Director of Research Centre Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology



The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today \

announces the appointment of Dr Jay-Chung CHEN ( *G-p )as Director of the Research Centre and Professor of Mechanical I 7..

.:- Engineering. 7.. y

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A native Taiwanese,- Prbf Chen holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Taiwan Cheng Hung University and a PhD in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology. While

he teaches at the University of Southern California in Los * Angeles and continues to direct graduate students his career has I primarily been in research at HASA's prestigious Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His specialty is the dynamics of large systems


as spacecrafts and satellites and he has extensive experience in organizing large research teams to perform specific research objectives. Prof Chen has been actively involved in the planning of the construction of research laboratories. He feels strongly that, "A university is where people.come together to celebrate the discovery of truth which becomes the foundation of

science and technology. However, these discoveries must be .-. transformed into .practical applications so that the private

sector can commercialize them. In turn, private sector can use the profit from the commercialization to support and nourish the further development of science and technology. As Director of Research Centre, I will see to it that the focus and mission of my work remain relevant to Hong Kong's economic development. It is this sense of having the opportunity to contribute to the people in Hong Kong, at this critical juncture in time, that motivates me to join HKUST' and to.. leave the Jet Propulsion Laboratory after 23 years of service."

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I 8!F k. John’s Building. 33 Garden Rood, I

HongbnQ- Fscsimilc No. S-8458986

Facsimile No. 5-8450227 Vie-Chonccllof and ReMent Telephone No. , + Rofeuoc Chio-Wei Woo. 05. M4 hD

. Press Release

Director of Research Centre

Appointed for the Hong Kong Universitv of Science and Technoloa

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-a-.: : .* -3- *_ : - ‘. r.:, -:., 3 1 S z 33 Corden I Rood, 8,f k. John’s Building.

$I ~0% KOQ Facsimile NO. 5-8458986

A FocsimileNo. 5-8450227


Teteptme No. Viidhoncellor ond Resident Professor Chii-Wei Woo. OS. MA PhD


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Prof Chen's professional activities include membership in the American Institute of AeronauErics and Astronautics, American Society of Mechanical Engineers,.. and the Chinese American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California.

He has been involved in Chinese American community activities, serving as Principal of a Saturday. school for .:-.


children where Chinese language and culture are taught. He and i-

;I 5

'his wife Christina, a medical librarian,', have 2 children, Hailyn, 13, and Allen, 9 years of age.

. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ' . 23 May 1989