Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

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Education Support for

Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

Education Bureau

August / September 2022


Key Message

The Government is committed to encouraging and supporting the integration of NCS students into the community, including facilitating their early adaptation to the local education system and mastery of the Chinese language


Key Message

Policy intent: encourage parents of NCS students to send their children to schools with an immersed Chinese language environment as early as possible to facilitate their mastery of the Chinese language

Starting from the 2014/15 school year, a series of measures have been implemented to step up the support for NCS students to facilitate

their effective learning of Chinese and

the creation of an inclusive learning environment in schools


“Chinese Language Curriculum Second Language Learning Framework” (“Learning Framework”)

Provides steps and methods for learning and teaching, and assessment according to the needs of NCS students of learning Chinese as a second language

The “Learning Framework”, complemented by learning and teaching materials, helps NCS students learn Chinese


Enhanced support to facilitate the

implementation of “Learning Framework”

in different aspects

1. Provision of learning and teaching resources 2. Professional development for teachers

3. Enhanced additional funding support for schools

4. Other related support for NCS students and parents


1. Provision of learning and teaching resources

Learning and teaching resources are uploaded to the EDB webpage and updated on an ongoing basis

a set of learning and teaching materials

o including student textbooks, workbooks and teaching reference materials

o suitable for P1-6 NCS students


2. Professional development for teachers

Professional development programmes

e.g. 5-week programme “Certificate in Professional Development Programme on the Teaching of Chinese Language for NCS Students”


Professional development for teachers

Diversified school-based support services

e.g. help schools adapt their school curriculum and develop appropriate learning and teaching materials


Professional development for teachers

Experience sharing/briefing sessions and workshops for teachers

to gain a deeper understanding of the “Learning Framework”

to master effective methods of learning and teaching


Professional development for teachers

to promote cultural awareness and inclusiveness

e.g. annual sharing session for schools in collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Commission about the Race Discrimination Ordinance


3. Enhanced additional funding support

All public sector schools and Direct Subsidy Scheme schools offering the local curriculum with 10 or more NCS students are provided with an additional funding ranging from about $0.8 million to about

$1.5 million per year(Note) depending on the number of NCS students admitted

Note: Amount of funding to be adjusted on a school year basis according to the annual rate of the Civil Service Pay Adjustment, if applicable


Overall use of funding by schools

(a) Implementation of the “Learning Framework”

o most of the additional funding (about 90%): for employing/deploying additional Chinese Language teachers and teaching assistants to implement diversified modes of intensive learning and teaching

(b) Creation of an inclusive learning environment

o about 10% of the additional funding: generally for appointing assistants of different races and/or procurement of professional services to strengthen communication with parents of NCS students, organising activities promoting cultural integration, etc.


Chinese Language teachers teaching NCS students in the schools concerned

From the 2014/15 to 2021/22 school years, about 70%-80% of the schools concerned assigned middle management (e.g. vice-principals, panel heads, etc.) to coordinate Chinese learning and teaching for NCS students as well as the planning and deployment of school resources and manpower, to ensure sustainable development of the support measures

Many schools have set up a coordinating team with teachers in relevant discipline, including the Chinese Language teachers, to participate in planning and deploying the school-based support measures

In the 2021/22 school year, most of the Chinese Language teachers (over 80%) had experience in teaching NCS students (over 60% had 4 or more years of related experience)


2-tiered subsidy

Schools admitting a handful (i.e. 1 to 9) of NCS students

their NCS students can benefit from the immersed Chinese language environment of the school

Starting from the 2020/21 school year, EDB has provided a new 2-tiered subsidy for all schools admitting a handful of NCS students (1 to 5 NCS students and 6 to 9 NCS students respectively) and increase the amount of the additional funding substantially from $50,000 in the past to about $0.15 million or about $0.3 million (Note)


4. Other Related Support for NCS Students and Parents

Summer Bridging Programme for NCS P1 entrants and those progressing to P2, P3 and P4; parents’ participation is encouraged (Enquiry: 2892 6189 or 2892 6163)

Chinese Language Learning Support Centres which offer after-school remedial programmes operated in different districts


Other Related Support for NCS Students and Parents

Diversified parent education programmes for parents of NCS students starting from the 2020/21 school year to help them support their children’s learning and encourage their children to master the Chinese language (Enquiry:

3698 4376)


Findings of recent school reports, school plans & stakeholder survey

The majority of the schools receiving the enhanced additional funding agreed that progress has been made in the following areas with the provision of the additional funding:

enhancing teachers’ professional capability for teaching the Chinese language to NCS students

deploying more resources to develop school-based teaching resources and curricula, as well as adopting diversified teaching strategies and activities

enhancing NCS students’ motivation, confidence and performance in learning


Findings of recent school reports, school plans & stakeholder survey

The majority of parents of NCS students of the schools concerned indicated that

they were aware of the support provided to their children in learning Chinese by the schools

they obtained relevant information through various channels from the schools

they were satisfied with the support provided to their children in


The enhanced support measures have widened school choices of parents of NCS students

In the 2021/22 school year, there were over 660 primary and secondary schools admitting NCS students, which covered about 70% of the schools in total


Key Message

With appropriate support, NCS students

can master the Chinese language


Information for parents

Parents can obtain information about support

for NCS students provided by schools through

various channels


Information for parents

English version of the Primary School Profiles are distributed to parents of NCS students studying in K3 via kindergartens


Information for parents

A separate column on “Education Support for NCS Students” in the Primary School Profiles

include additional support provided by schools receiving the additional funding for their NCS students in learning of the Chinese language


Information for parents

Starting from the 2021/22 school year, schools provided with the additional funding will provide a bilingual summary in both Chinese and English on the education support provided for their NCS students in the preceding school year by 30 November each year

the summary will be available on their school webpages


Information for parents

Dedicated briefing sessions (simultaneous

interpretation services in languages of different races provided)

Dedicated webpage:

Hotline: 3540 7447

(simultaneous interpretation services in languages of different races will be arranged where necessary)


Information for parents

Materials translated into languages of different races

NCS Parent Information Package

Information Note on Primary One

Admission System Specifically for NCS Students

Tips for Parents of NCS Students (primary), etc.


Key Messages

The support from parents of NCS students is of utmost importance

Parents are encouraged to make good use of children’s prime time in learning the Chinese language and consider schools with a language-rich environment





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