Head of the Department of Mathematics Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology








12/F World ShIpDing I Cemre, 7 Canton Road,

Tsirnshatsui, Kowloon.

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Vre-Chancellor and Presidenr Professor Chto-We Wm. IIS MA.

Press Release

Head of the Department of Mathem-

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for the Hono Kona tlnrversrtv of Sctence and Technology

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today announces the appointment of Prof Din-Yu HSIEH ca$:&f!@ ) as designated Head of the Department of Mathematics.

Hsieh is currently Professor of Applied Mathematics at Brown University. He received a BS from National Taiwan University, a MSc from Brown University, and a PhD from the California institute of Technology. He taught at the California Institute of Technology and has held visiting appointments in many educational and research institutions, including MIT and the University of Cambridge.

When asked regarding his plans for the Department, Prof Hsieh said: “the Department will consist loosely of two groups: Pure and Applicable Mathematics (PAM), and Mathematical Sciences and Application (MSA). Somewhat more emphasis will be placed on the latter group. I plan to work closely with other Departments on both supportive instruction and collaborative research projects. Through the interdisciplinary MSA group, the Department will play an exciting and challenging role in various aspects of in scientific and engineering research. The department will also take the lead in setting up the Institute of Scientific Computation. Additionally, it will guard diligently rigorous academic standards and integrity, as well as maintain a level of excellence in pure and applicable mathematics.”

Prof Hsieh’s research activity covers a wide area of Applied Mathematics, ranging from experimental solid mechanics to theoretical fluid mechanics, perturbation methods, nonlinear waves and stability, and chaos, He has made important contributions toward the development of the variational-averaging method and on interfacial problems. He is also a world authority on bubble dynamics.


An interest in the advancement of science and technology in China has taken Prof Hsieh to



12/F ‘.%ortd Shrpoing Gxrtq 7 Canton Road. Ts;inrhatsui, Kowlnon.





Fxstmlla No. 3-7367123

Vice-Chancellor and Presidenr Professor Chia-Wei Woo. OS. MA PhD

that country many times. He spent his last two sabbatical leaves there and has lectured in almost all the leading universities in China. He authored three technical books in Chinese, published both in Taiwan and on the mainland. He has been an Advisor to the new Ningbo University since its establishment three years ago. He is the current President of the New York based EDUCATION AND SCIENCE SOCIETY which, among other activities, helped establish the interdisciplinary Chinese journal Science and Technoloav Review.

Prof Hsieh is married with two sons. The couple were born in China. Mrs. Hsieh is a research biologist.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 19 October 1989