! We ________ you!

B : ________, I ________ you, ______.

A: _______________________________?

B : ____________. __________________.

A: _______________________________!

B : _______________________________.

A: _______________________________?

B : ____________. __________________.

awesome great excellent terrible

relaxed awful happy glad



P Paarrtt AA




Welcome back! We missed you!



Write about yourself


Change the sentences


Ch ha an ng ge e tth he e sse en ntte en ncce ess iin ntto o tth he e p pa asstt tte en nsse e..


Usse e w wo orrd dss lliikke e yye esstte errd da ayy a an nd d lla asstt w we ee ekk..

Have you ever gone on vacation? Where did you go? How was it? Do you want to go back again?

Why or why not?

1. Tomorrow I am going to climb Mount Fuji.


2. I am taking a nap on the beach now.


3. I buy a lot of souvenirs when I go on vacation.


(Yes/No), I went to ________


It was __________________

(Yes/No), I _______________



Circle the words and write the sentences


1. P l o g H o w l i t t l e w a s G e r l a n d I r e l a n d J e l o d ?


2. I t l s w a s h g r e a t . d I s t o o k s a d l o t d o f f p i c t u r e s l s . _________________________________________________________

3. W e d W e l c o m e k s l b a c k ! L s W e s m i s s e d u p y o u ! _________________________________________________________


4 UUnniitt 11 •• PPaarrtt BB

Unit 1 Unit 1

Find the words and fill in the blanks


d e f u l q a x i c o y m i c z a p

l o b t b a s h w t l w u t a

b q

a j a k

z e m o t o r c y c l e c

p h a r m r v o n z z o a

a o b n

g u m z t r a v e l e r n h n l i o

b j c i z f g i k d d e d q d e a f

j o o b w

h s a

o s y b i m n e

e e o x h v m b y q u l

n w c k e

l u t k i t k u o u g e m k n l r n

l s z c f h e c s p t m a y l e g s

y c z r

m n m d i h w k m a r w o

n g o r u i w b b c a e o u k l b

b k i u u k l g u z a i r d v y u p

e w a t i i g a i v p t a u n a o a

a q f f k d o p l q p e p n m n f

n v b z z p e d

y w r i a q i z x

s n o m u l d v d b c e h b

s y u

t a w r u e s s a o y d m e o u k a

1. I want something good to eat. What do you suggest?


Answer the question


1. I recommend a Honda. It is a fast _____________.

2. Who could suggest a good jazz CD? A _____________ could suggest a good jazz CD.

3. "I suggest Hawaii," said the _____________.

4. A _____________ can make chocolate.

5. The video store ___________ recommended Spiderman. 6. A _____________ suggests food at a restaurant.

7. Our tour ___________ said the museum was neat.

8. I want some tasty candy. What do you suggest? I suggest ____________.



P Paarrtt BB




I suggest hiking up the rock of Gibraltar.


Make suggestions


Read and answer the questions


A: I want a good jazz CD. What do you recommend?

B: _______________


A: She wants a good book. What do you recommend?

B: _______________



Prre ette en nd d yyo ou u a arre e p pe errsso on n B B iin n tth he e p piiccttu urre ess a an nd d g giivve e ssu ug gg ge essttiio on nss a

acccco orrd diin ng g tto o yyo ou urr ffa avvo orriitte e b bo oo okk,, m mo ovviie e,, e ettcc...

A: I want some tasty candy. What do you suggest?

B: _______________


A: They want an exciting movie. What do you suggest?

B: _______________


Asking for Suggestions

I went to a restaurant that I had never been to on Saturday. I didn't k n o w w h a t t o o r d e r , b u t t h e waitress suggested potato soup.

She said it was great, but I thought it was awful. I didn't enjoy the new restaurant. After that, I went to the video store near my house. I asked the video store clerk to recommend a good movie. He suggested a movie about a lot of dogs. I haven't watched it, but I hope it is good.

1. Where did she go on Saturday?


2. What did the waitress suggest?


3. Was it delicious?


4. What did the video store clerk suggest?



A: He wants a fast motorcycle. What do you recommend?

B: _______________


A: I want to see something neat.

What do you suggest?

B: _______________





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