Analysis and application of fractal and quasi-fractal antennas 張威義、吳俊德

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Analysis and application of fractal and quasi-fractal antennas 張威義、吳俊德



In this thesis, we discuss about fractal and quasi-fractal antenna. Using the fractal structure, a compact and wideband antenna is designed. As long as the iteration order increases, the bandwidth can increase 50%. First, we use HFSS to simulate the performance of the 50Ω-feed designed fractal antenna. Then we etch a shape of Koch fractal structure as a microstrip feed antenna, and to fabricate this antenna on a FR4 substrate. In addition, we discuss about quasi-fractal structure to be applied on the ground plane of a trapezoid monoopole antenna. The dual operating bands of the antenna are determined by the sizes of the radiator and the

quasi-fractal structure.

Keywords : fractal antenna、quasi-fractal antenna

Table of Contents

封面內頁 簽名頁 中文摘要...iii Abstract...iv 誌謝...v 目錄……… 圖目錄………

……….viii 表目錄……….………..xi 第一章 序論...1 1.1前 言...1 1.2研究動機...2 第二章 碎形介紹與理論分析...3 2.1碎形 由來...3 2.2碎形天線...5 2.3 Koch curve理論分析...9 2.4 Sierpinski gasket理論分析...12 第三章 碎形天線之天線設計...14 3.1設計簡介...14 3.2 模 擬與量測反射損耗結果討論...18 3.3模擬與量測場型結果討論...24 第四章 類碎形天線之天線設 計...27 4.1設計簡介...27 4.2模擬與量測反射損耗結果討論...29 4.3模擬與量 測場型結果討論...37 第五章 結論...40 參考文獻...41


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