Task Force Appointed by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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For release 8 March 1996

Task Force Appointed by

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A University task force has been appointed to inquire into the circumstances of the incident on 7 March 1996 in a Physics Department laboratory.

The five-member task force, chaired by Professor Vincent Shen, Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs (Postgraduate Studies and Academic Research) includes representatives from academic departments and university administrative offices.

The task force is to submit its report to the President no later than 13 March. It is expected that the report will describe the causes of the incident and make recommendations for preventing its recurrence.

On 7 March, at about 1150 am, the Safety & Environmental Protection Office received a report that an Emergency Ventilation button had been activated at Rooms 4116 to 4125. It was also reported that security personnel were already on the scene airing and evacuating the premises.

Mr Ma Maosheng, visiting scholar and Mr Wang Xiangbin, postgraduate student, were escorted to the University Clinic. The doctor found no symptoms but decided to refer them to the United Christian Hospital. The Fire Services also referred two security personnel who had responded to the scene, Mr Chan Wai Ming and Mr Tsui Kai Cheung, to the United Christian Hospital for observation.

Seven other staff from the University, sent to the hospital for check-up, were sent home at approximately 9 pm.

Acting President, Professor Shain Dow Kung , Vice-President, Mr Paul A. Bolton, Dean of Science, Professor Leroy L. Chang, Acting Head of Physics, Professor Michael M.T. Loy, and Director of Public Affairs, Dr Priscilla Ching Chung visited with all four who had been hospitalized for observation.

The University is closely liaising with the hospital on developments.

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