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Academic year: 2022

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104 學年度身心障礙學生升學大專校院甄試試題本






1. 考試時間:90 分鐘。

2. 請在答案卷上作答,並答案卷每人一張,不得要求增補。

3. 請核對報考甄試類(群)組別、考試科目是否相符。

4. 單選題共 40 題。


單選題,共 40 題,每題 2.5分


1. It’s no big deal. It’s something that can happen to anyone.

(A) It does not matter (B) It’s a serious matter (C) It’s a matter of opinion (D) It’s a matter of fact

2. I hear she is now quite well-off.

(A) very healthy (B) very poor (C) very rich (D) very pretty

3. You may think yourself intelligent, but you can’t hold a candle to Jason.

(A) you can hold a candle but won’t (B) you don’t know how to hold a candle (C) you are no less good as Jason

(D) you are not as good as Jason 4. I could do with more leisure time.

(A) I did more things than I needed to (B) I had more leisure time than I needed (C) I wish I had more leisure time

(D) I had enough leisure time I needed

5. To hear him talk you would take him for a native speaker of English.

(A) Although you heard him talk (B) If you heard him talk

(C) Before you heard him talk (D) Because you heard him talk

6. You ought to have finished the report yesterday.

(A) You didn’t finish your report yesterday

(B) You had finished your report before yesterday (C) You just finished your report but didn’t turn it in


7. There being no bus or taxi, we could not but walk home.

(A) we managed to get home without walking (B) we therefore could not walk home

(C) we had to call a friend to take us home (D) we had no choice but to walk home

8. Strange as it may sound, the little girl escaped being hurt in the accident.

(A) the little girl was hurt when escaping in the accident (B) the little girl didn’t get hurt in the accident

(C) the little girl got hurt but it was not very serious (D) nobody got seriously hurt except the little girl 9. He is a certified teacher, and should be treated as such.

(A) would be treated as a certified teacher (B) should be treated as a certified teacher (C) shouldn’t be treated as a certified teacher (D) wouldn’t be treated as a certified teacher 10. I cannot read without glasses.

(A) I cannot read without looking in the glass (B) I cannot read without a glass of soda (C) I cannot read without making a spectacle (D) I cannot read without spectacles

二 、 重 組 : 請 將 下 列 提 示 字 詞 重 新 排 列 為 一 有 意 義 的 句 子 。

11.One of the nice benefits ____________________________________________.

(1) in our company

(2) as the flexible schedule (3) is what is known

(4) of working

(A) 1243 (B) 4312 (C) 4132 (D) 2341


(1) that cost one million dollars (2) have a pool

(3) almost all homes (4) or more

(A) 3412 (B) 2341 (C) 4231 (D) 3142

13. Please give some examples of people _________________________________.

(1) that pay well

(2) a high-school education (3) who have jobs

(4) but don’t require

(A) 3142 (B) 3241 (C) 1243 (D) 1324

14. They discuss his problem ___________________________________________.

(1) from time to time, (2) as soon as

(3) and he promises to stop drinking (4) they are married

(A) 3142 (B) 1324 (C) 2413 (D) 2341

15. Masks are often believed to contain great power, and _____________________.

(1) for this reason

(2) in many cultures only certain (3) individuals are allowed (4) to make and wear them

(A) 1234 (B) 1324 (C) 2413 (D) 3412

16. The regulations of the school did _____________________________________.

(1) to the Student Records Office (2) not allow him

(3) until they were reported (4) to tell students their grades


17. Everyone knows that delicious food __________________________________.

(1) but science shows

(2) that some foods make you (3) makes people happy, (4) happier than others

(A)2134 (B) 4123 (C) 3214 (D) 3124

18. I have a large CD collection, and _____________________________________.

(1) in music

(2) share my interest (3) would like to

(4) with someone special

(A) 2431 (B) 2143 (C) 3214 (D) 1432

19. People who consume ______________________________________________.

(1) high levels of Vitamin C (2) of Vitamin C

(3) than those with lower levels (4) live six years longer

(A)1423 (B) 1432 (C) 3241 (D) 2431

20. They see their handicap _____________________________________________.

(1) being left-handed (2) as another characteristic (3) such as

(4) or disability

(A) 4231 (B) 4132 (C) 1324 (D) 3124


三 、 中 翻 英 : 請 選 出 最 接 近 中 文 句 義 的 英 文 翻 譯 。 21. 他比其他學生都高明一些。

(A) He is a notch above the other students.

(B) He is taller than most of the students.

(C) He is no taller than the rest of the students.

(D) He is a head taller than all the other students.

22. 他並不愛她,但畢竟娶了她。

(A) He did not marry her because he did not love her at all.

(B) He loved her all the more because he married her.

(C) Despite the fact that he loved her, he did not marry her.

(D) He didn’t love her, but married her nonetheless.

23. 他對這門婚事特別高興。

(A)The marriage is less pleasing than frightening to him.

(B) He is more amazed than pleased with the marriage.

(C) The marriage is not so much pleasing as amazing to him.

(D) He is more than pleased with the marriage.

24. 此事不但與我有關,而且與你也有關。

(A) It more concerns you than it does me.

(B) It only concerns me, not you in the least.

(C) It concerns not only me but also you as well.

(D) I am no more concerned with it than you.

25. 正因為他窮,我才分外的喜歡他。

(A) He is poor not because I love him.

(B) I don’t love him because he is poor.

(C) I love him all the better because he is poor.

(D) He is no more poor than I am lovable.


26. 她記不起他的名字,感到十分尷尬。

(A) To her embarrassment, she couldn’t remember his name.

(B) To my embarrassment, she couldn’t remember my name.

(C) She was very embarrassed when his name was mentioned.

(D) His name caused more remembrance than embarrassment.

27. 看到那滿天烏雲,他趕緊帶上雨傘。

(A) The clouded sky prompted him to take his umbrella.

(B) He forgot to bring his umbrella despite the clouded sky.

(C) Looking at the clouded sky, he left home without an umbrella.

(D) Looking at the clouded sky, he reminded his wife to take an umbrella.

28. 我們要在中午以前趕到,所以早早就動身。

(A)We started before noon in order to get there early.

(B) We got there before noon because we started late.

(C) We got there no later than the midday has arrived.

(D) We started early so as to get there before noon.

29. 我們看出他漸漸恢復了健康。

(A) We found out he was losing his health little by little.

(B) We saw him growing older and older each day.

(C) We noticed a gradual improvement in his health.

(D) We thought his youth was coming back day by day.

30. 有一點我特別要提出來請你考慮。

(A) One thing of all things I must ask you not to give a careful thought to.

(B) One thing among all others I must put forward for your consideration.

(C) One thing among all others you must put forward for my consideration.

(D) One thing above all you should not bother yourself with much consideration.


四 、 英 翻 中 : 請 選 出 最 接 近 英 文 句 義 的 中 文 翻 譯 。

31. Seeing that the student who often played truant was turning over a new leaf, the principal agreed to give him a chance.





32. I will lend you the money you want on condition that you promise to repay me by next month.

(A) 假如你答應把錢借給我,我可以把錢還給你。

(B) 假如你答應下個月把錢還我,我可以把錢借給你。

(C) 假如你下個月條件不好,我可以把錢借給你。

(D) 假如你答應改變還錢的條件,我可以把錢借給你。

33. The outcome of gambling brought him to inevitable ruin.

(A) 十賭九輸是賭徒的不變定律。

(B) 他走上毀滅之路的結果不必然是賭博。

(C) 毀滅之路的結果是不可避免的。

(D) 賭博的結果必然使他走上毀滅之路。

34. There is no school for today on account of the typhoon.

(A) 由於颱風襲擊,學校無一倖免。

(B) 鑑於颱風襲擊,學生無處上學。

(C) 鑑於颱風襲擊,學校今日停課。

(D) 鑑於颱風襲擊,學校今日補課。

35. The monthly output of TV sets in this factory approximates to 20,000.

(A) 這工廠每月生產將近兩萬台電視機。

(B) 這工廠每年生產將近兩萬台電視機。

(C) 這工廠每月生產超過兩萬台電視機。

(D) 這工廠每月生產將少於兩萬台電視機。

36. The police are going all out to put a stop to drug dealing.

(A) 警方正全員出動販賣毒品。

(B) 警方正竭力制止販賣毒品。

(C) 毒販正竭力制止警方緝毒。


37. She’s quite a bigmouth and is disagreeably meddlesome.





38. Mrs. Wang was boiling with rage when she learned that her son gave himself over to gambling.





39. In production we demand not only quantity but also quality.

(A) 生產時我們的產品數量不多,但品質卻甚好。

(B) 生產時我們的產品數量雖多,但品質卻不甚好。

(C) 我們的產品要求品質好,遠勝過數量多。

(D) 我們的產品豈止要求數量多,而且也要求品質好。

40. It chanced that I was out when you called up this morning.







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