HKUST's Second Congregation To Be Held this Friday

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Office of Public Affairs


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For Immediate Release 2 November 1994

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HKUST’s Second Congregation To Be Held this Fridav

A total of 789 students, comprising 576 undergraduates and 213

postgraduates, will receive their degrees in the Second Congregation of the the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 4 November 1994 (Friday). The event marks a significant milestone in the history of HKUST as the University celebrates its first bachelor-degree candidates.

Chancellor of the University, the Governor, the Right Honourable Christopher Patten, will officiate at the ceremony.

Note td the Editors:

You are welcome to send your representative(s) to cover the event. Please arrive at the atrium by 2:45 p.m.

Please direct enquiries to the Office of Public Affairs: 358 6305, 358 6306 and 358 6320.