Director of Student Affairs Appointed for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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Vice-Chancellor and Prewdenr

Professor Chio-WeI Woo OS. MA. PhD

Press Release

Director of Student Affairs

Appointed for the Hong Kong Universitv of Science and Technology

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology today announces the appointment of Mr Luke WONG (-g&&), currently Head of the Student Affairs Unit of the Hong Kong Polytechnic, as HKUST's first Director of Student Affairs.

*G-s.. Mr Wong has been involved in student affairs, at various .-

- a

T _ _ levels, in a number of Hong Kong's tertiary institutions since .&-

his undergraduate days at Hong Kong University (HKU). He earned a BA and MA in geography from HKU, and then became a research assistant in the Centre of Asian Studies (HKU). While there, he was involved in research in urban studies and published several papers on urban squatters and urban housing. He continues to contribute essays on these topics to local publications.

In 1971, Mr Wong became Assistant Dean of Students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, later moved to a similar position at HKU, and finally to his present position at the Hong Kong Polytechnic.

Outside the office, Mr Wong has been creatively active in his field in both Hong Kong and Asia. In 1984 he took a leading role in founding the Hong Kong Student Services Association, and in 1988, the Asia-Pacific Student Services Association, of which he is still president.

As Director of Student Affairs, Mr Wong aims to provide i7

' 3 - ._.

f-l- = students with a wide range of services and'rich variety of extra- _._ - ' ‘W>d curricular programmes, in order both'to enhance their development

and to give each a strong sense of belonging to the University. "Sound planning, effective management, and full utilization of campus amenities are essential for achieving these objectives," he asserts. He believes his experience with two other local universities and a polytechnic will enable him to develop a new model appropriately tailored to the needs of HKUST.

Mr Wong is married with two daughters in university. He spends most of his leisure time in voluntary work for social welfare, education and church organizations--with an occasional spare moment for photography.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 28 June 1990