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Page Module 3 Vocabulary

Useful expressions

Writing template: Speech






Unit 5 Shows and performances

Musical instruments [ 樂器 ]

clarinet [單簧管] drums [鼓] guitar [結他]

harmonica [口琴] piano [鋼琴] saxophone [色士風]



*Types of performances [ 表演的類型 ]

ballet [芭蕾舞] ballroom dancing [社交舞] breakdancing [霹靂舞]

Chinese opera [粵劇] concert [音樂會] musical [音樂劇]

play [話劇] puppet show [木偶表演] stand-up comedy [棟篤笑]

*Turn to p.16 to learn to use these vocabulary items in a speech.



Words to talk about appearance [ 形容外貌的詞語 ]

bald [禿頭] double eyelids [雙眼皮] messy hair [凌亂的頭髮]

pimples [暗瘡] plump [豐滿的] scruffy [不整潔的]

smooth skin [光滑的皮膚] tanned skin [曬黑的皮膚] wrinkles [皺紋]


Adjectives describing positive attitudes [ 描述正面態度的形容詞 ]

considerate [體貼的] generous [慷慨的] grateful [心存感激的]

honest [誠實的] open-minded [開明的] optimistic [樂觀的]

supportive [給予支持的] sympathetic [有同情心的] tolerant [包容的]



 It is my pleasure to welcome…and all of you to…

 The…is a/an…event because it not only…but also…

 You can…and…(at the event.)

 I hope you will all enjoy yourselves and have great fun.

 Let’s start the…with a round of applause.

Writing template: Speech

Dear Miss Chu, Principal, Vice-principal, teachers, fellow schoolmates and all of our guests,

Good morning. It is my pleasure to welcome our special guest Miss Linda Chu, the chairperson of the New Life Group, and all of you to our annual Cultural Festival.

The Cultural Festival is a meaningful event because it not only provides a platform for different talents but also promotes arts activities and social inclusion in our society.

All money raised during the festival will go to the New Life Group to help people with hearing problems.

The New Life Group is a non-profit organisation based in Hong Kong. It promotes a socially-inclusive society for the disabled. For example, it provides training for the hearing disabled so that they can work in restaurants and provide catering services.

Today and tomorrow, you can play at our game booths, watch a musical, a play or a puppet show, and listen to Body:

Put further details about the event and all the relevant information in a few paragraphs.


Welcome everyone to the event.

Use a formal greeting.




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