Conference of Young Chinese Chemists to be Held at HKUST

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For immediate release 16 December 1997

Conference Of Young Chinese

Chemists To Be Held At HKUST

Young Chinese chemists from around the world will come to Hong Kong for a conference and symposium on the frontiers of chemistry to be held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology from 21 to 23 December.

Topics for discussion include breakthroughs in new materials, green energy resources, molecule dynamics, enzyme chemistry, and medicine design, including new treatments for AIDS and cancer. More than 300 chemists from Asia, North America and Europe are expected to attend the conference. "As an international forum for the exchange of innovative ideas, it will promote collaboration and friendship among young Chinese chemists all over the world." says Dr Yun-Dong Wu, Associate Professor of Chemistry at HKUST and chairman of the organizing committee.

Two distinguished chemists, Prof Li-Xin Dai (Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry), Prof Sunney I. Chan (California Institute of Technology) have been invited to address the conference. Prof

Cunhao Zhang, President of the National Natural Science Foundation Committee of China, will be the featured speaker at the conference banquet.

A special section of the conference will honor Prof William Doering, whose contributions to the Chemistry Graduate Program enabled more than 250 Chinese students to attend elite universities in the US and Canada.

Event: Second Worldwide Conference of Young Chinese Chemists Date: 21-23 December 1997; Opening Ceremony begins at 8:30am,

Sunday, 21 December 1997

Venue: Citibank Lecture Theatre (LTA), Hong Kong University of

Science and Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon

Language: English Note to Editors:

You are invited to be represented. For further information, please contact Ms Lisa Li of the Public Affairs Office at 2358-8556 or email


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