The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology presents it First Congregation

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Office of Public Affairs THE HONG KONG UNIVERSITY OF ,! ( SCIENCE G TECHNOLOGY S~HBA~ , Tel: (852) 388 63 16 Fax: (852) 358 0537 i

For immediate release 18 October 1993

The Hona Kona University of Science and Technology presents i&

First Gong reaaion

Sixty-six postgraduate students will receive their Master’s degrees in science, engineering, business administration and Chinese studies. These studer@ entered the University when it first opened in 1991, and now enter the world as HKUST’s first graduates.


The first Congregation of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) will be held at 3:00 p.m. on 21 October 1993. The event marks another milestone in the history of Hong Kong’s youngest university. Chancellor of the University, Governor Chris Patten will officiate at the ceremony.

Professor Chang-lin TIEN , Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley, and the Hon. Andrew Kwok Nang LI , a member of the Executive Council, and former Chairman of the University and Polytechnic Grants Committee, will receive honorary degrees.

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A commemorative plaque will be unveiled in honour of the inspiration and vision shown by the late Sir Edward Youde, Governor of Hong Kong from 1982 to 1986, in the creation of this University for the people of Hong Kong. Sir Edward was the first to nurture the idea of a technological university for Hong Kong, and through his impetus the idea became a reality. Lady Youde will be present at the Ceremony,

To the Eu: You are welcomed to send your representative(s) to cover the

event. Please arrive at the atrium by 2:45p.m.

Please direct enquiries to Office of Public Affairs: 3586306

1163388 call 2651 ‘Z