108-2 高一下第 2 次期中考英文題庫(40%)

範圍:課本 L4,5,6、4500 單字: 19~21、必考片語: U15~16。

1. The Walt Disney Company gives the public a positive message. It tells people to never __(1)__ pursuing their dreams. This message, __(2)__, is conveyed in “When You Wish Upon a Star.” __(3)__ in the 1940 Disney movie Pinocchio, the song tells us: “If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme.” If you want something, nothing can stop you __(4)__ achieving it.

Walt Disney’s success also showed this. Disney had a passion for drawing from a young age and established the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio at twenty-two. He had failures, hardships and experienced poverty, but he believed his efforts would __(5)__. He created Mickey Mouse. This rescued his career and helped him __(6)__ a kingdom. Disney said he began “with a dream and a mouse.”

In Mulan, Mulan uses her wits __(7)__ her country. __(8)__ dedication, she shows dreams shouldn’t be forsaken. __(9)__, Judy, the cute bunny in Zootopia, wants to be a police officer. She talks all the time about it, but nobody takes her seriously. Just __(10)__ Mulan, she succeeds by never giving up.

The Walt Disney Company was built upon the dreams of a young man, and its inspirational movies and songs tell us to dare to dream.

( )(1) (A) work on (B) give up (C) manage to (D) hang out ( )(2) (A) as the result (B) in sum (C) all in all (D) for instance

( )(3) (A) Introduce (B) Introducing (C) Introduced (D) Be introducing ( )(4) (A) from (B) for (C) as (D) on

( )(5) (A) fit in (B) pay off (C) save up (D) cut out ( )(6) (A) building (B) built (C) build (D) being building ( )(7) (A) to save (B) save (C) saving (D) saved

( )(8) (A) By (B) Like (C) As (D) Through

( )(9) (A) Contrarily (B) Basically (C) Similarly (D) Unlikely ( )(10) (A) like (B) with (C) for (D) at

解答 (1)B (2)D (3)C (4)A (5)B (6)C (7)A (8)D (9)C (10)A

2. Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head in October 2012. The shocking incident occurred __(1)__ her bus ride home after school. Two Taliban terrorists got on the bus, asked who Malala was, and fired three bullets in her direction. Two of the bullets missed and instead injured two friends __(2)__ next to her.

A third bullet, traveling at over 800 feet per second, __(3)__ Malala’s head above the left eyebrow. It hit her skull* and changed direction, passing through both her inner ear and neck, and ending up in her shoulder. __(4)__, her brain and spine* were almost completely


Malala __(5)__ her surgery at a local Pakistani hospital, and then a risky eight-hour flight to the UK. The bravest girl ever to fight against the Taliban woke up ten days later in a

Birmingham hospital. Just nine months later, she was giving a speech at the UN headquarters in New York. What a survivor!

( )(1) (A) during (B) when (C) while (D) as

( )(2) (A) sat (B) sitting (C) who sitting (D) to sit

( )(3) (A) entering (B) to enter (C) entered (D) which entered

( )(4) (A) Unfortunate (B) Fortunate (C) Unfortunately (D) Fortunately ( )(5) (A) persuaded (B) survived (C) forbade (D) controlled

解答 (1)A (2)B (3)C (4)D (5)B

3. My name is Malala. I grew up __(1)__ northern Pakistan. In 2008, the Taliban controlled the area and didn’t allow girls to go to school. __(2)__ a hundred girls’ schools were

destroyed. I was one of the lucky few who continued with studies. My father wanted me to stay in school, even though many girls my age had already __(3)__ married.

I began fighting for women’s education because I had the belief that girls should be allowed to go to school. I also began writing blogs for the BBC about life in a society ruled by the Taliban. When my story became __(4)__, the Taliban tried to kill me. Miraculously, I survived the shooting. This event drew the world’s attention and made the Pakistani

government accept equal educational rights for boys and girls. __(5)__ the age of seventeen, I received the Nobel Peace Prize for my fight for girls’ education. Today, I still believe in the importance of empowering girls through pens and books.

( )(1) (A) with (B) on (C) at (D) in

( )(2) (A) Except (B) Over (C) Despite (D) Instead of ( )(3) (A) grew (B) turned (C) got (D) went

( )(4) (A) known (B) distracted (C) confusing (D) typical ( )(5) (A) On (B) From (C) At (D) Through

解答 (1)D (2)B (3)C (4)A (5)C

4. The Walt Disney Company makes movies that are fun to watch. Besides entertaining people __(1)__ the world, the company has always had an important message to share with its fans: Never __(2)__ on your dreams. The song “When You Wish Upon a Star,” which was first introduced in the 1940 Disney movie Pinocchio, has similar words of inspiration.

According to its lyrics, if you really want something, nothing can stop you __(3)__ getting it. Walt Disney’s own path to success shows the importance of never giving up. At first, he __(4)__ a lot of failures in his career, but in the end his efforts paid off.

More recent Disney movies, such as Mulan and Zootopia, deliver similarly inspirational messages. Both Mulan the fighter, and Judy, who dreams __(5)__ of becoming a police officer, solve their problems by springing into action and chasing their goals. With their courage, they achieve things that no one thought was possible.

( )(1) (A) at (B) on (C) above (D) around

( )(2) (A) cut off (B) ask for (C) give up (D) take away ( )(3) (A) for (B) from (C) of (D) against

( )(4) (A) met with (B) took notice of (C) heard of (D) came against ( )(5) (A) for the better (B) all the time (C) over time (D) all the way 解答 (1)D (2)C (3)B (4)A (5)B

5. Last Thursday, a violent incident in a city school drew the public’s attention. A fourth-grade student __(1)__ Eric punched a younger, smaller boy several times.


2 At first, many people were of the opinion that Eric had attacked the other boy for no

good reason and __(2)__ needed to be punished. However, it later became clear that Eric had long struggled to __(3)__ at his school. He was often teased by the other boy and his friends. The teasing had become __(4)__ cruel __(4)__ Eric had finally decided to fight back.

Such treatment of children like Eric is a complex problem in many schools. __(5)__ others can have long-lasting negative effects that continue as they grow from children into adults. Thus, whether Eric’s actions were fair or not, everyone can agree that solutions must be found to handle similar events in the future.

( )(1) (A) naming (B) named (C) be naming (D) has been named ( )(2) (A) otherwise (B) in addition (C) therefore (D) besides ( )(3) (A) fit in (B) take off (C) speak up (D) show up

( )(4) (A) too;to (B) enough;to (C) so;that (D) such;that

( )(5) (A) Making fun of (B) Calling for (C) Referring to (D) Carrying through 解答 (1)B (2)C (3)A (4)C (5)A

6. The Taliban think differently from most of the world. They hold the belief __(1)__ men and women are not equal. They think only young men should be educated as they __(2)__. Young women should get married and stay home instead. That’s why they bombed over 400 girls’ schools in the last three years.

Although girls in Pakistan were forbidden to go to school by the Taliban, a brave fifteen-year-old girl __(3)__ Malala stood up against the Taliban and tried to gain support for the girls. She wrote about the difficulties __(4)__ girls face in Pakistan, which made the Taliban angry. __(5)__, the Taliban stopped her bus on the road to her school and shot her. However, their attempt to kill her failed. Malala survived and kept speaking out for girls around the world.

( )(1) (A) that (B) which (C) in which (D) ×

( )(2) (A) blow up (B) grow up (C) take up (D) stand up ( )(3) (A) is called (B) calling (C) called (D) who called ( )(4) (A) in which (B) by which (C) in that (D) X

( )(5) (A) Therefore (B) However (C) Besides (D) Similarly 解答 (1)A (2)B (3)C (4)D (5)A

7. Malala Yousafzai is an amazing person. She has achieved so much already through her dedication to education that people often forget how young she is.

When she won the Nobel Prize __(1)__ the tender age of seventeen, for example, she was still just an ordinary teenager. In many ways, she was still __(2)__. She fought with her

younger brothers __(3)__ times a week. She had no thoughts of getting married but enjoyed looking at pictures of Brad Pitt online. She liked pink, badminton, card tricks, and Canadian pop star Justin Bieber. One of the bravest young girls __(4)__ to stand up for her rights was even still afraid of spiders and roller coasters!

This is perhaps what makes Malala, __(5)__ just five feet tall, so special. She is living proof that even young people, no matter how ordinary they think they are, can do amazing things in this world.

( )(1) (A) at (B) in (C) on (D) for

( )(2) (A) taking away (B) growing up (C) blowing up (D) calling for ( )(3) (A) few (B) little (C) a few (D) a little

( )(4) (A) never (B) even (C) still (D) ever

( )(5) (A) stand (B) stands (C) standing (D) to stand 解答 (1)A (2)B (3)C (4)D (5)C

8. Hi, I’m Mickey. I’m one of the most famous mice on Earth. I’m over 90 years old but I still keep __(1)__ kids. It’s something that I just love doing. All I want to do __(2)__ children happy.

As you may know, a special man named Walt Disney created me in the 1920s. At first, he wanted to call me Mortimer. Imagine that! Luckily, his wife Lillian stopped him __(3)__ making such a big mistake. She suggested the name Mickey instead. I think it’s much cuter, and I’m sure my millions of fans agree.

I did, __(4)__, learn two very important things from Walt. Firstly, he taught me that we really can make our dreams come true. It just takes very hard work, so we must never __(5)__. Secondly, we should also help others achieve their goals. It’s the greatest gift we can give them!

( )(1) (A) entertain (B) entertained (C) entertaining (D) to entertain ( )(2) (A) is making (B) is make (C) are made (D) are making ( )(3) (A) to (B) by (C) from (D) in

( )(4) (A) however (B) similarly (C) for instance (D) in other words ( )(5) (A) speed up (B) pack up (C) line up (D) give up

解答 (1)C (2)B (3)C (4)A (5)D

9. Disney is a great success. It’s the biggest name in entertainment, __(1)__ a market value of US$238 billion. It’s also one of the world’s twenty largest companies.

Things, __(2)__, weren’t always easy for their founder. In fact, Walt Disney faced numerous challenges on the road to fame and fortune. As a child, for instance, he grew up very poor. His father __(3)__ him work so hard that he couldn’t finish school.

By opening his first cartoon studio he finally fulfilled a childhood dream, but it soon went bankrupt. __(4)__ 22, he had to move to California and start all over again. Then, just as he was finding his feet, he lost the rights to his most popular creation, a cartoon rabbit called Oswald.

Even after his success with Mickey Mouse, Walt had trouble convincing people to invest in his first full-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He had to take out a second mortgage on his house __(5)__ the money needed for production!

Despite all these obstacles, Walt never quit. Instead, he kept chasing his dreams. No wonder his company has achieved the heights it has.

( )(1) (A) it boasts (B) boasting (C) boasted (D) and boasting ( )(2) (A) similarly (B) however (C) instead (D) otherwise ( )(3) (A) requested (B) asked (C) made (D) pursued ( )(4) (A) In (B) For (C) With (D) At


解答 (1)B (2)B (3)C (4)D (5)A

10. My first week working as a camp guide was full of surprises. For the first two days, it seemed that most of the students knew each other. Then, on the third day, a new camper arrived __(1)__ a look of fear on his face. This boy was very quiet, __(2)__ quieter than I had been as a child. When he did talk, it was usually through tears, miserably explaining that he had no friends.

At the beginning of the second week, this boy did not show up to camp. Some of the other children asked me __(3)__ where he was. I explained that I would try but that the boy had been unhappy at the camp.

__(4)__, the boy returned on the third day of the second week. __(5)__ the other children saw him approaching, a group of them ran over to welcome him. For the rest of the week, the boy was able to happily join in all the camp activities. On the Friday before going home, he thanked me for making him feel safe.

( )(1) (A) on (B) for (C) with (D) to

( )(2) (A) even (B) more (C) very (D) little

( )(3) (A) find out (B) finding out (C) to find out (D) found out ( )(4) (A) Therefore (B) Furthermore (C) Purposefully (D) Luckily ( )(5) (A) If (B) As (C) Although (D) Unless

解答 (1)C (2)A (3)C (4)D (5)B

11. Nowadays, I hear much discussion about unfair treatment of certain groups in our

society. The focus tends to be __(1)__ unfairly people treat those with a different skin color or with sexual orientations that differ from others’. As an “ugly” person, I find that I’m often treated __(2)__ unfairly __(2)__ it leaves me in tears.

Most people don’t mind being physically close to me. However, because of my “ugliness,” I kept __(3)__ opportunities while growing up. I was never friends with many people, I rarely got invited to social events, and I’ve still never had my first kiss. __(4)__, opening up to people about my problems is useless because most people respond with something like, “Don’t worry; I’m sure good things are just around the corner for you.” To whoever is reading this, please remember that “ugly” people don’t deserve __(5)__ treatment any more than people with a different skin color or people born with physical disadvantages deserve it. We do not choose the way we look any more than they do. ( )(1) (A) how (B) what (C) why (D) when

( )(2) (A) so...that (B) too...to (C) enough...to (D) such...that ( )(3) (A) to miss (B) missing (C) being missed (D) to missing ( )(4) (A) Luckily (B) Otherwise (C) However (D) Furthermore ( )(5) (A) typical (B) female (C) mean (D) faithful

解答 (1)A (2)A (3)B (4)D (5)C

12. I’m no ordinary rabbit. I have a passion for justice. Even when I was just a little bunny, I dreamed of __(1)__ a police officer in the big city. To make that dream __(2)__, I trained harder than anybody else in Zootopia’s police academy*. Everybody kept telling me to quit, but I refused. In the end, and despite my small size, I graduated at the top of my class. Nobody was going to stop me from __(3)__ a real cop!

When I finally got my badge* and joined the police department, however, no one seemed to believe in me. Chief Bogo, for instance, didn’t trust me with any real police work. All he wanted me to do all day __(4)__ write out parking tickets! Even the criminals, such as that fox Nick Wilde, didn’t take me seriously. But, do you think these obstacles __(5)__ could kill my dream? No way! In fact, they just made me fight harder for what I believed in. I told you I was no ordinary rabbit!

( )(1) (A) meeting with (B) entertaining with (C) serving as (D) weaving into ( )(2) (A) to come true (B) coming true (C) come true (D) came true

( )(3) (A) became (B) becoming (C) becomes (D) become ( )(4) (A) is (B) was (C) are (D) were

( )(5) (A) in my way (B) in other words (C) in addition (D) in the same way 解答 (1)C (2)C (3)B (4)B (5)A

13. For around a century, The Walt Disney Company has entertained the world. During this time, it has produced some of the most moving and inspiring films ever created. __(1)__ its memorable characters, it has thus given us many inspirational quotes over the years. Who, for instance, can fail to be inspired when __(2)__ the phrase Buzz Lightyear is most famous for? Toy Story’s astronaut hero merely has to say the words “To infinity and beyond!” and we all feel like anything is possible. We feel like, despite our fears and weaknesses, there’s no limit to what we can __(3)__.

Dory the fish has a similarly powerful message in Finding Nemo. “When life gets you down, just keep __(4)__,” she encourages us. What she means, of course, is we should never give up, no matter what happens.

Finally, a famous line from Mulan __(5)__ us all that it often takes trouble, failure, suffering, hardship or difficulty to bring out the best in ourselves. In describing the heroine of the story, the emperor says: “The flower that blooms in adversity* is the most rare and

beautiful of all.” Inspiring words indeed.

( )(1) (A) Through (B) Without (C) Despite (D) Regarding ( )(2) (A) hear (B) hears (C) heard (D) hearing

( )(3) (A) achieve (B) rescue (C) dare (D) request ( )(4) (A) to swim (B) swim (C) swimming (D) swum ( )(5) (A) imagines (B) reminds (C) requests (D) weaves 解答 (1)A (2)D (3)A (4)C (5)B

14. “Now then boys, why don’t you tell me what happened.”

David and Benjamin __(1)__ at the floor. Finally, Benjamin, hardly able to control his nerves, spoke up. “David hit me,” he said, feeling __(2)__ to be in so much trouble. David, the larger of the two boys, was someone known throughout the school for being mean. He

responded loudly, “He’s lying! He hit me first!” Of course, both boys knew that Benjamin was the one telling the truth.

The principal looked from one boy to the other, __(3)__ what to do. He suspected that David had caused all the trouble, but he didn’t want to make things __(4)__ worse for

Benjamin than they already were. “Well, I don’t think we’re going to solve this mystery today. Go back to your classrooms for the time being. I’ll speak to you both again tomorrow when


4 we’ve all had a chance to calm down.” The two boys left the principal’s office. As he walked away, Benjamin __(5)__ David whispering to himself, “This isn’t over. I’ll get him for this...” Benjamin decided to tell his parents about this.

( )(1) (A) kept to stare (B) kept staring (C) kept being stared (D) kept stared ( )(2) (A) invite him over (B) rise to his feet (C) sick to his stomach (D) spring into


( )(3) (A) wonder (B) wondering (C) wondered (D) to be wondered ( )(4) (A) even (B) very (C) more (D) little

( )(5) (A) scared (B) apologized (C) defended (D) overheard 解答 (1)B (2)C (3)B (4)A (5)D

15. The date was December 10, 2014. People from around the world were gathering in Oslo, Norway. They had come to hear a special speaker give a special speech. None were

disappointed. That day, the young Pakistani schoolgirl __(1)__ to everyone simply as Malala delivered a very memorable Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

Humble as ever, Malala started off by joking that she was the first Nobel Peace Prize winner ever __(2)__ with her younger brothers. She also admitted that she still had a lot to do and would make further efforts in the future to ensure education for all. She nonetheless assured everyone that she was a committed and “stubborn” individual and would __(3)__ continue striving for peace and free schooling for everyone.

In addition, Malala described how in many places on Earth, education had __(4)__ gone from being a right to being a crime. She reminded the audience that 66 million girls around the globe were still not free to attend school. That, she said, is why she continued to share her story __(5)__ the world. Not because it was unique, but because it wasn’t.

( )(1) (A) known (B) was known (C) who knew (D) knowing ( )(2) (A) still fight (B) to still fight (C) has fought (D) fought ( )(3) (A) however (B) besides (C) thus (D) instead

( )(4) (A) honorably (B) equally (C) miraculously (D) unfortunately ( )(5) (A) to (B) about (C) for (D) with

解答 (1)A (2)B (3)C (4)D (5)D

16. Phil ran round the back of the building and knew that he was in trouble. He could hear the other children laughing and calling him names as they followed him. He quietly told himself to keep __(1)__ all the way back home. “I must get away from them,” he thought. The problem had started that morning, when Phil’s mother asked him to wear the brand new sweater that she had bought for him. When Phil first saw it, he was amazed by __(2)__ ugly it was. When he refused to wear it, his mother became angry and told him that he had no choice, and so half an hour later, __(3)__ his new sweater on, Phil set off on his walk to school.

Things were not too bad during the morning; he only overheard a few children __(4)__ about his sweater. However, by the end of the day, the whispering had become loud, __(5)__ name-calling. Now, running home with his teasers close behind, he promised himself that he would never wear that stupid sweater again.

( )(1) (A) running (B) to run (C) for running (D) to running

( )(2) (A) why (B) how (C) what (D) where ( )(3) (A) above (B) from (C) with (D) in

( )(4) (A) whispered (B) whispering (C) to whisper (D) being whispered ( )(5) (A) curious (B) extreme (C) normal (D) mean

解答 (1)A (2)B (3)C (4)B (5)D

17. It was pretty much just a normal afternoon. __(1)__ the ride heading home on the bus, we gossiped like teenage girls do. We also talked about who would get the highest marks when the teacher announced our exam results.

When the bus suddenly stopped along the way, we thought this was normal too. It happened all the time where we lived in northern Pakistan. The next thing I knew, I heard my name called and then two men __(2)__ guns were standing in front of me. The first thing that attracted my __(3)__ was how young they were.

Everything went blank when they started shooting. I must have put up my hands to protect my face, because I was later told I had gun powder on my fingers, but none of this remains in my memory. __(4)__, I felt no pain and no fear.

All I know is that I woke up a few days later in bed. Somehow, I was in a hospital

__(5)__ by doctors and nurses who all spoke English. Incredible joy at being alive—that is all I remember.

( )(1) (A) During (B) While (C) As (D) When

( )(2) (A) carried (B) carrying (C) who carrying (D) to carry ( )(3) (A) equality (B) threat (C) attention (D) recovery

( )(4) (A) Similarly (B) Obviously (C) Unfortunately (D) Miraculously ( )(5) (A) run (B) running (C) ran (D) which run

解答 (1)A (2)B (3)C (4)D (5)A

18. The Taliban is a religious and political organization. It was founded __(1)__ Afghanistan, a country in south-central Asia. Between 1996 and 2001, most of Afghanistan was __(2)__ Taliban rule. Taliban leaders enforced* strict religious laws to be obeyed by men and women __(3)__.

The beliefs of members of the Taliban are based on Islam, Afghanistan’s most popular religion. The movement first __(4)__ the world’s attention in 1994. They invited students from around Afghanistan to join their cause. __(5)__, with the added strength of so many students, the Taliban held considerable power during Afghanistan’s Civil War. Throughout the next few years, the Taliban further grew in strength. The news __(6)__ the movement now ruled over most of the country spread internationally.

In September of 2001, an Islamic organization called Al-Qaeda, which had strong links with the Taliban, __(7)__ an air-based attack on the Twin Towers, the two tallest buildings in New York City at the time. It was an attack that __(8)__ could have expected. Al-Qaeda had a safe base in Afghanistan. Therefore, the US government believed __(9)__ Al-Qaeda could be defeated only through superior power. In addition, the U.S. government wished to restore* the people of Afghanistan’s right __(10)__ personal freedom. They decided to invade

Afghanistan. This eventually brought down the Taliban government. ( )(1) (A) at (B) in (C) on (D) with


( )(2) (A) by (B) with (C) under (D) to ( )(3) (A) alone (B) apart (C) alike (D) away

( )(4) (A) attracted (B) affected (C) confused (D) delighted ( )(5) (A) Similarly (B) Unfortunately (C) However (D) Thus ( )(6) (A) which (B) that (C) what (D) how

( )(7) (A) cut off (B) turned out (C) carried out (D) paid off ( )(8) (A) none (B) neither (C) little (D) much

( )(9) (A) what (B) that (C) which (D) how ( )(10) (A) from (B) in (C) with (D) to

解答 (1)B (2)C (3)C (4)A (5)D (6)B (7)C (8)A (9)B (10)D

19. My name is Emma Watson. I’m probably best __(1)__ for playing Hermione in the Harry

Potter movies. For over a year now, however, I’ve also been campaigning for gender*

equality. I believe every woman has a right __(2)__ equal status in society. In July 2014, I even __(3)__ at the UN to express these beliefs.

That’s why I was so excited when I got a chance to interview Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai. This was __(4)__ the launch of He Named her Malala, a new documentary about her life. Naturally, I couldn’t wait to meet such a brave and dedicated champion for the rights of young women around the globe. First, we spoke all about her old life __(5)__ rural

Pakistan. We also discussed the difficulties and dangers of living __(6)__ Taliban rule. In addition, she described her recent efforts to help other uneducated children to __(7)__ the world’s attention and bring about change in their local communities.

Besides discussing global issues*, she also shared her impressions of England and her new film __(8)__ me. Finally, it was time to answer questions __(9)__ in by both boys and girls alike from all over the UK, and her words continued to inspire me. For me, it was

__(10)__ a truly humbling experience. Ultimately, meeting Malala also encouraged me to play an even bigger role in promoting human rights in the future.

( )(1) (A) annoyed (B) known (C) threatened (D) honored ( )(2) (A) for (B) to (C) on (D) in

( )(3) (A) gave a speech (B) adopted a policy (C) received an honor (D) used a weapon ( )(4) (A) during (B) while (C) when (D) as

( )(5) (A) on (B) at (C) in (D) under ( )(6) (A) in (B) on (C) under (D) with

( )(7) (A) focus (B) distract (C) avoid (D) attract ( )(8) (A) to (B) for (C) about (D) with

( )(9) (A) sending (B) that sent (C) were sent (D) sent ( )(10) (A) however (B) thus (C) besides (D) instead

解答 (1)B (2)B (3)A (4)A (5)C (6)C (7)D (8)D (9)D (10)B 20. David didn’t have many friends in elementary school. He never really felt like he

__(1)__. The boys in his class would play soccer during lunchtime. David had hardly any interest in the sport. However, he would force himself to play, __(2)__ himself that he had to try to make friends. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a good soccer player. The other boys kept

__(3)__ at his lack of ability.

One day, David’s father found out __(4)__ David’s teacher was starting a weekly lunchtime guitar class, and he insisted that David join in. David didn’t want to go __(5)__ because he had never played a musical instrument before. Nevertheless, he started going and soon discovered that he was good at the guitar and that he got along with the other children in the class. Playing the guitar made David’s life better __(6)__ before. He practiced at home __(7)__ many hours every week. He didn’t __(8)__ with anyone during those hours. He knew that the next class was always __(9)__, so he’d be able to share what he’d learned. __(10)__ in his life, David had found a group of people who liked and accepted him. He forgot about soccer and focused on starting a band with his new friends.

( )(1) (A) made it (B) spoke out (C) made peace (D) fit in ( )(2) (A) tell (B) to tell (C) telling (D) told

( )(3) (A) laugh (B) laughing (C) to laugh (D) laughed ( )(4) (A) that (B) which (C) what (D) why

( )(5) (A) at first (B) in turn (C) by comparison (D) on average ( )(6) (A) as (B) than (C) like (D) ever

( )(7) (A) in (B) from (C) for (D) during

( )(8) (A) come up (B) call for (C) carry out (D) hang out

( )(9) (A) around the world (B) for the first time (C) around the corner (D) for the better

( )(10) (A) All the time (B) For the first time (C) At the same time (D) Over time

解答 (1)D (2)C (3)B (4)A (5)A (6)B (7)C (8)D (9)C (10)B

21. Yesterday, AFN News conducted an interview with John Davis, the founder of the social network CanTalk. Davis stated that there is little he can do to solve the problem of online bullying and that this problem will go away only if all social media users work together. Davis explained that although he does not mind __(1)__ some responsibility for this problem, he alone has limited power. __(2)__ a serious expression on his face, he said the following words: “We cannot prevent users from sending __(3)__ messages. For many

centuries, bullying __(4)__ in human societies. The problem goes far beyond social media and will keep __(5)__ whether or not social media exists.”

This is the __(6)__ first time that a social media boss has spoken publicly about online bullying. It is interesting __(7)__ Davis is the one who has decided to speak out because

CanTalk is not known for being the worst website for online bullying. __(8)__, in 2017, CanTalk achieved record low figures for users being blocked because of negative comments.

Furthermore, in 2018, these figures were __(9)__ lower. However, considering the damage that can be caused by online bullying, many feel that action must be taken. __(10)__ thoughts and opinions are increasingly shared online, the threat of online bullying grows every day. No one is safe.

( )(1) (A) take (B) taking (C) to take (D) taken ( )(2) (A) To (B) With (C) For (D) On


6 ( )(4) (A) exists (B) is existing (C) has existed (D) existed

( )(5) (A) happened (B) to happen (C) happening (D) being happened ( )(6) (A) very (B) more (C) much (D) yet

( )(7) (A) which (B) that (C) who (D) ×

( )(8) (A) In fact (B) Therefore (C) Luckily (D) At least ( )(9) (A) even (B) very (C) so (D) more

( )(10) (A) If (B) Although (C) As (D) Whether

解答 (1)B (2)B (3)C (4)C (5)C (6)A (7)B (8)A (9)A (10)C

22. Walt was eight years younger than me. Despite this, I learned so much from my baby brother. He taught me, __(1)__, to never doubt myself or my dreams. Instead, he said, always __(2)__ striving toward your goals. Always stay on the road __(3)__ success, no matter what. __(4)__ this path might be long and hard, there’s always a way.

Similarly, Walt showed me that we can inspire others to achieve things they thought impossible. __(5)__ our own perseverance* and achievements, we can bring out the best in those around us. I think this is why he was able to build the entertainment kingdom that Disney is today. And why, after he died at just 65, I decided not to retire. I personally wanted to help __(6)__ his biggest dream into a reality. This was a massive theme park __(7)__ Walt Disney World. Not even Walt had ever attempted a project __(8)__ was so ambitious.

Naturally, many challenges stood in our way, and it took an additional five years to finish, but we succeeded in the end.

Looking back on all this, I think the most important thing Walt __(9)__ to teach me was that dreams and wishes do come true. __(10)__ you have to do is believe. This, thanks to my brother, is what our company is all about!

( )(1) (A) in turn (B) in case (C) for good (D) for instance ( )(2) (A) keep (B) keeping (C) to keep (D) kept

( )(3) (A) in (B) to (C) of (D) for

( )(4) (A) Though (B) Despite (C) Even (D) If

( )(5) (A) Because (B) Through (C) Without (D) When ( )(6) (A) turns (B) turned (C) turning (D) turn

( )(7) (A) that names (B) which named (C) named (D) naming ( )(8) (A) which (B) who (C) what (D) it

( )(9) (A) rescued (B) fulfilled (C) managed (D) weaved ( )(10) (A) Which (B) It (C) All (D) When

解答 (1)D (2)A (3)B (4)A (5)B (6)D (7)C (8)A (9)C (10)C

23. In true Disney spirit, the movie Zootopia is all about chasing one’s dreams. It’s also about always attempting to do one’s best, __(1)__ failure or criticism.

It’s thus no wonder that the lyrics* for the film’s theme song, appropriately __(2)__ “Try Everything,” echo this philosophy. __(3)__, the first verse of the song motivates listeners to start again after making mistakes, and to always get back up after a fall. __(4)__ these inspiring words, the song encourages us to continue trying, no matter what. In other words, even after having __(5)__, we should never throw in the towel.

These sentiments are __(6)__ echoed in the chorus of the song. Here the singer vows not to give up or surrender when encountering difficulties or challenges. __(7)__ there is the possibility of not being successful, we should at least attempt to reach our goals.

Finally, the second verse also reminds us __(8)__ we don’t always have to succeed. We

also don’t need to be so hard on ourselves __(9)__. Putting __(10)___ into something is thus what really counts. It’s far more important than the result. Just one more good reason to “try everything”!

( )(1) (A) despite (B) without (C) besides (D) including

( )(2) (A) to entitle (B) be entitling (C) which entitled (D) entitled ( )(3) (A) In addition (B) For instance (C) By contrast (D) Of course ( )(4) (A) With (B) Despite (C) Even (D) Inside

( )(5) (A) messes up and stumbles (B) mess up and stumble (C) messed up and stumbled (D) messing up and stumbling

( )(6) (A) despite (B) for instance (C) similarly (D) therefore ( )(7) (A) Even though (B) As though (C) Provided that (D) If only ( )(8) (A) of (B) to (C) if (D) that

( )(9) (A) in turn (B) all the time (C) in other words (D) in our way ( )(10) (A) effort (B) failure (C) obstacle (D) imagination 解答 (1)A (2)D (3)B (4)A (5)C (6)C (7)A (8)D (9)B (10)A