As soon as 現在式 ,

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I get home.

I take a shower.

As soon as I get home, I will take a shower.

I will take a shower as soon as I get home.

As soon as 現在式 ,

過去式 , 未來式 過去式

一… 就…


Bob finishes his meal.

Bob leaves the restaurant.

As soon as Bob finishes his meal, he will leave the restaurant.

Bob will leave the restaurant as soon as he finishes his meal.


I entered the house.

I smelled something delicious.

As soon as I entered the house, I smelled something delicious.

I smelled something delicious as soon as I entered the house.


What a smart man (he is)!

How smart (he is)!

What + 名詞

How + 形容詞 / 副詞

What a beautiful woman (she is)!

How beautiful (she is)!


What a great movie (it is)!

How great (the movie is)!

What delicious food (it is)!

How delicious (the food is)!


1. 找出重複 N.

2. 第二句放第一個 N. 後面 3. 去第二個 N. ( 關代 )

4. 去 Be V. ,主動改 Ving 、被動留 p.p.

Lily bought a magazine.

The magazine contained pictures.



• The dress is stylish.

• The dress was designed by Jason Wu.

• The boy is standing on the platform.

• The boy is my younger brother.

( 請將第一句改為分詞片語並且合併句子 )




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